Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wow! Time is a-flyin'!!!

This month has seemed to go by in a swift blink of an eye!!! I remember my brithday (The 10th) and now here it is the end of the month already...and sadley this is only the second time I've posted all month!!! SAD!

I have been stitching however, the piece i seem to be stuck on now is "Raindrops" which is The second piece in the 5 piece lamb series I am doing. So, here are photos, to show some progress.

This is how it looked on Monday morning when I picked it up, and THIS is how it looks now:
Hubby and I have been renting lots of movies to pass the time this long holiday weekend, and you can see that I have been making good use of that time! I am almost entirely finished with the top left hand quarter of this piece! I'd say I'm a quarter the way done, more actually...I am really enjoying this one! I love the pastel colors in this one...but then of course there is all that dreaded white!!! Blech!!

Well, Thanksgiving this year was small, but nice!! Then after we ate, we packed up some food and took it down to the gateguards here at our military base and fed them all. So we made a few young military guys who live in dorms and would not get a warm homecooked meal pretty happy. And that is what the holidays are all about! Giving and sharing!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Progress Photo Friday!

First off, I must say that this has not been a very productive stitching week for me, Hubby was home from work on Wednesday for the Vetrans day holiday, and the day before that was my birthday, so basically all I got done was 4 hours in on Howling at the Moon, and a little bit on the second piece in my lamb series, which I have decided is my project for #4 on my goals list.

But speaking of the lamb project, I wanted to share the fabric that I will use to finish the quilt once the 5 stitched squares are done. The lighter blue will be the connecting squares between the 5 stitched squares. I'm doing a 9 patch, so the other 4 squares will be in this print. And the dark blue one will be the backing fabric. You can't see it, but the backing fabbie has sparkles in it!!! It is so pretty. This photo really doesn't do these fabrics justice, but I think it will set off the colors in the stitched pieces really well, and it all fits, with the Night time sky theme.

I will share photos of the lamb piece a little later this weekend or next week, that way I will have a "filler" post between these Friday photo posts.

This is the progress I've made this week on "Howling". Once I sit down with the needle on this one, it flies!!! If I keep up the pace that I have so far this month on it I don't see why I won't get page #4 finished!

Wanna hear how impatient I can be when I want to start a project? This is kinda funny! This piece is actually called for to be stitched on Navy background fabric, but Iwas SO anxious to start it, and didn't have any Navy fabric, so I started it on white and will fill in ALLLLLL the background color! That is what those two DARK blue streaks are... reminders that I could have saved myself ALOT of stitching if I'd just been patient and waited to order Navy Aida to come in, but nope! I now get to STITCH every square of background color in....Now that's loving stitching! LOL...Oh well, I sorta did the opposite with "The Abby", it calls for me to stitch in the background blue of the sky and instead I pulled a piece of light blue it works! =) Happy Friday everyone, and have a great weekend!

Oh yeah, and one more thing! I finally have access to " again! Yippeee!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Progress Photo Friday!

Ok, so for most of my readers, it is still Thursday so you get a Friday update early, however for me, here in Japan, it is already bright and early Friday Morning...thus my title!

I have been busily trying to keep on track with my "rotation" which so far I think I have done pretty well this week. And I am going to share photos! If you want to watch my progress on my goals, you can do so under the heading "November Goals" on my sidebar, I will try to keep that updated as I stitch... I'm a little behind on Howling, but that's alright, I can catch up and I have not done my Friday stitching yet, so that progress is missing too.
Here is Howling at the Moon. I am really enjoying this one...all those blues and is really starting to take shape. This one I work on 1 hour Mon-Fri. so it gets 5 hours of work on it a week. This is my focus piece for the month,

Here is the Abby. This one I have been working on FOREVER it feels like. But it is starting to look pretty good also. I work on this one one hour on Mon, Weds, and Fri. so it gets 3 hours a week.

And here is my last (but not least) photo for the week, this is Coming Home for the Holidays,(more affectionately known as CH4TH) and I work on this one only two hours a week (one hour on Tues, and Thurs.) This is the project that hubby is also working on with me. All that foliage and the large tree to the right? Thats all his work...the house is mine. Looking at this one, the photo isn't that great, but you can see a little work there. If you want to see the difference in progress just go to the sidebar and click on the label for it, and you can see how it is shaping up.

Not much else going on here. I am now on medication for my blood pressure and I had to go have blood drawn this week so they could check out my cholesterol levels and make sure my thyroid function is normal. So, all day Tuesday I had a headache because you have to fast for 12 hours before those tests, and ugh, it was awful...but now I don't have to go to the doctor until the 30th so that is good. I just have to keep up with my workouts and trying to watch my diet. This is so hard for me, because all my life so far I've never had to watch my diet, I could sorta eat whatever i wanted and my metabolism would just melt it away, and now I have to work on it...this getting old stuff just stinks!!! I turn 32 next week! Ugh!

Ok, enough rambling. Oh! I also wanted to say Hello and a great big thank you to my new followers!!! and also, as usual, thank you to all who have left me lovely comments!!! They are all lovely and much welcomed! I need to start hitting blogs with more regularity, as I have been so sidetracked lately with Facebook...That is about to change though. So I will be hitting your blogs much more regularly now! So, I'll see you in your comment box! =)

Have a great weekend!