Monday, December 04, 2006

Frog go away!

Well, I just sat for about an hour and frogged out alot of what I did on the Abbey, and here is what I have left to work with. Not awhole lot, but at least I didn't have to completely start over, keep your fingers crossed that this time it will go much better!
I think it looks like a creepy face right now.=)


Mary Ann said...

You did what I would have done--frogged! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the "frog" doesn't come back to visit! :-) It's looking good!!

Jenny said...

UGH - don't you hate when you discover a frog that started WAY back at the beginning of your work! I was working on a hardanger ornament over the weekend and it took me three trys to get my outside border to match up. I was ready to hurl that thing across the room!

Cindy said...

I am hoping the frog stays far far far away from you!!!! You done a great job on the frogging and like you said, at least you do not have to start over totally!!!