Saturday, April 04, 2009

Well, it's been a while since I have been here, I have to admit, my other addiction(reading) has seemed to take over my time here lately. Too many hobbies!!! I have been stitching a bit though.

And I don't have time to share photos right now, but I want to rehash my march goals:

1) finish page 1&2 of Tombstone Angel- finished (AND finished page 3-only one more to go!)
2) finish page #5 of Howling at the Moon- VERY close, but I got tired of page 5 and put in a start on #4...does that count? lol
3) Put in at least 5 hours on CH4TH- Nope, only worked on it about 45 minutes one day. =(
4) Put in at least 5 hours on The Abbey- Nope, never even picked it up! =(

So I did pretty good on the Tombstone angel one, so I feel good about that, but the others? Oh, they are suffering...well "Howling" is doing ok...worked on it quite a bit, only truly have a handful or two of stitches to fill in page 5 then I'm complete with that goal.

For April:
1) Finish Tombstone
2) Get at least half of page 4 done on Howling at the Moon. (And finish up #5)
3) Put at least 2 hours in on The Abbey
4) Put at least 1 hour in on CH4TH

I have lowered my expectations for this month as it is a mere 5 or 6 weeks until we move, so I gather that much of this month will be put to use with more moving stuff. I should really try to work more on my stitching here as I will have plenty of time to read on our drive out to California, and then the plane ride (16 hours!!!) to Japan!

Hope you all have a great stitchy weekend, and I will try to get on here later today or tomorrow and share pics of my progress. For now I'm off to stitch for a few minutes before jumpin gin the shower and heading off to work!


Carolyn NC said...

Hope your move goes easily! Good luck with your goals!

CindyMae said...

This is a BIG move and I am sure that it will take time away from stitching! Great goals!

Stitchingranny said...

Well your goals went fairly well I think and lowering them a little for next month means hopefully they will all be met.

Susan said...

Hi Lana!
I wish you good luck with your preparation on the move to Japan (So exciting!!!! I 'll be curious to your life there!)
happy stitching and look forward to your stitching update photos.
Thank you for your sweet supportcomment on my blog,
Hug, Susan