Sunday, September 23, 2012

Christmas Card #2

Well, here is Christmas Card #2. I just finished him 2 minutes ago. I think he came out alright.  I changed some of the colors around, from the original one, but all in all it's the same pattern. Not much else going on here, haven't been much in the mood to stitch, once again...been reading some great books though! And yes, once again, it looks like another typhoon is gonna get here this weekend!

Sorry for the non-cropped photo! I'm sorta in a hurry to post this, as the hubs will be home from work soon, so gotta get dinner on!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Abbey....still chuggin' along...

Well, this past weekend, we had another typhoon come through, this one was the strongest for the season yet! But, we are safe! During the storm I pulled out the Abbey. I have been putting most my attention to my Christmas pieces, and not so much on this one! Of course with my stitching slump as of late, I really wasn't in the mood for a BAP! But I think my stitching mojo DID show back up on the winds of our last typhoon, so, here is the progress:
I feel like I've been stitching page #9 FOREVER!!! There is so much confetti stitching with the flowers/bushes, that it just seems to take along time to get it all in!

Next up here is a picture of Alyssa, just relaxing with her juice and her lil' buddy-Lambchop! She was very engrossed in her movie-Finding Nemo! LOL
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Thank you all for the lovely comments! See yah again soon!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Christmas Card #2 Progress!

Here is Christmas Card #2! Well, what I have done of it! If you look back in my posts you can see the difference in color schemes, with the scarf, hat and wording. I don't like the blue area of the hat, the colors I picked didn't blend as well as I had hoped, I don't know if I will try to redo it or just leave it as is.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Littlest Stockings Ornaments 1 and 2

Finally here is a snap of my first littlest stockings ornaments! I finished these about a week and a half ago, and am just now sharing! These ARE really small! The next two that I post I will place a quarter next to them, so you can see just how small they are! They are fun little stitches! I haven't yet started the next one(s) yet, as my stitching slump is still in full swing....well, almost full's getting better, I worked on Christmas Card #2 yesterday for about an hour, it's just about done, but will share a progress photo in my next post!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Coming Home for the Holidays-Progress!

Here is my progress for the month of August! Yes, this post is half a month late! (Hanging head in shame!) This is my SAL piece with Juls, who's father passed away the beginning of this month. My prayers and thoughts go out to her, and her family at this time!

I worked mostly on the roof of the house, filling in some light violet-blue color. I am not sure what is gonna happen with this SAL, if we will continue it, as Juls was working on this as a gift for her father, and she was SOOO close to a finish, before he passed. I will still try to work it into some sort of rotation even if we stopping SALing on it together. But I know I will be thinking about this sweet stitcher and her loss every time I work on it!

Well, a typhoon (A super typhoon-Cat. 4, 133-155 mph winds) is to hit here this weekend. So, I am not sure what will happen. We normally fare pretty well here when these things hit, (no loss of power/flooding) but there is always the chance that it might happen. So, we shall see! So, mother nature has once again ruined another weekend! We'll be stuck indoors while mother nature wrecks havoc on our tiny island. I see alot of reading and possibly stitching in my weekend plans! I hope you all have a wonderful one!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I've lost it!

My stitching mojo has run away from home, not much to post....Just wanted to say hi. I DO have some photos of my stitching before my mojo ran away, but my blogging mojo went with runaway stitching mojo...I think they, when I hear back from them, I will post, for now, though, I will keep on with the reading mojo, and the exercise mojo who have seemed to come for a visit!

Another Typhoon to hit this weekend. Hmmm...maybe a good storm will blow my lost ( or runaway) mojos back to me!

Til then....Joyful stitching!