Thursday, April 30, 2009

STRESSSSSSED!!!!!!! And some progress and a New Start

This is my Newest start by Ink Circles...I think it's called BOINK (Book of Ink Circles) It's a big'un. But I've liked it for awhile...alot of tedious counting now on the frame but it will get better!
And The Abbey...I have almost finished page 4 and have cheated and started working my way up to page 1. (Atop of 4)
So that is progress for other news....and a rant...venting...sorry.

I am so stressed out right now I'm shaking!!! The first load of stuff gets picked up by the movers TOMORROW!!! This is stuff that should arrive fairly soon after we arrive, things that we will need to survive everyday life for the first few months until the BIG motherload with ALL our household goods shows up!

The thing is...we won't leave HERE for another THREE weeks!!!! So the question is: What can I live without for the next three weeks, that I will not be able to live without for two months after I get there?! I am wracking my brain! So, this morning staying true to who I am, I cut extra lengths of the threads for the kitted projects I am working on now, and then taped my floss boxes shut tight, and put them in the pile! I feel like I am shipping off my baby! But I can't take everything with me in my luggage.

Oh yeah, just to clarify...I leave HERE in three weeks, then will be spending two more weeks at my parents in still over a month until we actually go overseas. So I have to have enough luggage to last me for the two weeks in Cali, plus however long before the first shipment of stuff actually shows up over there. So these three kitted projects I am taking with me to Cali have to be well stocked to get me through a little over a months worth of stitching.

Not to mention that my ENTIRE house holds worth of stuff will be shipped off 10-12 days before we leave! Which means sitting in an empty house for almost 2 weeks!!! No computer, No TV...that leaves: Stitching and Reading!!! Which is fine by me, but I gotta make sure I have enough stuff to keep me occupied for that time.
So yes, I am stressin'. I only have 2 hours until I have to go to work, so frantically trying to think of anything that needs to go out tomorrow...I am hoping they don'ty show up until afternoon. That way hubby will be here (He took the day off to help with the shipping) and we can think together of things.
Ok, off to breath deep and try to think of more stuff, then take a relaxing bubble bath and read before work. I think I may be bald by the time I reach Japan!

Sorry for the rambly venting post...but I feel a bit better now! =) Thanks for listening!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Haven't posted in a while, been busy playing on Twitter, starting to get bored of it though, I am still working on the Abbey, I am almost finished with page 4. Three more weeks until we move! Yikes! Time is just flying by, sorry this is so short, not much to post. I am gonna try to get a good bit of stitching in today then post a photo later today or maybe tomorrow! Hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A new obsession...

This project has become my new object of obsession. The one I cannot seem to put down!
This is the Abbey, the last time I posted something about this project was Dec. 12, for sure it was a loooooong time ago. This is what it looked like then, and how it looked before I picked it up last Thursday. I have been working on the flowers on the left side and the clouds in the sky. It is actually coming along quickly! I have been listening to Nicholas Sparks "The Lucky One" on CD as I stitch. I love combining my two loves of reading and stitching, it really makes the time fly!

I have joined "" if anyone else is there, feel free to look me up:

I go by Shannon stuff and all that...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A big fat finish!

I did it!!! I finished "Tombstone Angel". I really enjoyed working on this one. Once I got really into it and really focused on it, I found it really hard to put down. And below there is my progress on "Howling at the Moon". You can see just a smattering of stitches needs to be put in on page 5 on the lower lefthand corner, and I started on page 4, there on the left, just a few stitches there.

Now to figure out what to put in place of "Tombstone"...I'm thinking "The Abbey". Or maybe I will surprise us all and start something new...hmmm...who knows? I will post that info in my next post! Thank you all for the wonderful encouraging comments while I kept on keeping on with Tombstone. They are always so appreciated!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Soooo close

to a finish that is...on Tombstone Angel. I'm sure I'll have it done in the next couple of days, and will share photos then! Sorry haven't been here much, still very into my reading. I'm reading "The Blind Assassin" right's good! By Margaret Atwood. I have been stitching a bit every day though, as hubby bought me seasons 1-4 of "A Haunting" and I have been watching that everyday and stitching too. =) Soon, I promise very soon, I will share photos. I have not touched any of my other projects!

Only 5 more weeks until I will no longer live in Texas!!! YIPPEEE!!!!


Saturday, April 04, 2009

Well, it's been a while since I have been here, I have to admit, my other addiction(reading) has seemed to take over my time here lately. Too many hobbies!!! I have been stitching a bit though.

And I don't have time to share photos right now, but I want to rehash my march goals:

1) finish page 1&2 of Tombstone Angel- finished (AND finished page 3-only one more to go!)
2) finish page #5 of Howling at the Moon- VERY close, but I got tired of page 5 and put in a start on #4...does that count? lol
3) Put in at least 5 hours on CH4TH- Nope, only worked on it about 45 minutes one day. =(
4) Put in at least 5 hours on The Abbey- Nope, never even picked it up! =(

So I did pretty good on the Tombstone angel one, so I feel good about that, but the others? Oh, they are suffering...well "Howling" is doing ok...worked on it quite a bit, only truly have a handful or two of stitches to fill in page 5 then I'm complete with that goal.

For April:
1) Finish Tombstone
2) Get at least half of page 4 done on Howling at the Moon. (And finish up #5)
3) Put at least 2 hours in on The Abbey
4) Put at least 1 hour in on CH4TH

I have lowered my expectations for this month as it is a mere 5 or 6 weeks until we move, so I gather that much of this month will be put to use with more moving stuff. I should really try to work more on my stitching here as I will have plenty of time to read on our drive out to California, and then the plane ride (16 hours!!!) to Japan!

Hope you all have a great stitchy weekend, and I will try to get on here later today or tomorrow and share pics of my progress. For now I'm off to stitch for a few minutes before jumpin gin the shower and heading off to work!