Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Little faceless snowman dude....

Here's where I am with my latest ornie:

Just got to finish up back stitching and he'll be done!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Sea of Roses Progress

Last time I posted: (Aug.12)


It's hard to see it, but I worked a lot on her forehead, there's a very light peachy color there, and that's what I worked on. 
Here's a close up maybe you can see better:

I hated working with this light color, I can't wait to get further down into the corals, and reds and pinks of her hair, and more rose petals. 
That's it for now. 
Hope you all have a great weekend! Happy stitching!!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Autum Peace: Progress!

Last time I posted (Aug. 5th):


It's stitching up nicely! You can see the start of the trunk of the big tree. That was  (is) A boat load of black stitching!! Works for me! It goes fast, those huge chunks of the same color! 
I'm still really enjoying this piece so much! And I'm so excited to start seeing some of the branches and the trunk of the tree coming into play! 
Well I'm off to make some lunch. I think grilled cheese and tomato soup sounds so good today. So I'll make that and enjoy some CSI: Miami, then clean up lunch and stitch some more, either on this one, or my ornament. I've been on a big stitchy kick this past week, so I'm so happy about that. My stitchy bug bit me again!! Yay! 
Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! Thank you for dropping by! Also thank you for all the lovely comments you guys left with such kind words about my daughter starting kindergarten! She is really enjoying it! 
See yah again, in about 5 days! 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ornament update

I started ornament #4 in this "Let it snow" series of snowmen. I'm late in posting because I really wanted to get a bit more progress on it so here he is:

He's wearing a little coat and hat and holding a sign that says "Let it snow". He's adorable and can't wait to have him finished up! I've still got quite a ways to go to get to that point. But he's a lot of fun to stitch, so I don't mind. 
Hope you're all having a great week! My daughter started kindergarten this week... She loves it! She comes home exhausted but happy everyday. So I'm Able to get a bit more stitching in lately with her gone for 7 hours a day.  
Thank you for stopping in! See yah again soon! 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Sea of Roses Progress

Last time I posted (July 27):


Still very little progress. I haven't been wanting to work on this much, I don't know why. I love this project, I just never seem to reach for it on its days of my rotation. I seem to just want to put all my time into Autumn Peace. Oh well, there's a little progress and a little is better than none! 
Thank you for stopping by, hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, August 05, 2016

Autumn Peace Progress

Last time I posted:

Where I got in the past 6 days or so:
I'm almost done with the first column. It's really only a partial column. If you can see where my needle is parked on the top  that's the beginning of the new page. 

Also! I think I've decided to crop this design and not stitch the whole thing. It's SO big (15 pages, over 75,000 stitches) and because I want this to be a gift for my mom, I want to finish it as quickly as I can. 
So here's the original picture:

Here's what I will be stitching:
So I've just chopped off the ends of both sides. I still think it's pretty, but less time consuming.  So! It's kind of a good thing now looking back, that I messed up and had to start on p. 2, because I'll be cutting off most of 1 anyway.  So it all works out! 

Thankyou for stopping by! I hope you all have a lovely weekend! See yah in about 5 days with an update on Sea of Roses. 

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Conehead has a face!

It's a cute one too! 

I JUST finished it!! I think it's super cute!!