Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

It isn't quite the new year yet, but it will be in about5 more hours! Today was a lot of fun.My mom and I went shopping all day! We spent lots of money, and it was tons of fun! I know when my mother is gone I will look back and remember this day fondly.
Not much to write about. I have not been stitching too much. I have finished one ornament, and am more than half way done with the stitching on another, and yesterday I actually pulled "Dare to Dream" out and put a few stitches in it. But I have been busy reading. I got some new books, and I can't stop reading!Plus it is sorta easier to just sit down with a book rather than to drag out all my stitching stuff, while my busy little nephew runs amuck about the house! So much easier to set a book down rather than trying to gather up threads and things from a stitching project!
I am looking forward to the new year, and being able to spend some time at home, and getting to all my may hobbies!! I will be poor as dirt but able to stitch and read and write and blog, and quilt, and lots of things.
No, it really won't be all that bad! ...I hope! I do know one of my goals for this year (2007) is to loose some weight. I really have a hard time, I like to work out and eat right for awhile but it's the consistancy that is always such a hard thing for me! I will get on a kick where I will work out and do well but then I will take one day off and then two and then before I know it, a week or two has gone by and that's all she wrote! So this year I am definitely going to try to stay consistant. I want to loose 40 pounds. And it really won't be too hard, I loose weight really easily it is just hard for me to keep it off!
I also already have my list of stitching projects ready for the new year, and most of them are huge projects that will take awhile to finish. Which is good since I am unemployed. I need big projects that I won't need to buy much for. So, I am looking forward to this new year ahead, there are changes and exciting things in my new year. I hop everyone else has a great and safe New Year.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

A California Christmas

I made it to Cali! It took us 27 hours to get to Los Angeles, and we missed out connection bus to Oxnard, We were pulling in as that one was pulling out, and the next one wasn't going to Oxanrd until 11:30, about 3 hours later. So, since it is only an hour away, we got a Taxi, paid quite a lot for it, but who wants to sit around a bus depot all day?! My parents live in Oxnard. So, we just got a Taxi and were home in an hour as apposed to sitting in the bus station for three hours to take a bus that willt ake 2 hours to get to where we were going. we shaved 4 hours off our travel time that way! So, anyway, we made it alright, and am enjoying visiting with my family. My mom oges crazy with decorating! And I am enjoying all that. And just being able to relax a bit. I finished an ornament since I got here. I didn't get any stitching done on the bus, because it was so full with holiday travelers that there was not much room, so I just tried to sleep a bit. I had my headphones and just relaxed. I am hoping it won't be so busy on our way back, as we won't be going back until the 5th of Jan. maybe most poeple will be done with their traveling. We shall see. Well, we are going to go face the crowds and take my little nephew out to do his Christmas shopping, he still has a few things to get. I hope you are all having a great holiday season! I am trying to keep reading blogs, but may not get to everyone's. (Boy, thank goodness I am unemployed now when I get back I am going to have ALOT of blog reading to catch up on! ) So, if I am not getting to your blog, to leave commets, I am so sorry! thank you Cindy and the other gals who have left me comments here!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I'm back, but not for long!

Well, I have gotten some stitching done in the past week. Not too much, but I can definitely see some progress on Dare to Dream. I am so excited! Tonight is my last night of work, and then tomorrow we leave at 6:30 in the morning for California. Well, we finally decided to take Greyhound (The bus) to California, a long wonderful 30 hour bus ride! We will make stops. in fact one stop we make is in Cindy's town, Big Spring TX. However, we are only there for 15 minutes, or I would ask if she'd like to meet up with us, but I will be thinking of her!
So our transportation issues are taken care of for our ride out there, however, what to do while we are there is a whole nother matter. Once we are there, we won't have a car. So, we may have to rent if we want to go anywhere. I mean, my family is going to do stuff with us, but they have their own lives, going to work (dad) and being a second mother to my nephew(mom) so they are busy running and we won't be able to borrow the car much.(If at all)
So, I am not sure what we will do, Oh well. I guess I will do lots of stitching! I know that is what I plan on doing on the ride there and back, that and sleep. It's funny, when I was younger I loved road trips, I could sit and read and do whatever, for hours and not be interrupted much, but now I get bored on road trips. I don't know why. I try to settle into something, reading, or stitching but can't get comfortable in the confined space, so I just put it all away and stare out the window. And I can't sleep unless I am comfy, so I am thinking about taking Tylenol PM to help make me drowsy enough to knock out. That will help pass the time. I don't know. Anyway. But, I am still very excited about hanging out with my family, and spending the time with them and being there for Christmas, and maybe some down time will be good. Although I will have plenty of down time when I get home, as I will not be working then. I will be living the liesurely life of the unemployed...until I start stressing about the bills and being cooped up in a house all day. I figure that by March I will be ready to join the work force again. If not sooner. We'll see. Anyway, onto our favorite subject: STITCHING!!!
Here is a progress picture of Dare to dream. I am taking this one with me on my trip as well as a few others, which at this point, I am not sure which ones. We shall see. Well, blogger is going to be a pain in the wazoo and won't upload my photo, so I am sorry, no photos. I will try to post later, although I am going to be extremely busy today. I will leave my house at 1 in the afternoon and not be home until 9:30 or later tonight, after work.
1:00- take dog to the pet sitter
2:00- go for last fitting of wedding dress
4:00- work
9:30- home
So, I don't think much stitching will get done today, I will bebusy packing and getting things ready for our trip. But I will have lots of time after today to do plenty...on the bus and at my parent's house, and on the bus ride home and at home when I return during those hours of not working!
Anyway. I gotta get going. Got lots to do. I will probably be able to post while at my parent's house, but not post photo's. So, Will see you at blogger later!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Come back little mojo! come back!

Yes, for the past week this blog has been idle and I haven't touched hardley any stitching, none at all int he past three days. I can blame it on my new "hobby" and on my hubby! I have never been one that was into video games! I just never was interested, after about 20 minutes, that was that I'm moving on! Not so much anymore! He got me two new ones, ER, and Sims. I have spent so many hours on them both just since I got them! Yesterday was an entirely different matter though.
My hubby's older sister, three girls and hubby came for a short day long visit. They showed up yesterday at 4 in the morning, and then I had to work 10-3:30, after which hubby and I had to run and get some groceries, and then he went to the auto shop on base, where he tried to change our brakes, we got there at 4:30, the garage closes at 6., my inlaws were leaving at 7. So he gets the front two done minimal difficulty, then he starts on the back ones! Not so easy! and hour and half later, and an hour after the garage was supposed to be closed, we finally left without the new brake pads on the back tires. We had broken a tool of the garages which had gotten stuck in our breaks, while getting worked on and my husband looked like he had taken a dunk in a vat of grease! He was stressed because of the time limit, andof course then everything went wrong. Now the breaks are making a weird noise and don't really stop on a dime, at all. after outting the break petal all the way to the floor we still roll to a stop. All this right before we are supposed to be leaving for a 27 hours driving trip to California in two days! We get home finally at 15 minutes after 7 and my in laws had stayed to visit with me a bit and then they were gonna leave they went out to their van to leave and my hubby and her hubby were standing there forever just talkin' away (both military, so lots to talk about!) finally they decide to come back in and stay the night again, and they left this morning at 4. So yesterday I wasn't hardley even home and when I was, I was entertaining guests.
Today though I am off from work, there is no one here and I will probably paly a few hours of my games but for the most part I want to stitch. I have that craving to have a needle and thread in hand again. So, I will probably do that for most the day. I need to do some laundry and clean house a bit too, today so will probably do that also. But today will be a calm day. I think Rob may try to work on the brakes some more or find someone to do them, if they can't be fixed before we leave we may have to rent a car. Right now we are up in the air about the whole thing. So, anyway. Well, I want to show pics of Dare to dream and I will soon, but my house is sorta all in disarray because of having guests here, so soon I will share but not right now. Well, more later.

Monday, December 11, 2006


Well, here is a photo, a crumby one actually, it is crooked and sloppy, but a photo none the less!! For the most part this weekend I worked on the top left part of this picture, the greenery and the gray of a wolf leg. I was on a roll with this one this weekend! And now I am thinking I need to get back to Snow Valley Express, as it has een neglected for a bit now. my stitching time will be cut a bit short today as I have a dentist appointment at 2:00 today to get my teeth cleaned, and Then I will probably have to go straight to work right after that. But, I only have a week and a day until I will not have to go to work anymore. I will be leaving to spend the holidays (3 weeks!) with my family in California, and then when I get home I get to start looking for a new job. So, I am anticipating lots of stitching time in there, while looking for a job! I am hoping to be able to find something by February. But if we can financially swing it I may not work at all. The other idea I am thinking about, and don't laugh, is a paper route. I saw in the ads, that they are looking for routers, and the pay is about the same as what I make at Sam's in a month. That would be awesome if I could get up early, and get my two or three hours in and be done for the day before the rest of the world even wakes up, and have the rest of the day to myself. I think that would be very fitting for me. Plus it would allow me more time with my hubby in the evenings, as right now I start work when he gets off work, so we totally miss each other, and I work most weekends when he is home, and so we don't get to spend much time together unless I have the day off. I am nervous but excited at the prospect of being unemployed. Well, I am off to stitch, as my stitching time will be cut short today so gotta go! I have really enjoyed reading lots of blogs, and everytime I turn around there's a new one I have never read, and on the list it goes! Thank you for all my comments you have been leaving! I love comments, and I try to leave them for others as well. So, if you are reading this, please leave me a comment and let me know you were here! I love to hear from you!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Wow! Where did the Weekend go?!

I cannot believe the weekend went so fast! I did alot of stitching this weekend. I had to work yesterday but I had today off and I stitched this morning and me and DH hung out in the afternoon. I have been working mostly on Dare to Dream and tonight I started kitting up Day Surrendering to Night. To answer My comments, I am just kitting things up for now but it will be awhile unitl I actually start them. So, don't hold your breaths waiting for progress too soon. I have quite a few WIP's I want to get out of the way first. Like Snow Valley Express, and The Abbey, and Dare to dream, and Dolphins, and some others that have not seen the light of day for a long time. Thank youall for the comments on my blog, I really need to share some stitching pictures. I will get to use the scanner tomorrow, so I can show you my progress on Dare to Dream. My hubby is on that computer right now. Well it is getting sorta late so I am gonna get going. I still want to stitch some more before bedtime tonight, as I have spent most of the evening getting my threads together for DSTN. Oh where ARE those prepping elves I keep asking for? =)

Friday, December 08, 2006

Stash Enhancement!

I am so excited! The order I placed from Herschners as my birthday gifts arrived today! I spent much time this evening drooling and looking over my beautiful new leaflets. I got 6 of them and a large cut of navy blue 18 cnt aida because I need it for In Blue Angel. Tonight when hubby got home from work we sat down and watched Superman returns. I liked it. I couldn't even stitch during it, I was so on the edge of my seat. I thought it was really good!So after that got done and over with I sat and worked on a Soduko book my hubby got for me, and then I felt restless, so I actually sat down and started kitting up "In Blue". At this rate I will never need to buy another project again! I don't know why, but I am addicted to those projects that take a million years to do. I love them large and detailed. =) So at this rate I don't think I need to buy any more for a very long time! I just need to buy the fabric and flosses. It's a good thing, too, because here pretty soon I will be unemployed and not able to buy any stitching stuff until I can get a new job. Which who knows how long it will take. So anyway. I think I am set for awhile now, although I will be tempted to buy stuff, I won't. I know I have enough to keep me busy until I turn at least 45 years old. At least that is how it feels. If I could just get some extra DMC threads I will be happy. Although I have almost the entire set, I am lacking about 20 of them, and I put them on my x-mas list for hubby to get for me. Which I have a good idea that it might happen, since last year he got me 50 of them. So, if he gets me the rest to fill in the holes in my set then a 20$ gift card, I will save the GC for when I run out of a color I can run and grab it. I am feeling really good about my stash right now. Just keep me away from all those wonderful Online needlework stores!!! anyway, enough rambeling, i have lots of kttinup to o. Two or three projects to do at least, i probably won't get them all kitted up but you never know. Well, I better get going.

Not much

Not much stitching going on that is! I don't kno wwhy, but the past two days I have been not in the mood to work on any of my projects, so yesterday I started a new ornament, something I thought wouldn't take too long to do, and I wouldn't have to concentrate much on. Picking up any of my other projects have just seemed liek achore lately which is wierd. well, I DID put about 30 stitches into Snow Valley Express the other day, but that is about it. I guess that stint with The Abbey really killed my mojo! I think I may get it back today though, I sorta feel like working on something, but I am not sure what. Maybe Dare to Dream...? I don't know. Not the Abbey though, I am putting that lil' stinker (ok, rather large stinker) away for awhile, probably until the beginning of the year, after the problems it caused, it deserves some time out, right?! (Lets just forget that it was ME who forgot how to count and caused all the problems,not the project! =) It's still grounded!)
Anyway, I am thinking I will try to finish up the ornie I am working on now, and then I will post some photos. Today is my day off from work, so I think I will be doing quite a bit of stitching, it is perfect weather for it too! Brrrrr...cold! well, hopefully I will be motivated to show photo's later!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

And moving on

It's amazing that even though I messed up ont he Abbey royally yesterday, I am still in the mood to stitch on it, and that is probably what I will work on today. I can do it! I can! I also need to work on Snow Valley Express as well. I started some christmas ornies a bit back, and they have gone unoticed for a while, I thought that maybe I would put some time into them. I got up extra early this morning so I could get some things done before going to work. (ie:"some things"=several different stitching projects worked on! =))
Last night after work, I was going to work on some stitching, but when I got home, my hubby was playing ont he computer, so I sat at the playstation and started playing Final FantasyVII. My husband is a gamer, he loves them and spnds tons of time with them. It is his hobby, such as stitching is mine. well, last year he picked up stitching so that he could spend time "doing something" with me, on my level, and so just this past weekend, I decided I would give gaming a try. I have always enjoyed watching him play, and thought it looked fun, but whenever I would try i would get bored after ten minutes and say "Forget this" and go back to stitching, but I am making an honest effort now, I started with "City of Heros" I have my own character on there, and then Final Fantasy XI the online one, I have a character on there, and last night I started FFVII on the Playstation. So! I am trying! It is actually sorta fun once you get into it. But of course I needed LOTS of help from DH to get me through my first mission. Well, I am off to get some breakfast and pick up some stitching, today I would like to work on:
-Snow Valley Express (2hrs)
-Christmas Ornies (1 hr)
-The Abbey (1-2 hrs, depending on how much time is left before work)
So, as you can see, I have a "very busy schedule" today. LOL! So, I better get to it! Have a great day, and I will show some progress here soon!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Frog go away!

Well, I just sat for about an hour and frogged out alot of what I did on the Abbey, and here is what I have left to work with. Not awhole lot, but at least I didn't have to completely start over, keep your fingers crossed that this time it will go much better!
I think it looks like a creepy face right now.=)

The Abbey-I'm finished!!!

Ok! Everyone, grab a box of kleenex and cry with me, because....Ta da! I royally messed up on the very first part of it and threw the entire count off! The bottom portion of the page is an entire row over too far, which makes the top half not going be meeting up with the correct row at the bottom of the page above it, if that makes any sence! So, once again I am thinking I will scrap it...or should I frog it? I have Four or five whole hours in on this thing!!! (Major whiny voice here...) Look at all the progress! It's depressing! What do you all think I should do? Scrap or frog? If I toss it I am not sure I will start it over again, I'm not sure I have the heart to right now. And I was so excited! It's amazing how much problem ONE little stitch can cause, one stupid little X! I did one too many in one row and wa-la! There you have it! I really have gotta learn how to count to 6! NOT 7.

I'm back!

That was quick! Wasn't even gone 15 minutes! I had a panic attack as I was on the road. I have this OUTRAGEOUS fear of driving. Which would explain the fact that I didn't get my license until I was 28 years old. I was in a car accident as a child and it has apparently scarred me! Then of course, I get my license and a month after I was in a wreck, totalling my car, and ever since, the only place I drive is to my work, which is about a mile away. My dentist is on the other side of town, and in a very busy area, right by the mall and all sorts of businesses and stuff, and I couldn't sleep last night, for thinking of the drive into the dentist, and I was fighting the fear all the way to the end of my road, and I went blind! Ever been so afraid you can't see? I don't know if that makes sence, but my sences go all out the window when I have these attacks, and so I just turned right back around and came home. And now that my heart is beating normally again and the attack is over, I shall resume with life. I called the office and they said if everything seems fine, no swelling, or pain, or drainage she'll mark on my chart that I'm fine and if there is a problem I can call, and come in. And I am doing just fine, infact I ate a huge yummy guacamole bacon burger for dinner yesterday, so I'd say things are fine! Phew!
Onto the stitching! Yippee! So, here is a photo of my progress on The Abbey that I worked on yesterday. I only put about an hour and a half in on it, but I got some done, it doesn't look like much, but it is coming a long. I think I will have to go about 10 hours at a time for progress on this one, as it is so big that if I work on it an hour or so, you can't see much, so my next update will be at the 10 hour mark. I am at 3 hours now, I think. So, lets hope I have an update soon. =) That is about it with my stitching. Since I don't have to go to the dentist I have a bit more time this morning to get to some stitching, before work late this afternoon, so I am going to go do some housework, and then stitch my heart out!

Oh no! Not again!

If you have read my blog for awhile, like since the summer, you will remember my talking of a girl who works with me, and who became a leech and wouldn't let go. Calling me 5 times a day and wanting to hang out,and just basically being extremely clingy. And I guess words' got out that I will be leaving my job here ina few days, about two weeks, I guess, and now! The phone calls are starting up. See? She switched to another shift, so I hardley see her anymore, and so it has been nice, and what not, she hasn't been calling me, or anything. so the other night I'm leaving work and I passed her, and she's like "Hey, come here. What's this I hear your leaving?" and then as is her usual annoying style she had to KNOW WHY and When and if I was moving out of the area or just quiting my job, and just everything, and I felt shanghaied! So, she tells me that her and her boyfriend are getting married in the summer, and I HAVE to go to the wedding, and help her with the reception! Woa! I don't even know this chic very well, she watched my dog for two weeks when i went out of town over the summer, and all of a sudden she acts like we are best friends. Anyway. So, last night she called me, three times! I never answered and the last time, she left a message saying for me to call her because she wants to throw a going away get together for me. Which I gotta admit IS sweet, but no, I don't think so. Then she will just think we are the best of friends again and all that hooplah will start up again. The thing is, she has the makings of a sweet person, but she is just annoying, and clingy! It's really unhealthy, and it freaks me out! Well, I gotta go for my post extraction check up at the dentist, so I will share stitching stuff later!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Abbey

As you who have been reading me for awhile know, I have been working on This piece for awhile. I started it the first of January of this year. Well, just recently I decided I didn't like the fabric I started it on, and have decided quite recently that I would switch out the fabric and start over, so the next photo is the beginnings of this new decision!
Last night I worked on it for a little over an hour while watching Gilmore Girls, which amazed me, since I hardley ever can stitch at night, but that I guess was because I had put my stitching lamp in my bedroom a while back so I would have good light in there while stitching in bed, then never brought it back out to the living room, and now that I have my little lamp back out in the living room, watch out! The needles have been asmokin' in the evening.
So, It isn't much, but it looks better now than it did when I was stitching on 22 count whatever it was that was so tiny my eyes were going cross eyed! I had decided to start it in the upper left hand before, which was all blue sky, and I was doing it one over one, and it was taking forever to do a tiny little bit. But this time I decided to start right smack dab in the center, and I can already see the house taking shape, which is quite a motivator as apposed to blue blobs. So, I am happy with my decision to restart this one!
I love Marty Bell. Her stuff is beautiful! I have a list of her stuff that I want to stitch day, one being Miss Hathaway's Garden. It is beautiful. But Very large, and detailed. Well, that is it for today. No more work has gone into Snow Valley Express. I need to keep crackin' on it, but when there's a project like The Abbey staring you in the face, how can one choose?! Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Over 100 blogs?!

Can I just say?! There are ALOT of stitching blogs out there! I keep finding new ones everyday. If I read them all everyday, I would live on the computer, because by the time I finished reading them each day it would be time to start over! The way I do it is I have my blogs split up by days. each Monday I read the group of 7 or 8 people for the entire week, then Tuesday the same thing, but before I assign a blog a day I put it in my "To read all the way through" file, and that list is encredibly long right now! I really need to start reading and get these bloggers assigned days so I can keep up with them. Stitching?! What stitching? Reading about everyone else's stitching is a hobby in itself! I love it though, I truly do! It is so neat to know that there are so many others out there who share my love of this craft. I love seeing everyone's WIP's and i love rejoicing with them when they complete a project and I love sharing my finished projects with others who understand the labor of love that went into my work. Today I signed up to join a yahoo group for sitching bloggers. I really hope I am allowed to join. It would be so nice to get to know some of you better!
Well, Yesterday I wasn't home hardley at all, as DH decided to go shopping and I decided to go with him yesterday. so, i read blogs, and we went ot he mall and he turned in the car to sears for an oil change and so then we were stuck there for the next 2-3 hours, and by the time we got the car, it was time for me to go to work! So, no stitching for me. Why does life have to get in the way?! When all I really want to do is sit on my wazoo and stitch?! Like take today for example, it is already almost 9 in the morning, I have to go to work at 12. I only work a short shift, 5 hours, but tonight DH will probably want to do something. I have tomorrow off, but I will probably end up spending it running around doing errands! ugh. And my DH asks me why I get up so dang early?! Oh well. well, I am going to take advantage of these quit hours before work and get some stitching done. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Come on Blogger! Cooperate!

I want it to cooperate, because I have a bunch of photos to share with you...well, three progress photo's! so, here it goes:
The first one is of Snow Valley Express, I am almost done with the stitching of the first page. I have been diligent about working on this one, and as I wrote earlier this week, it goes quickly once I actually pick it up, it's just picking it up that is the hard part. And I am definitely not looking forward to backstitching this one! Ugh! But that is a ways off. The next one is of what I worked on yesterday for a bit, not for too long, though. "Dare to Dream". This one has been in the "TO DO" pile for awhile, and I think the last time I dragged it out was...well a LONG time ago. So, here is Dare to Dream, which has been put into my rotation now. It doesn't look like much right now, but give me time, and it will! =) and lastly is my hubby's eagle piece. He hasn't touched it in quite awhile, but the last few days he picked it up for a bit. I think he is doing really well.
I am not sure what I am in the mood to work on today, maybe more Snow Valley Express. Yesterday it snowed here. Just a little bit, but man, it was freezing! Brrrr....But it will probably be all melted by this afternoon, as we are supposed to have a high of 55 today. Which is just fine with me! I hate icey roads! I made DH drive me to and from work yesterday because I was freaked out by the ice, as it was he said he slipped on some ice on his way to pick me up last night. So, I know alot of you in the states are having snow and icky weather, and I hope you are all safe on the roads. Well, I am off to look at projects that are calling for my attention and figure out which one I will give my attention to!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lots and lots of stitching...

That is what I did yesterday. and I worked soley on Snow Valley Express all day. This morning I woke up and am having some pain. More than I was having yesterday. The pain is all the way up in my nose! Go figure! Anyway, so I just took some Advil, and am reading blogs and drinking coffee, while I wait for the coffee to kick in, then I will settle myself on the couch for another day of TV and stitching. In reality I just feel like laying right back down and going to sleep. I hate to sleep though, I have too much to do! Too much stitching to do, that is!(chuckle) I can't decide what project I want to work on today, will I keep on rolling with Snow Valley, because to tell you the truth, once I pick that one up, I just want to keep going. It's the just picking it up part that is so hard for me! Or! Will I pick up The Abbey? Another one that is on my favorites list right now? Ah what the heck, I have all day- I can work on them both, right? Pictures to come soon!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Well, yesterday I had to have two teeth pulled, so I was hoping for some stitching time in the afternoon, after the heavy meds wore off, but that was not to be! I was having too much pain to not take the meds, so take the meds I did and I was out like a light for most of the day, waking only to eat a little something and go to the restroom. I couldn't get up really, because everytime I did I would feel woozy, and as though I was going to faint. So, I finally just gave up and went into bed and fell asleep around 8 in the evening. I woke up once around 8:30 this morning to let the dog out, and then not again unitl 11:56-almost noon today! I have had quite a bit of energy today though, and have been eating quite a bit, I don't have hardley any pain, I only took 2 Advil this morning, none of the hard stuff today. i still feel a little weak, but I guess that is to be expected.
My dear hubby bought me my favorite movie: "You've got mail" on DVD. It was on sale at Sam's club afor 4.88$ He said it seemed like a great get well gift, then he sat and watched it with me today. What a sweetie! While I watched I actually got some stitching in, I worked on Snow Valley Express. I am actually doing really well on that one. I worked a bit on it before work on Sunday and afterwards too, and then today. So, I am getting really close to finishing page 1 of 2. Well, I am off to do my hourly warmwater/salt mix rinse, and sit down with Snow Valley for a bit.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Christmas is in the air!

I don't know what it is about this time of the year, but it makes me want to stitch. I think it may be because I learned to stitch around this time of the year, and so I just remember that I used to sit and stitch with Christmas music playing in the background and stuff. My parent's house all decorated for the season, and the first Christmas after I started stitching my mom bought me a BUNCH of DMC, and at our house we opened gifts on Christmas eve once we got older, into our teen years, because 1) my brother would bug them so much to open gifts, and 2) they got to sleep in the next morning, which is a good thing when you stay up half the night opening gifts. Anyway, I just remember that Christmas staying up until the we hours of the morning winding floss onto bobbins. Anyway.
Yesterday I put about an hour and a half's worth of work into The Abbey. Some of that was a frogging session. But I am excited about that project again and I love it. Have you ever had that? Where you get the materials for a project and you are all excited to get going on it, and then when you do, it looses it's appeal? Well, that is what happened with this one and I am glad I started over, because it was on it's way to being a UFO! All those TINY stitches-ugh! I really don't know how people do it!! Well, I'm off to get some work into snow Valley Express this morning, and to reward myself maybe get some time in on The Abbey. Photos soon!

Friday, November 24, 2006

And! A finish!

Well, I actually finished Love, Joy, Home! I finished it last night around 7 in the evening! And here it is: This one was started September 25th of 2005, and was completed November 23rd of 2006. it was stitched on 18 count aida, with DMC floss. I am so glad to have another finish for the year, a largish finish! This one and the November Quilt one I did for my mom were the largest finishes for the year. But, I am super excited, because this one is for me! Now I just have to have it stretched and framed! I made out a list of WIP's, and I am going to try to have some of them finished up this next year. Most of them are large, infact all 13 of them are at least as large as Love, Joy, Home. So, I will probably only see about two more finished in the next year, for as long as it has taken me to get the two done this year. My next goal is to finish my dad's Snow Valley Express. It was going to be for Christmas, but I just don't see it happening! Maybe for his birthday next year! That gives me about 6 more months, I'm sure I can get it done in 6 months, if I stay on top of it! That is the hard part, continually stitching on a piece you, yourself don't enjoy. Maybe I need to set some smallish daily goals concerning that one, like work on it a minimum of 1/2 an hour a day, that way it is getting done, at least a little each day. I don't know, I'll have to evaluate my rotation and see what I can do. Maybe if I set it as my primary focus piece, for the first month then then next month I can give myself a break.
This morning I already put about an hours worth of work into "The Abbey". I am really enjoying this one now that I have switched out the fabrics. I can see it progressing well since I restarted. I did set it aside the last two days in order to put my full attention to LJH, but now that that one is done, i can work on other things.
Well, I must be going, FIL is leaving and I have to go say goodbye,

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Re-start

I have decided that I wanted to start "The Abbey" over again. I didn't enjoy stitching on the fabric I had chosen, something that was TINY, and white, with one thread stitching. YUCK! What was I thinking?! So, out went the 5 hours of work I had on it, and I pulled a light blue piece of 18 count aida. And! This means I don't have to stitch all the blue in the sky! I know! I am cheating, but there is a lot of stitching and I don't want to spend all my time stitching light blue sky- hundreds and hundreds of stitches in the same shade of light blue! Ugh! So, I have a new start, so hopefully I will actually be motivated to work on it now. I have a goal to finish it in January of '08. So, we shall see if that actually happens.

On another note, I went to the oral surgeon today for my pre op appointment as I will be having two teeth pulled (a wisdom tooth and the one next to it) next Monday! I am so not looking forward to it, however, I will be getting three days off from work, the day of the surgery and the following two, so granted I am not in too much pain, and not knocked out on drugs, I am going to stitch those days away.
"Love, Joy, Home" is coming along really well, I am completely finished with the four squares with the baskets in them to the right hand side, and I have finished the motif right next to it, it looks like a carpet or something, and am so close to a finish I am guessing another two or three hours, and that is it! So, I will wait until I finish to show it on here again.

Monday, November 20, 2006

And let the holidays begin!

Well, FIL ended up showing up yesterday, he called and told us mid morning that he was going to be here earlier than he thought. Yikes! It sent us in a flurry to get groceries (After being gone for a week, the cupboards were bare!) and getting the house in some sort of order, laundry done up, the spare room somewhat tidied up, and the guest bath cleaned from ceiling to floor! Phew! It was crazy! and our room is still in piles of laundry (both dirty and clean) that either need to be washed or folded and put away!
But, he showed up and we went out for lunch, and had a great visit. He will be with us until probably Friday sometime. I didn't get any stitching in at all yesterday what with trying to get things ready for our visiter, but this morning I was able to sit down for a bit with "Love, Joy, Home" Which I need to post a photo of. I am really happy with the progress on this one, and I'm at the point now where I am towards the end of a project and that is all I want to work on in order to finish it, because I can see the end in the near future. Given I have time this week to devote to this piece, I will probably have it finished by the end of the weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for me! And here is my progress:

Ps: Bethann! Thank you so much for the beautiful scissors!!

Happy birthday to me!!!

Since Nov. 10th was my b-day, and my mother sent me 50$, I decided that I would use it for some stash! These are two pieces which I have drooled over for a LONG time! And I was good, I only got the leaflets, not the entire kits, since they would have way over exceeded my 50$ limit! but, I got the leaflets and the fabrics to do these two:

Aren't they beautiful?! "Day Surrendering to Night" has been a favorite for a long time and then when "In Blue Angel" came along as a companion piece,I decided that ONE day I would have them both. They have been two of my all time faves for a long time, and I never thought I would own them. And pretty soon, I will! At least they will be in my stash, until I can buy the threads for them, and get them stitched. They probably will not get stitched for awhile, but IF I were to decide to do them, I would have that option now! I am so excited! Well, I'm off to put some more work into "Love, Joy, Home."

Sunday, November 19, 2006

hi again!

Well, I am home from the cruise, it was wonderful! But as with any trip I am happy to be home. And to tell you the truth, I did get a lot of stitching in, amazingly enough not in the car, though, but on the ship. We had so much fun! We drove down the day before the boat shipped off, and found our way into Houston. It was storming pretty badly when we first got into the city which made trying to find a place to stay for the night a bit of a challenge. I was trying to read signs, and the map and Rob was trying to avoid getting hit by any wacko city drivers. We finally found a Hampton Inn and stayed there, it was more than we would have normally spent to stay the night somewhere however, since it was my birthday he splurged. We then went out to eat at a nice steakhouse, then went to bed, since it was late by then.

The next morning we were up early and got some breakfast and headed to the docks. And got checked in early. Boarding wasn't supposed to start until 1 and we were on the boat at 12:30. So, that was nice.
We took off for our first port : Progresso Mexico, which we wouldn't get to for a day. So, we had Saturday night and all day Sunday at Sea, then at Progresso we chose to do horseback riding, and a day at a beach resort. Well, when we signed up we were all excited, a horseback ride along the beach. Yipppeee! Right? It lasted a whole 20 minutes, and it was more or less just a trail ride. Kinda boring. Then when we were done with the horseback ride, we ate some wonderful Mexican food, which was really expensive, and then laid around the pool, until it started to rain. Then we got back on the bus and was back on the boat by 2:00 in the afternoon. A whole 3 hours before the boat was to ship off for the next port. And let me tell you Progresso is not progressing! Not quickly anyway. There were like 4 or 5 little shops at the dock for us to look around in, but nothing much, So, we were sorta disappointed in our first port of call.
Our next one was the next day, Tuesday, in Cozumel Mexico. This one was MUCH better! We chose a Speedboating excursion this time, and THAT was FUN! Again...we got rained on, but it was fun anyway.

On Wednesday we arrived in Belize city Belize, if that doesn't sound familiar to you, the name British Honduras may, they changed the name and didn't let anyone know! And there we took a l-o-n-g bus ride (over an hour long!) to the jungle, where we rode inner tubes down the river. It was really relaxing! I was freaked out befroe thinking, ugh! What if there are snakes in the water, but there was nothing but these little minnows swimming about harmlessly. Then we hiked back to the picnic area, and through some ancient Mayan ruins. That was also fun!

Then we got back on the ship, and then spent another two days at sea on our way back to Houston. we got to relax quite a bit, as I said I was able to actually get alot of stitching done, and reading, and word searching! and I still, even as I write this feel like I am swaying up and down to the rythm of the rocking boat. We only had one rough day at sea, which was Thursday, ALL day long, the boat pitch and jumped crazily, but by morning, it was calm again for our last day at sea.

So, all in all, we had a great time! I am sorry I have not added any photos of my trip ont his post, but I will, I just need to have hubby show me how to download them from the camera. We took a ton of pictures, which I will put into a scrapbook eventually. I am still working on a scrapbook from the cruise we took over a year ago, in Jan of '05. Oops. But you know how it is...when you have so many hobbies, how do you choose?!

Well, I have to get ready and get my house cleaned up, because: Surprise! My FIL decided last minute he would come down and spend Thanksgiving with us! I don't mind, but he sorta just dropped it on us yesterday as we are driving home from our trip, so now not only do I have to unpack and do the mountains of laundry that you do after a trip, I need to get the house cleaned, which right now is not in the greatest of shape, and get the guest room and bath cleaned to top perfection before he shows up sometime tomorrow. UGH! well, I will write more later this week, if I get a chance!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Today's the day!

Last nigth at work was the longest 5 hours of my life! I just wanted my work week to be over so I could come home and start getting ready to go on vacation. we will be leaving in about 4 hours. I am so excited! Last night at work, when it was slow, I thought about what stitching projects I would take with me on my vacation, I know, I will probably not even touch it, but you know us stitching types, if you even think there may be a free moment to pull out your needle and thread, you take the stitching! And I have decided to take "Love, Joy, Home", and my ornies. I have three left to finish, but I am contemplating the last of the six, as it is a yellow heart with some sort of holly sprig in the middle, and it just isn't calling to me. I think I may not stitch that one at all. But I have a snowman head wearing a santa hat to do, he's cute but I am not looking forward to stitching all that white. (Stitching white on white is the worst!) and then one with little bird houses and a laundry line between them with mittens hanging and it says "Think snow" that one I started yesterday and I think I am going to enjoy it. I need to kit it up for the trip. My sampler is basically kit up already, so that will be easy to get ready and it isn't so big and so it is easy to take along. As will the ornies. so, there yah go. I also thought about sprucing up my rotation. I have given up on the fall pieces for this year, so they have been taken out, and so, I was thinking that I would put Snow Valley Express in it's place. I don't know. I will probably as usual, not stick to my rotation anyway, but it's fun to think about it, and plan.
Well, as I will be on the road for a good 6-7 hours today, I amt hinking there is a good chance that some stitching will get done! As well, as on the ride home too. DH wants me to drive for some of the way. Which is sorta freaking me out, as i hate driving, I have a phobia of driving, then was int he accident this past summer and the phobia has grown to monumental proportion, so driving outside roads that I am familiar with freaks me out! But we shall see. He said there are some easy roads, that are just straight and lonely so if it's not city traffic with lots of cars and stuff, I'm good. Straight roads out in the middle of nowhere? I can do that! but! (pout!) It will cut into my stitching time!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

one more day...

Have you ever noticed HOW S-L-O-W time goes when you are about aweek away from going on a trip? I think this week has been three months long already! well, it feels like it has been that long. I still have 5 more hours left of work today, then tomorrow we leave for Houston! We will probably go in the afternoon. I was wanting to get a good early start as it is a 7 hour drive, but no-o! Hubby wants to go later in the afternoon. So, whatever, he's driving, so I guess we can leave whenever he feels like it, I was just thinking that it would make it easier for us to drive in the daylight, in a strange city, as apposed to trying to find our way in the dark, but alrighty! Like I said he's driving! So, let him conquer the dark.

Well, just yesterday I completed the third ornament of the six I was working on, and have started the fourth. I have not been much into my stitching lately, I used to be all obsessed about it, and wanting to work on different projects and such, now I just sort of plop down and grab whatever happens to be handy when I sit down to watch T.V. I think my lack of enthusiasm comes from the fact that I got all excited about the fall pieces and then I didn't meet my goals, so now I'm like "Oh well, whatever!" I will stitch when I want, but no more goals, or anything like that. Plus, I was hoping to have more finishes this year, and I haven't had hardley any! Lets see? There was my St. Patty's day bear, my valentine bookmark for DH, my Easter bell pull, and Nov. Quilt, which was the biggie! 4! that is it! and three of them are not even big, oh! wait, I just said I have completed three ornies, so there yah go! A big whoppin' 7 finished projects for the year! Well, the year isn't over yet, I know, and I can probably crank out a few more ornies, and I want to finish "Love, Joy, Home", but that is all I see in the near future! Maybe I should do more small things. I see so many finishes on everyone's blogs, and I just wonder hwo people do it?! Am I just the slowest stitcher on the planet? What am I doing wrong? Oh well, whatever, this isn't a race, I know! I say this just about every fifth post, I start to get down when I see other's finishes and here I am still slogging through my 8th (tiny) finish for the year, the only real accomplishment for the year in my eyes was November Quilt, that was my biggie for the year. If I can somehow get "Love Joy Home" done, there will be two large finishes for the year. Well, enough griping and complaining, I am off to go read blogs and enjoy reading about everyone else's accomplishments. I will try to post photos soon.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

wow! can you believe it?!

It is Saturday and I am actually on the computer! I usually loose out when it comes to computing on the weekends, as DH loves to hog it, and well, he should as he works so much during the week, has very little computer time, so I don't care, but he stayed up late gaming last night and so he is sleeping in today. I just got done reading a bunch of blogs. wow! You are all so creative! I really love reading about other people's lives and what they are stitching. I always think of things to write and then I forget when I finally log on!
Well, only 6 more sleeps until we leave for our vacation. We leave Friday (which is my birthday) and we are driving to Houston and we will get a motel for the evening and then go on our cruise the next day. I am so excited! Well, I work this afternoon, then I have tomorrow off, and then I work four days and then! we are on vacation! Well, DH just woke up and we need to go shopping, before I go to work, so better get going.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

So! It is Oct. 31st, and my Pumpkin guy with his little cat friend is still not finished. I think I should put him away and move on to Christmas, or I can trudge on through with him and try to get him done...hmmm...? My scarecrow guy isn't faring much better either. I wanted to have him done by nov. something, I think? I don't even remember, I think I set the goals in Sept. Then I got side tracked with christmas ornies, and well...anyway.

Just wanted to say Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 30, 2006

My very first tag!!!

I've never been tagged, and I found that Jenn (Jenn X-Stitch) tagged me when I read her blog today. Wow! Thanks Jen!
=7 songs I am really into right now= are:
1) Anything by twelve stones (I've been listening to their CD as of late)
2) Fireproof-Pillar
3)"You"- Dirty Vegas (Good song to exercise to!)
4) Tubthumpin'- Chumbawumba

Ok, to tell you the truth, I basically just listen to whatevers on the radio, and now I feel like a huge dork, as here I am so excited to be tagged, and I can't think of any songs that I am really into right now.Ok, I can, but since tomorrow is barely Halloween, I am embarrased to say that I started playing Christmas music! Ok! You can stop laughing now!!

Well, I have not been much into blogging lately, I didn't get on the computer at all the entire weekend, and so this morning I had to read three days worth of blogs. So, anyway, I didn't do any stitching this weekend either, I spent most of my time that I wasn't at work helping my DH put up our new fence. I worked alot this weekend, but I get my "weekend" day after tomorrow, as I have Weds, and Thurs. off! I did a bit of stitching on Love, Joy, Home this morning. But then I spent quite a bit of time getting some laundry out of the way, and cleaning up my messy kitchen. I ususally spend alot of time tidying up after DH has returned to work on Mondays. It took me a bit to get to it, as I didn't want to do it, it just seemed like such a chore (duh! it WAS!) And yet I was thinking, I would rather do it now and maybe then Weds, and Thurs. I can relax a bit. Well, not much else going on, in less than two weeks, me and DH will be on our cruise! I am pretty excited! Well, I gotta go get ready for work, so I will try ot post photos the next time I blog.
Oh yeah, and from what I see most everyone has already been tagged so I don't want to tag someone twice.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Can you see the frog?

Ok, I am going to post a photo, and you are probably going to laugh, because I mentioned earlier when I was working on this that my cat on this looked like he had the mumps...yeah, I need to redo that whole section and see what I did wrong, or whatever, and redo it, so, feel free to laugh at my lopsided faced cat, because I am too! I will fix it, however, when going back I can't for the life of me find the mistake, but it is obviously there, so, here is my progress on this one, I actually was able to go get the dark blue thread for the fence, so I have been able to work more on that, and the pumpkin boy is just about done, just have to put in his feet and finish the backstitching. I doubt it will be done in time for Halloween this year, but definitely next year! And the bag is driving me buggy! All that green fill in! Ugh! Well, today is Midnight Watchman day, as well as tomorrow too, but we shall see how it goes. My husband wants me to go to some going away luncheon- party for a person at his work, but I don't feel that great today, I sorta just want to laze around and stitch. I don't know what to do. They are eating at an oriental place, which is my least favorite sort of food at all times, not to mention when I don't feel all that great.

ps, Now looking at the scan of this piece, the cat looks like he's munching on some candy! that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! ....or, rip-it, rip it!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

16 more sleeps

That is how many more left until DH and I take off for a Carribbean cruise! I am getting very excited! Because he wasn't here for our one year anniversary we thought this was a good way to celebrate, no tto mention that the ship takes off just the day after my b-day, so he says it is a combo b-day/anniversary. Pretty nice, eh?
That is about it for today, I worked on Fright Night Friends yesterday, but I wasn't much in the mood to stitch, plus DH came home from work early, because we had ordered a dining room set, and so they contacted him last week, asking if he could take time off work to meet them, and he did, and the guy never showed up, he finally called around 5 in the evening, and apologized that his truck broke down, and could my husband take time off the next day. Frustration! Not to mention that a piece from our bedroom set they shipped was the wrong color! So, we have to wait for that correction too.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

another finish but no photo to prove it!

Well, I did get to finish the stocking yesterday before going to work, so I now have four more to go to finish that set. I didn't post a photo as I will post one when I get more work in on the third ornament, and the fourth, anyway, I promise you will see it, just not now. My puppy gave me a heart attack this morning, she escaped! But she was just down the road and so I brought her home swiftly. Nothing much else to report, for now, but it is still early, so I still have all day to get some progress in on things and show it later. That is if DH isn't hogging the computer! So, more photos to come!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

...and bye bye rotation!

As my title for today says this past week has blown my rotation out the window! I was not able to start my internship this week at the rehab center, because the lady who I am supposed to contact has either not been in the office, and has not returned my calls. This is making me very nervous. I need to get this done, and ...ugh, I really have no one to blame but myself since I put it off for so long. However, this has allowed for more stitching time, and I actually got a finish! I am done with the first ornament of the 6 that I am working on right now. And I am almost done with the stocking, I just have to finish the fill in on the heel and do the back stitching and the red backstitched line that makes up the plaid in the sock. And as you can see- have started the third already, I'm off from work tomorrow so I am hoping to get the third one at least most the way done and at least start the fourth. However, it being a Sunday, DH will be home and so I will probably spend much of the day helping him put up our fence that fell over a few days before he got home, so not sure just how much of my stitching goals will be met. So, I have been stitching a bit, but not a whole lot, simply because I am trying to be more disciplined with my lifestyle. When hubby was gone I turned into a huge couch potato, and now I have decided not to be anymore. I have done dishes and laundry and vacuuming, and cleaning and tidying up, and only allowing myself to watch two hours of tv a day, if that. I am making myself read more, and write more letters, and just live a more productive life. However, because I usually do my stitching while I watch TV, my cutting down on TV time has also cut down on my stitching time as well. I don't really mind right now, but you know how life is...sometimes you can't seem to stitch enough and other times you just set those needles down and live life. Right now I am just making a few changes in my life, which I think is also a contributing factor to my not posting as often this week. Plus the fact that I have been trying to get ahold of that lady to start the internship as well. Stress cuts back on my productivity! Anyway, I will share with you a progress photo of my ornies! Hope you have a great weekend.

ps...Bethann if you are reading this, I happily got your letter, and will write you soon!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

A whole lotta stitchin' goin' on!

Just not a lot of blogging, and posting of the pictures of the stitching itself! Ikept with my rotation everyday this week, even my dad's piece which I alwasy find a hard project to pick up. The only day I did mess up a bit, which I have already confessed to is I worked on my ornaments for two days and Fright Night Friends only one! But that is alright, I had Tuesday off from work so was able to catch up a bit on it!

Well, this week I am supposed to start a new job so I don't know what kind of time that will allow for stitching. I am not looking forward to it, but I have to do it. It's not a real job, per se, but I have to finish my practicum to get my degree in addiction counseling. And I have 100 hours to do, and I want to get that started this week and get that out of the way, I should have done it WAY before now but I am the worlds largest procrastinator, and so I HAVE to do it NOW, because if I don't I won't be able to get my degree. It shouldn't be too bad. If I work 25 hours a week there, then I should have it done by the end of Nov. in one month's time, I will have it done.
Anyway, enough about that junk, I am going to try to show you some progress photo's. The first one is Love, Joy Home. I actually got a bit done on it today, although I ended up having to frog a bit too, I was off count by two threads at the bottom of the four squares with the baskets in them. but I did alright on it.

Next is Fright Night Friends. Which I wanted to have in time to be up for Halloween, but that is in like 16 days, so I don't think so, especially with the way my time is going to be diminishing here soon.
But you can see that I finished all the stitches int he orange pumpkin costume, and started the backstitching on him, and also worked a lot on the Lettering in "Happy Halloween". So, he's comin' along! I still have not been able to get the thread for the fence, and I am not sure now with having to do this internship that I will have the time before I want to have this finished to get it done, so I don't think this is a goal I will be meeting this year, and yet! I may surprise us all!
And lastly I want to share progress on Midnight Watchman:
...or not. I think Blogger has had enough of me for the night, I guess I will have to post the midnight watchman some other time, for now, though I am off to bed, to read a bit, and then go to sleep! Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Some pictures

Well, I haven't been blogging the past few days, I don't know why. Just haven't felt like sitting in front of a computer. But, I do have some progress photo's. I also scanned a few photo's from the Dec. issue of The Cross Stitcher Magazine. They have some really cute things for the holidays and I am really tempted to start something, but I will not. But I thought I'd share them anyway.
This one is Called Christmas Joy, I think It is so cute, and with it being compartmentalized the way it is in sections, you can easily break it down and do just a little at a time!

The next one is so cute, and I am SO tempted to start this! It doesn't look too terribly hard, and like it would take too long to do, but knowing me I had better not get started on it, I am sure it would end up being a UFO, or something, like all my other stuff.

aren't they just the cutest? I love them!!! They are adorable! I would love to make this into a cute little pillow for my couch for the holidays, and like I said it doesn't look hard or like it'd take very long, but I always take forever to do anything. And last but not least, is the snowman tree. These guys are so cute too! but, int he magazine they had only charted it for anchor threads and so I had to look upa conversion chart for DMC because that is all I own. So, here are the snow men.

if I were to all these this winter it would be a great accomplishment, however I know I won't get them done, so I won't even start. I just think they are very cute, and I am going to put them on my list of things to do. Well, I was going to show you my progress pictures of my halloween things, but now blogger isn't cooperating, so I will have to post them next time. today is Friday and that means it is Snow Valley Express day! Oh yay. I sound so happy don't I ? I will be so happy when that one is done! Well, I am off to get some work in on it!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

And Christmas is on it's way!

Well, as I said I was going to start new ornies this past weekend, I did. I didn't think I would get very much done, but I cheated, instead of working on Fright Night Friends yesterday I worked more on my ornies. Bad me! Bye bye rotation! It is still Tuesday and Fright Night Friends day so I will just catch up today, as it is cold dreary and wet out today it will be the perfect day to curl up with a fuzzy blanket a stack of movies and Fright Night Friends.
But I do have photos of my starts.
I found these 6 cuties in the March 2005 issue of Stitcher's World. (Yes, it is odd that you'd find Christmas in the middle of the spring issue, but I would be guessing that for lack of better ideas they issued a Christmas all year long thing last year in their mag. So, every issue had something Christmasy I think.) Anyway, I liked these 6 and thought I'd start with them first for my ornaments. I was originally going to do them one at a time, start and finish, but I pulled a rather large piece of scrap aida for the ornaments, and so just used tail ends of color for the second piece. So, I am working on the santa face and the stocking. For the Santa, I basically just have the white in the beard and the back stitching to do, but the stocking has a long ways to go. I am so tempted to work on these little guys today, to see if I could get them done, but I will be good, I must resume to Fright Night Friends, Especially since I neglected them yesterday. Well, here I go to make a Cafe' Mocha and sit and stitch the day away...housework be damned! =)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Pictures and a tiny bit of stitching...

I am just realizing that i have never posted photos of Freedom, my puppy, the one we bought to keep me company while my DH was in Iraq. So, we got some film developed recently and though I'd share some with you.

Look at those ears! hope a strong wind doesn't come along and carry her away!

the second one is of her and my husband, on the day we brought her home. It was taken right outside the shelter we picked her up from. She looks mad! But she was shaking like a leaf, scared, that's all.

Ok, and that is all the pictures I will share today. I didn't really stitch much at all yesterday, between work and going to the hardware store to pick up some stuff for the new bed room set that we got this week, that my husband was putting togehter, then we sat and played CSI game on the computer for two hours I was beat. I did about half an hours worth of work on Love Joy Home but nothing to really write home about. Today I plan on starting a new piece...a Christmas ornie! My first one of the year! And I really doubt much will get done on it at all, so I may just pull the threads and fabric for it and that 's about it. I have to work all day, and since I am not an evening stitcher I don't plan on getting much in on it, but we shall see. Plus Rob is home and I can never get anything accomplished when he is home. well, i'm off to get started on my new ornie!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

No more pics...for now.

Well, it is Saturday morning, and I have to be at work in 45 minutes about, and so I thought i would spend some time writing in here. Yesterday at work there was a lull in action for abou thalf an hour, in which time I took to make note of my newest rotation goals, and plans. so, here it goes:
M/T- Fright Night Friends
W/TH- Midnight Watchman
F- Snow Valley Express
S- Love, Joy, Home
S- Christmas smalls

We shall see if this sticks, I would like it to, for right now, as I would really like to get some progress going on Snow Valley Express, which hasn't seen the light of day in, oh, a month?(And remember this one is supposed to be a Christmas gift...but whether it will be for 2006 or 2007 is another matter! =P) And Love Joy Home is so close to being finished, how could I not work on it right now? Originally I thought to put the dolphins here, but just two seconds ago changed my mind. So, there yah have it! My rotation of sorts for now. I just get inspired when I read all your blogs, because you all work on so many different things at once, that I think my blog must get so boring when all I do is post a photo fo the same project over and over on end for months! So, wish me well.
Oh yeah! today is my one year anniversary for blogging! wahoo for me!

Friday, October 06, 2006

finally! pictures!

Since my husband got home with the laptop, I have become encredibly lazy when it comes to scanning photos. in the morning I like to get up get my coffee and go sit comfortabley in bed with the laptop to read my blogs and to write my blog as well. So, i made myself come into the computer room to scan photo's so you can all see, that i really do stitch, I don't just talk about it.
First here is a photo of Fright night friends.
And at long last finally a photo of midnight Watchman, who is right now just a headless blob of color, but he is supposed to be a scarcrow. I think I may work on making him resemble more of one this weekend. He is the thing in the middle I think you can probably make out the blue overalls, and his checkered shirt, on the left the yellow is a corn stalk, and to the left there is a basket with apples and veggies in it. This is what he will look like when completed:
cute, huh? Well, my dog is whining ot be let out, so I had better get going. I will try not to keep you all in suspense with my stitching from here on out. more pics to come, I promise!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bye bye hubby- have a good day!

Well, the day has arrived! My hubby went back to work today,just when I was getting used to him being home. He woke up late, and had to rush around trying to get everything finished and ready to go. I had a hard time feeling forry for him, though. he always does this! He has been home for two weeks now and has had that long to root around, get his uniforms ready and everything to go back today,does he? No, he waited until 12:00 last night to realize that he needed to wash a bunch of his uniforms, and have them ready for tomorrow. Then does he shave last night? No, he waits until this morning, so that was another 15 minutes that held him up. He does this everytime, he has a vacation or time off and has to go back, he waits until the last second, and I kept saying you will probably want to get these things done a day ahead of time, but does he listen? grrrr....
Anyway. Our last day together yesterday was a good one, we didn't do much really I got a ton of stitching done on FNF. And last night i tried to work on the scarecrow a bit, but I was sitting ont he couch and there isn't good lighting by the couch for stitching at night, my good lamp is by the easy chair, and I was comfy ont he couch and didn't want to get up and moveso I put a few stitches in and then set it down. Well, I have to leave in about an hour to go to the dreaded Dentist appointment. ugh. i got up at a quarter to 7 so I would have some time this morning ot do some things, like read blogs, and take a shower, have some breakfast and coffee. I hate rushing around. On days that i have to go inot work early, like 9 or 10 in the mornings, I will still get up at least two hours earlier than I have to leave just to give myself time to myself. I like to ease myself into the day I guess. Well, I am going to go eat some breakfast, and get ready to go to the dentist! yuck! Just think that in three hours or so I should be home!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Here I am!

Oh man! I cannot believe how long it's been since I have written a post! So sorry, for all of you who check in on me regularly. It has been hard since hubby got home to keep up with anything. I just want to spend all my time with him. I have since gotten over my "You're bugging me, get away from me" stage and now am quite clingy. He goes back to work again tomorrow, so I am hoping to resume to a regular routine once again.
Well, I have a progress photo to share, and as you can see...I did not meet my deadline of finishing this guy up by Sept 25th, and I doubt that I will finish my October 10th deadline piece either, but oh well, who cares? So, here is Fright Night Friends. As you can see, not much has been done on it, but I have been spending much of my time with hubby. oh i also have a new hobby: City of Heros! The computer game. My husband is addicted to these games, he's an addicted gamer, as much as i love stitching he loves his games. And so one night I stayed up and watched him playing and it looked fun, and so he showed me how to play too. He helped me make a character and everything. I am still learning the ropes but it is fun. Another reason I have not been on here much is the fact that Rob home he spends alot of time on the computer, so I can't. Event hough he has put all my favorites on the Laptop, so I can read blogs and write them while he is on the desk top (We have Clearwire which allows us to be on line on two different computers at the same time) but I wanted to post a photo, so I needed to get on the PC so I could do so.
Another thing going on with me is health related. I have had a bad tooth that i have desperatley needed to get a crown on, but I have a horrid fear of the dentist and so I figured if it didn't hurt why bother? Well, it's now hurting, and I spent Friday Night in the ER getting a shot for the pain and I spent all day in bed on Saturday knocked out by the shot they'd given me the night before. So I finally, yesterday afternoon was able to clear the cobwebs of my drug hazed head enough to sit and watch TV, but had no energy to do much more than just that. So, anyway, like i said I think that I will be starting up a regular routine of stitching and bloggin once again this week as Hubby goes back to work tomorrow, after my dentist appt. tomorrow when I find out what I need to have done about this painful tooth, I plan on vegging in front of the TV with needle and thread and trying ot get these fall pieces completed.
Has anyone seen the October issue of The Cross Stitcher? Some really cute stuff in there! I had to get it yesterday while we were in Walmart. I hardley ever buy the magazines anymore because there is often not enough patterns in them to justify spending 6$ on them, so I only get them when I see three or more things that I would like to stitch, that way I know I am getting my money's worth! Well, hubby is watching TV, so I think I better get in the living room and enjoy my last day together with hubby before normal life starts up tomorrow. Maybe I will even put a few more stitches in my Fright Night Friends piece.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

No pictures yet...

I feel like I need to post some pictures, but I have not felt like going into the computer room, and getting the scanner up and going. You know? i keep thinking, it's an awful good thing that I don't do exchanges or Round Robins, because I can never stay on track with deadlines. My fright Night friends was to be done by the 25th, but of course, it's not done. I try, I really do, but it always seems like life gets in the way. I think that had DH not come home last week, I may have gotten it done, but with looking for a new car and all, I just have had no stitching time, really. Last night, I could have worked on it, because he was busy playing his game online, and basically ignoring me...yay!!! But then I felt like doing some writing. So I did that instead. I guess that is what happens when you have too many hobbies. You wish there was more time to get everything done. I did work on it a little bit yesterday morning while watching the 5th season of Smallville with DH, but I am still along way from a finish. I wonder if I just underestimate how long it will take me to finish something, and then feel disappointed when I can't meet my deadlines. I don't know, but i must keep reminding myself, this is a hobby! So what if I don't meet my deadlines? The world will not come crashing to a screeching halt if I don't finish by said dates. right? With that said, I am going ot go watch some TV and do some stitching.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Bye Bye Serenity!

Well, my days have been very busy and full of everything but stitching. Since hubby is home I have had hardly any time to myself. Which is alright I guess. Would it be mean if I said, I cannot wait for him to go back to work? I mean, yes, it's been fun hanging out, and we got a new car (A Ford Mustang) but I have to cook, and there is twice as much to clean, and he always wants my attention, and he wants to talk to me, and these past four months has been so quiet, and I had so much time to myself, and quiet little haven has been shattered! No me time, messes all over the place, I have to make sure I have food for him. It is so frustrating, I haven't picked up a needle in days! He has had plenty of time to himself! When I go to work, he has all kinds of time, but I don't get any. Ok, this is only until next Tuesday, then he'll go back to work, and I will have all day until I go to work in the evening to do my own thing, but what about until then?! UGH! Oh well. I must sound so cold hearted! Here he's been gone for 4 months, and he's been home less than a week, and I want him to go away again! Not to Iraq, of course, but anywhere else! No, not really, I just want more me time. Gosh, I forgot how much he eats!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

He's home!

My hubby finally made it home Monday night at 10:15 pm. I am needless to say VERY happy that he is here. because of his jet lag, we have been having some very off the wall sleeping marathons. like we went to bed at 10 last night, because he was exhausted, but we both woke up at 2:30 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep, so decided to just get up at 4. We watched a movie, and started our day, we went to various car lots to check about a new car/truck for us, we didn't find anything yet today, but I think we may check around a bit more tomorrow. Then we got home and watched Chicken Little,and I could barely keep my eyes open for it, so when it was done, I went and laid down for a nap. He joined me, I woke up two hours later and he is still konked out. So most likely tonight will be a late night for us. because we will have slept this evening. So, I am contemplating making dinner, but I don't know how long he will be sleeping, and what he will want for dinner when he wakes up.So, I may just make me something until I know what he wants. And no stitching today (yet). I may still do some stitching tonight, if we watch more movies when he wakes up. So, I am glad my brave man is home, and there is a humongous mess of all his stuff in the living room, but I like it, for once it isn't driving me crazy. Sorry no stitching updates, but I am not doing so well on my Halloween piece, I am off count, but I am trying to decide how to fix it, because I cannot for the life of me find the mistake, so as of right now the cat looks like he has a case of the mumps on one side of it's face. So, we shall see if it truly does get finished by the 25th, as of right now my guess is no, especially since hubby is home. But that is alright I guess, I can stitch whenever, but hubby only gets home from war once, so my primary focus is on him. (He's so spoiled!)

Monday, September 18, 2006

the longest day of my life!

That was yesterday1 the longest day of my life! it felt a hundred hours long! I was so anxious and excited about hubby coming home, and then! two hours before he was supposed to arrive he calls, and he won't be in until today. Tonight, actually. So, I am still waiting. But, he is in the states now, basically his plane coming over from overseas was late getting in, and they missed their connection flight to Texas. So, they had to reschedule new flights, but in a way it is good, because he was able to get a hotel room for last night and get a decent night's sleep, get a shower, and a good meal. So, he should be all refreshed and happy when he gets here, not all tired and stinky. We have spoken several times since yesterday. So, It is nice to know he is on homeland soil, but I will feel much better when he is in my arms! It is so nice to be able to get ahold of him via his celly again, instead of having to call our air base and have them connect me to his base there!

This morning I worked on Fright Night Friends. I have the cat almost finished. I scared myself, because I had to substitute some of the threads when i started because i didn't have the colors then. And I accidently wrote the number wrong for the orange of the cat, I had written 922, instead of 722, and they are both orange, but 922 is a darker burnt orange, and so I thought that I must have had to buy new stuff since the last time i had worked on it and the dye lot was completely different! but then I decided to look and see if there was a mistake, and yup, there was. Thank goodness. It was quite a scare I had. I thought I was going to have to totally frog everything I had stitched and start over with the new "dye lot color" . Well, I am gonna go get back to stitching, I am going to try to get the cat done today, before I head out to get my husband tonight. I am so excited!!!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Well, I didn't get much done yesterday, stitching wise...I worked a bit on the blue in the fence, but after work, I was feeling pretty blah. I kept laying down, and I felt like a headache was coming on, and I just felt yick. My wonderful "monthly friend" is about to be avisitng! Perfect timing wouldn't you know, with hubby returning in the next couple hours. (We think) Anyway. So, I am thinking I should do some today, as I know the next few days will be taken up with tending to DH. I have a few other things I got to get doing today in ways of housework. Yes, I have been cheating a bit. I mean no one was here to notice, except me, so why worry! so, I got to get my work done, and then just stitch, I guess. It looks stormy out today, no rain has fallen. we have been having strong winds, which knocked over my fence...again. except only one section disconnected this time, and it hasen't totally fallen over, it is still hanging in there. I'll let hubby fix it! What a nice welcome home gift! =P anyway, well, I had better go get some laundry in the wash and then I think I may sit and stitch, for a bit. I am thinking about making daily goals now...on the halloween piece, I want to finish the cat today, and then I will work a bit on Love Joy Home. and maybe a little on Midnight Watchman, which I still need to show you. I will, don't worry!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Did i say the 22nd? i meant the 25th!

Now I find myself back peddling! I know originally I spouted off the 22nd as the day for finishing Fright Night Friends, but yesterday I did no stitching at all. So, I am going to say the 25th as the finishing day, that's a nice round even number, where the heck did 22 come from?! So, as of right now my Fright Night Friends should be done by the 25th. Thank you all who left a comment on it! I love this piece, it is so cute! Last year I was in the mood to decorate my home for the holidays and I realized I had no stitched projects to decorate with, so I started looking though various magazines to find something, that and the Midnight Watchman (a scarecrow) popped out at me, and I started them, however, didn't finish them. So, I will try to get some stitching in today, Hubby is due home at the beginning of next week! So, I have quite a bit to do to get ready for his return.

I think I will go sit and stitch for a bit (only about 20-25 minutes as I have to get ready for work soon) but I am off work at 2 today so I should have all this evening to get some stitching in. Oh! I know why I haven't worked on cross stitching, I was working on piecing my quilt top together. (By hand) Yesterday that is what I did for most the day. But today will be a cross stitch day. Well, happy stitching!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Progress On Fright Night Friends

Well, with only 9 days left until my goal date arrives for Fright Night Friends, I thought I would post a piccie. The only problem with finishing this one on time is...I am running out of the dark blue/gray that is the shading color in the fence, so I am going to get everything done that I can other than that until I can get some more. I only have one length of 5 strands left of DMC for it, and I am not sure that will be enough...=( anyway, Hope you enjoyed this. Oh yes, and the orange thing protruding out of the moon is the tail of the orange cat that is sitting on the fence, and the green square thing next to the pumpkin boy is his trick or treat bag. you'll will all make sence soon! =P

Monday, September 11, 2006

scratch that...maybe

I know in one of my posts from yesterday I said I had my goals down and everything. Well, I need to add two new pieces to that goals list...last year I started two fall pieces, one was for Halloween, it has a cute picture of a boy dressed up as a pumpkin with a halloween trick or treat bag, and a cat, and the big bright moon, which is called Fright Night Friends, and I also started a Scarecrow as well, called The Watchman. and I never finished either one for the season last year, and I am pretty sure if I put my mind (And needles) to it I should be able to get them done for Halloween this year.So, my new goal is to finish the Fright Night Friends by...hmmm...Lets say Sept 22nd, and The Watchman by Oct 5th. Sure, why not? I just randomly pulled those two dates out of my hat. Let's see if I can get it all done. So, as of right now I have three projects to complete, very soon, (Love Joy Home, which I still want to try to get done by Oct 1st) and these two fall pieces as well. Good luck to me!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Put on your dancin' shoes, I'm doin' the cha-cha! my earlier post I said I had a goal of finishing my Easter Bell pull by Friday...Well, I made it WAY before then, as I just put in the final stitches two minutes ago! Told yah it wouldn't take long at all, and it only took about 3 hours. HOW come it took so long to do 3 hours worth of work?! I had everything else finished on this piece, right before Easter, months ago, all it would have taken was 3 hours, and I could have had it done MONTHS ago! Anyway, I will not spoil the moment by berating myself for taking so long to finish,as my parents always told me about my college education- it doesn't matter how long it takes you to finish it matters that you finished, and so without further is Easter bell pull. However! I don't think it will suffice as a bell pull, I am going to frame it as a regular wall hanging, I think, the lil' bunny there off to the side kinda throws off the whole bell pull idea, but I thought it needed a little something extra as we all know the castraphe that caused me to have to put the little bear/rabbit on the side. For those of you new to this blog and don't know, I will admit...I cut the fabric too short! But, oh well, I like it the way it is. Now onto what I hope will be my next happy dance very soon, Love Joy Home.

Sampler and Patchwork bears

Here they are! progress pictures of Patchwork Bears, and one you haven't seen for a long time, one I haven't even seen for a long time: Love, joy home. I worked on this one mostly yesterday. I think if I were to work on it soley for two or three weeks, I would have a happy dance, But I doubt that will happen. So, I am going to put a dead line of Oct 1st for it. My goal is to be finished with it by oct 1st. so, we shall see if I can do it! You know the one that seems to be nagging me the most right now, and it is totally off season, but it is my Easter bellpull. I could probably have it done in a few hours if I would just sit and work on it, but I have not, for a long time, and I should. Maybe that should be a primary goal for right now, to have that done by next Friday, Love Joy Home done by Oct. 1st, the top half of Patchwork Bears done by Nov. 1st, and my father's Snow Valley Express done by Dec. 10th. We shall see if I can actually do this! Yay! I have set stitching goals, maybe this will keep me on track. Wish me luck!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Happy Saturday!

Well, I really WANT to post a new picture of my bears, but! We have two has ink in it right now and one does not. The printer/scanner/copier is the one without ink, so everytime I need to actually print something I have to unplug the all-in-one machine and go into the control panel on the computer switch the settings to the other printer and then plug in the other printer and then print. And! When I need to scan something I have to do the same thing back to the scanner/printer/copier. So, mainly what I am saying right now is I am too lazy to dig down through the millions of cords under the desk to switch out printers right now, especially when I am not entirely sure what Blogger will even do with my photo. Plus I don't really have that much time right now as I have to get ready for work here soon. I have about an hour and I was planning on using that hour so stitch, before heading off for work. I am not- for once- in the mood to stitch on Patchwork Bears, though I was thinking more along the lines of Love, Home, Joy. Yesterday pathetic little me did no stitching at all. I guess that is what happens when you have too many hobbies! But! I do get out of work early tonight (at 4) and I don't go in until 4 on Monday, I have all of tomorrow off so I am sure somehwere in that 48 hours, I shall pick up a needle. In fact, I think I will go do just that right now! Have a great day!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Here it is!

So, here you have it, my progress as of yesterday before I put 3 hours of progress in on it. It is coming along, slowly but I think I got my stitching thing back! I had lost it, it went out the window-whoosh! But it is back. Today I worked on Snow Valley Express, Not too much just about two or three lengths of floss, though, nothing to write home about. Maybe tomorrow I will work some more on Patchwork Bears or SVE and post another picture. Thank you Von for your comment!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'm back!

I cannot believe it has been almost 10 days since my last post. I guess that is what happens when you have too many hobbies and they all clamber for your attention and want to be first. (Remember my mentioning the books and DVDs from Amazon?...Blame them!!!) I have not been stitching a whole lot, or reading blogs a whole lot, but this morning I made myself sit and read blogs, and really enjoyed myself! And so I have decided to write a little blurb here, and (gasp!) share a progress picture of Patchwork Bears, which is what I am still stuck on. I am really enjoying myself with this one. I do need to rotate out though, and get some work in on Snow Valley Express. As I was reading everyone's blogs I am seeing so many different projects being worked on by each of you and I think: What happened to my creative muses? Where DID they go? My ferver and excitement thinking about all my different projects and how I would rotate them around, and Deadlines for certain ones, and now I am lucky if I haphazardly pick up a project to work on half wittedly while I am a vegetable in front of the TV. I really need to get back into it. So, with that said here is a picture of my progress on Patchwork Bears.
...Ok! Never mind that thought! Blogger is being a pain, so no photo today but soon, I promise! I am going to try to stay on top of things (blogging in a timely manner, and stitching everyday) Maybe I need to start a new project? But who needs the guilt? =) Well, I will once again try to post that photo, then I'm done for now! Thank you all who have visited me here even if I have very little to write about.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

And! the next disaster in this deployment has raised it's ugly head! you have guessed, life must have been running way too smooth, because yesterday my central AC went kaput! thnak goodness for the rain and the cooler air! it hasn't been to terribly unbearable! But it is hot in the house, even though Ihave the fans running, and all the sahdes closed to keep any sunlight(and heat) out. So, for the most part, i have been sitting on the bed reading, not stitching, it is too hot for that, but i am comfortable enough to read. however, it may be a blessing in disquise since i recieved my electric bill the other day...over 400$!!! so, I am sorta glad the thing broke, summer will be over with here soon, and things will be much cooler, my hubby said i can call and have the guy come out and look at it, (We have the home warranty) so it would only cost 55$ and have it temporarily fixed. we have had this house for three years and every year it has broken! My hubby is hoping that the next guy who comes out here will suggest a brand new system. I mean after three years in a row! it's obviously a piece of crap! anyway, so that is my latest catastrophe. it's bearable. Barely, but alright, I can't get comfortable stitching, though, it is really too hot for that. well, I am gonna go get some breakfast and read, unitl I have to get ready for work.