Thursday, September 13, 2012

Coming Home for the Holidays-Progress!

Here is my progress for the month of August! Yes, this post is half a month late! (Hanging head in shame!) This is my SAL piece with Juls, who's father passed away the beginning of this month. My prayers and thoughts go out to her, and her family at this time!

I worked mostly on the roof of the house, filling in some light violet-blue color. I am not sure what is gonna happen with this SAL, if we will continue it, as Juls was working on this as a gift for her father, and she was SOOO close to a finish, before he passed. I will still try to work it into some sort of rotation even if we stopping SALing on it together. But I know I will be thinking about this sweet stitcher and her loss every time I work on it!

Well, a typhoon (A super typhoon-Cat. 4, 133-155 mph winds) is to hit here this weekend. So, I am not sure what will happen. We normally fare pretty well here when these things hit, (no loss of power/flooding) but there is always the chance that it might happen. So, we shall see! So, mother nature has once again ruined another weekend! We'll be stuck indoors while mother nature wrecks havoc on our tiny island. I see alot of reading and possibly stitching in my weekend plans! I hope you all have a wonderful one!


Chris said...

I hope that the storm weakens before it's arrival this weekend. I think stitching and reading is perfect for weathering the typhoon.
Great stitching progress!

Carla said...

Great progress!

Jules said...

I finally made it back to your blog, lol! You are doing a fabulous job on Coming Home and I can't wait to see your progress since this post. Oh, we will SAL together in the coming year(s). I will have to find another project to work on and we will just call it a SAL weekend! I plan to encourage you all the way to the end of Coming Home!!