Friday, September 14, 2012

Littlest Stockings Ornaments 1 and 2

Finally here is a snap of my first littlest stockings ornaments! I finished these about a week and a half ago, and am just now sharing! These ARE really small! The next two that I post I will place a quarter next to them, so you can see just how small they are! They are fun little stitches! I haven't yet started the next one(s) yet, as my stitching slump is still in full swing....well, almost full's getting better, I worked on Christmas Card #2 yesterday for about an hour, it's just about done, but will share a progress photo in my next post!


Anonymous said...

It is good you are back and stitching doesn't it feel good. A little at a time is best for a stitching slump. :)

Your completed stockings are so cute and small. You did a great job..

Your coming home for the holidays looks good and I am sorry to hear about Jules's dad. My thoughts are with her.

Carla said...

Sweet little stockings!

blue star stitcher said...

They are so tiny and cute? Are you going to hang them on your tree?(I always worry about losing my little ornaments in the branches)

Mangogirl said...

Gorgeous stitching.they are really cute where does the pattern come from? cute little designs.