Sunday, August 29, 2010

Better do this now, I don't know when I'll get the chance to again....

I really need to post photos of my July smalls!! I never even got around to doing my August ones, but I will, don't worry! However, I figure I better do this now, because we are expecting a typhoon to hit tonight, and so we may loose power for who knows how long, so wanted to post these while I can.

Here's my monthly checkered block:

And here are my alphabet blocks:

I am thinking that with this storm on the way I may find myself with plenty of time to do some stitching, if we loose power. Can't play on the computer! So, I may get caught up on these smalls afterall.

Well, I am off to make sure we have everything in our typhoon kit,(water, non perishable foods, batteries, etc.) and get everything off our balcony so nothing goes blowing around once the winds kick up to 65 miles or higher) an hour!

Happy stitching!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A photo! But! not a stitchy one! =)

Ok, I am in no way going to turn this into a "Baby/mothering/pregnancy blog! But, I had to show you my first baby picture! =) I'd like to introduce you to.....well, peanut, he/she is most affectionately referred to now. My first 10.5 weeks! Can I just say? It looks a bit uncomfortable there, poor thing! LOL...
STILL stuck on the mainland without stitching stuff. My hubby is climbing Mt. Fuji today...hope he returns in one piece! I was training to go too, but then we found out about lil' peanut here and decided, eh, maybe next time!
I will write more when I return to our tiny lil island, and I can post stitchy pics! See yah then!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hello, from the Mainland....

Well, I am on vacation visiting my husbands father and wife. And boy am I starting to feel much better! I'm just about done with my first trimester! So, I have actually been able to enjoy my trip alot more than I orignally thought I would.

So sorry I have not been posting or sharing stitching photos and what not, mostly because i have not been stitching at all, and wouldn't you know? Now that I feel better I am MILES away from my stitchy stuff, and my fingers are itching to stitch in a BAD way! I came over here with no stitchy supplies at all! How dumb was that?! But when I was packing, I was feeling so horrid, that I threw a hodge podge of clothes and essentials in my suitcase and that was all I had the energy for and now, I have to wait to get home to do any stitching!! boo hoo!