Friday, February 29, 2008


Wow! this is my progress on the newest snowman, the mitten just since yesterday. I started it right after I posted here yesterday, I think I have come quite aways already, so far this one is stitching up pretty quickly! I am off count with it, but I am working with it I didn't feel like frogging it all out. So, anyway, he is coming along, maybe he'll be finished before I thought he would. The last one took three months practically! It must have been the fabric! lol!!! Well I am off to get ready for work and then off to work! I will probably stitch more on this when I get home, I have a short day today. Thank goodness. More stitching time for me!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Two new finishes!!!

Well happy Windsday, as Winnie the Pooh would say!! it is so blustery and windy here it is driving my allergies crazy and ugh! I hate the wind!
anyway, I had two new finishes to share, so here they are! My snowman, finally done!!! I plan on starting the next one in this "series" it is a mitten and has a snowman on it as well. The background is a light blue color, though. It is really adorable, the only thing is, with this little guy with the dark blue back ground I had the navy blue fabric to stitch him on, where as I don't have the light blue for the next one, so the entire background for it will be stitched in. They are charted to have the background color stitched in but I cheated with this one, and used the dark blue fabbie since I had it. So the next one will probably take me a long while to finish to put in all that background color! yikes!

And here is my finished letter C for my Erica Micheals freebie mini samplers. I totally changed up the colors on this one, because I am not using the called for threads on these, i am substituting with DMC, so I am sorta doing my own thing. plus this one had little flags stitched in on the castle, but I ommitted them.
So, now it onto letter D for this series. I have also been working a bit on The Abbey, but not enough to share a progress photo yet. So, maybe in my next post.
I hope you all have a very stitchy week/weekend, and thank you for all the lovely comments! I love them. I am trying ot get around to your blogs and leave notes here and there, it is so hard to find the time, I am sorry! I probably have over 900 feeds right now in my google reader. But I will get there, I promise!! I usually just read the posts and move on, but I do try to stop in and say hi, and oooh and aaaah over your work!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My 400th post!!!

Wow! it doesn't seem possible!! I'm already on my 400th post! That's alot of writing! and stitching! lol! Well, I have been working on mr. Snowman, still. I think he should be finished soon, I have just about finished his backstitching and the fluff at the top is just about half way done. That white stuff is killing me!!! I try to work on it while watching TV, but then I just set it back down and zone in on my show, instead of stitching too. It is really bad! Maybe I should stitch without the TV on! I would probably get more done. LOL! So, here is a scan of my meager progress.

Today I am out sick from work, I have a sore throat and my ears hurt, and my nose is running, I feel achey, but I am going to try to get some more progress in on this little guy! Unless I decided to pick up something else. I have had the itch to pick up "The Abbey" lately, so we shall see. Of course I still want to get to work on letter D of the sampler freebies. Wow! I cannot believe the month is more than half over and I have hardly done a thing! (Stitching wise!) I really need to pick it up!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 07, 2008


And you get to see it! Hello! Well, today is day two of our deployment, my DH left yesterday! And amazingly enough I am not torn up, I cried a little at the Airport when I hugged him good bye, then I broke down for about 5 minutes when I returned from the airport and then I got ready for work and on with life I went. And I have felt fine ever since! I'm sure it will hit me here and there every so often as the months wear on, but for now I'm good!
So, anyway, I thought I would share my progress on Mr. Snowman! I just have to fill in all that white up top and then do all the backstitch which you can see I've already started, and then he will be finished. I hope to have him done by the end of this week. Then I can focus on my letter C sampler, and get that finished up so I can move on to letter D!!! I also really want to try and get an entire page of the Abbey finished up this month! As well as moving onto the next snowman in this series. So there is LOTS to do!

Here's Mr. Snowman! He is really comin' along, I think if I continue to work on him everyday I should get him done by Sunday night before bed, what do you think? I'm SOOOO close! Well, with that said I am off to make more progress on him, and maybe work on letter C! Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Happy Saturday!

Well, I have to leave for work here soon, but I thought I'd stop in and say a quick hello! I need to scan my progress on my lil' snowman, because I have actually been working on him, all I have left to do is backstitch and to fill out the white fluff at the top of the stocking, which I have quite a bit in already. However right now I am on DH's laptop and we have the scanner attached to the PCS so, I guess that will have to wait. I still have not finished the Letter C sampler, which is so sad, it is so close to being done, but it will be done! Soon, as I need to start letter D seeing as how it is February aleady and I said I wanted to finish two per month. I also wanted to finish one page of the Abbey every month too, ha! That hasn't happened either. I really don't know where my stitching mojo went, but I hope it comes back. I think most of my free time has gone into spending as much time with DH before he leaves. I feel like every moment I spend with him is so special and precious! Stitching will get done, but for now, it's all about DH and I...and school! He he! I am trying to stay on top of things concerning my assignments, it's been sorta hard, again I figure in my attempts at filling my hours with out my honey I with schoolwork will help make getting those assignments done much easier once he leaves. I promise my next post I will share photos! Thanks to all for reading! And for all the lovely comments.