Friday, June 29, 2007

A new Toy for me!

I bet many of you are thinking this is the same post that I wrote a few days ago...but! it's not!!! We got another "new" car- a truck this time! it is a 2003 Ford Ranger Edge. It is nice! It's black, and my husband used to have a 1996 Ford Ranger, but this new one sits higher and looks more "beefy" than just a regular Ranger! I LOVE IT!!!! I am in love with both my cars. Before we sorta bought cars out of necesity, just grab what was affordable at the time, but now I have two cars sitting in my two-car garage that I will have to toss a coin to figure out which one i want to drive that day!

Actually right now my options are limited to one: the Mustang (Oh darn. LOL!), because the Ranger is 5 speed, and I need to learn how to drive it. But once I learn...I will probably take the truck, and Hubby will take the Mustang. I like a car that sits up high, as I am pretty short, (5'2) so I feel "powerful"(and safer) in a bigger car/truck! lol!

So while hubby is home he will probably drive the mustang, and I will drive the truck (once I learn) and then when he's deployed, I get to drive one, one day, and the other the next, and still be as happy as a clam!

So, now after sharing my happy news, I have to share somewhat dissappointing June freebie isn't finished! I still have a little bit to go on it. Last night I couldn't sleep, so I turned on Gilmore Girls and stitched for a bit, but lost interest in a little while, because of the whole cream on cream factor. It's killing my joy for it! Oh well. I am going to try to finish it tonight...keep fingers crossed. Oh and I have not finished the barn. So this weekend between reading, and taking periodic peeks at my new toys sitting in the garage, I will try to finish June Freebie, the barn in Holiday Airing, AND make a start on July freebie. Oh yeah and hubby is taking me to see Fantastic 4 #2 tomorrow, so I have got a busy weekend ahead of me! Hope you are having a great weekend too!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Goals...tiny but goals none the less...

Well today I made a few goals for myself, well two, the first being to finish the book I was reading, as I only had 45 more pages left when I got up this morning...finished! And the second being to finish my June Freebie as June is just about a gone thing for this year and I am not quite done, although give me an hour it should be done! My goal for tomorrow is to finish the barn in Holiday Airing! I am so close!!! I just have one more shade of red to fill in and finish the wreath, I think and that is all for that.

So, I have finished one goal for today-to finish my book (I also started the next one on my list), and now I think if I just get off the computer and go settle in my bed (one of my favorite stitchy spots)with some good music I should see the end product of my June freebie before tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A new toy for me!

Yup, hubby and I bought a new Mustang! Our other one was a 1996, and it was a great car, bought in an emergency when he returned from Iraq to replace the pontiac that some idiot totalled while he was gone.

This one is a 2004 Convertible in a deep cherry red, with light tan top and leather interior! and boy is it FUN! Pictures to follow soon!

I'm ridin' topless!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Thursday!

Well, Hubby went back to work today after having two and half weeks off. Poor guy!!! I have so much cleaning to do now that he is out of my hair, however, I slept in until 11:45, even though I'd set my alarm for 10, because I knew I had a ton of stuff to do! But, I turned it off and went right back to bed. Hmmm...naughty, naughty me!

I am still slogging a long with the "June" freebie from Erica Michaels. You know how a lot of peole hate stitching white on white, well, I do too, and since I am basically stitching cream on cream right's just about the same thing! So, it is slow going...but it IS going. I have not put any stitches into anything yet today, as I am trying to read some blogs, and then will spend the majority of my day cleaning house...oh lucky me! Hopefully tonight I will settle in with thread and needle...

Well, I finished my latest book! "Water for Elephants". It was AWESOME!!! If you can, get it from the library or buy it, it is so good! It is by Sara Gruen, and I think it is so worth the time! I am part of several online reading groups, and I peruuse reading blogs here and there, and that book is everywhere!!! So I thought I might give it a try, and I'm so glad I did! Of course I read the teaser pages at and was hooked from then! And then I found it at Books-A-Million for 40% off! I snatched that puppy right up!!!

So, anyway, that is about it for me! I am addicted to Myspace...anyone have a myspace account, wanna be myspace friends, leave me your URL, and I'd love to add you! LOL!

Well, I am off to make my messy house look less like a pig pen and more like a domesticated domicile once again. I don't even know if that last sentence made ANY sence, but it sounded good...hey! I'm goin' for my masters here, I gotta start throwing around those BIG words, so I sound smart! LOL! Happy Thursday everyone! I wish you many x's crossed!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Well, finally this lazy blogger is posting of recent projects Wow! So, first up is "June" My monthly Erica Micheal's freebie. I am close to a finish here...sorta. I have to finish the sandcastle. And I haven't decided yet whether or not to backstitch it. The pattern doesn't call for it, but it is very light on the Aida that I am stitching it on, and I wonder...can you see the sandcastle very well? I guess I will see when I finish it how I feel. Can you see that break in the blue outline in the upper left hand corner? I ran out of the blue thread at that point. Not like RAN out, Ran out, but just the thread length I had cut had run out, now I have a to cut a new length for what? 3 stitches?! ::sigh:: That has got to be my pet peeve of stitching!

Anyway, and moving on... the most crooked scan you'll ever see!!! Now if you just stand on your head and turn your head in a very peculiar may be able to make out Holiday Airing...LOL! Sorry the scan is so bad, but the fabric is so big and it won't fit in the scanner very easily. You can see that the barn is almost done...SO close, I've also been putting in some of the green of the tree line in the back ground there. It sorta breaks it up...Lots of red...and a little green...

So, there you are...I finally posted photos, now you all can see, I really do stitch, I don't just call this a stitching blog for no particular reason! LOL!

Schoolwork is coming along alright. Not great, but alright, at the beginning of this week I was about two weeks behind in my reading, now I'm right on track. I haven't yet begun this weeks assignment and it is due in 4 short days, but if I work on it a few hours a day it should afford me plenty of time to stitch, and read, and watch E.R, right? Well, wish me luck!

Friday, June 15, 2007

A lazy blogger

Wow! I've been a really bad blogger lately, huh? I spend most of my time reading other blogs and ignoring my own. I have been stitching a little bit here and there, but not too much between schoolwork and my reading challenge...I have a hard time finding a bit of time for the needle and thread. I have mostly been filling in abit more of the barn on holiday airing, I haven't touched my June freebie for about a week. I need to pull another length of thread and been too lazy sad is that?

Monday, June 04, 2007

Me? Procrastinating? Nah...

Wow! I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with trying to juggle all my hobbies and schoolwork too! I went from having way too much time on my hands to wow! Where did the day go?!

Right now I have school work to do, lots of reading, about 2 30-40 page chapters a week, plus the written assignments for each chapter. Then I have my reading challenge that I decided to do this summer. And then there is stitching, and also trying to get into shape!

Today started early with the Air conditioner repair man coming ot fix my non-working AC, and then I read blogs, and I did a 45 minute step aerobic work out, then I sat and watched Judging Amy and stitched while I did that, which I am really coming along with Holiday Airing. After that, I did some homework, and I felt sleepy, so I laid down, and woke up at 6 o'clock, to my hubby making dinner. He's off work for vacation for two and half weeks! I was sorely disappointed in myself for sleeping for 3-4 hours in the middle of the afternoon! So, then we ate dinner, and then took a walk, and then I got back on the computer and read more blogs, ( I am a participater in three different blogging groups right now, stitching, reading and fictional writing, so you can see how that in itself can be a daunting, but fun task!) Then I got off the computer and did 200 stomach crunches, and floor exercises and wieght training for half an hour and now I'm on the computer again! I think I need to get off the computer and get to the homework, don't you? Since i intended to spend the afternoon with schoolwork and spent it sleeping

so, there yah have it, a note from the Master Procrastinator of the world! Yes, that would be me, Lana! Anything to not do homework until I am just about pulling my hair out at the roots, and cursing myself for not having taken the time to do it earlier!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Wow! I haven't posted in over a week! Phew! I have been so busy! I started school again last week, and so assignments have been keeping me busy, plus, I started a book blog, and joined the Summer Reading Challenge,(I have chosen to read 10 books from my To Be Read pile fo r it...the challenge is two months long) and I have also been busy with my writing blogs as well, so between all that, things have been pretty busy on this end. I have been stitching, a little. I still watch my two hours of Judging Amy every afternoon, so I stitch then.

I have also been busy with trying to get myself back on track physically. Somehow I find myself 30 pounds over weight!!! So sad for me, since all growing up I fluctuated between 99 and 105, for me to have this much weight's depressing. So, I have decided that I will up my exercising and change my eating habits.

So, I have been busy. Well, this is just a short post to let people know I am still alive, just very busy at the moment, and will probably not be around much until the summer term is over...7 more weeks!

I still try to read blogs, right now I think I have close to 300 posts to read!