Thursday, December 31, 2009

One last finish for the year!

I started this one on Monday(?) I think....and finished it just a bit ago!!
Happy New Year all!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Wow, I have a stat tracker on my blogs, and it tells me how many hits I get and where they are from and if they came to my blog through a link on another page. So, I found that many people are coming to my page by way of this:

It's pretty awesome!!! I didn't even know I'd been put on there! That rocks! So, if your blogroll of wonderful stitching blogs looks a little thin, go stock up here! It's your one stop shopping solution for great stitching blogs!!!

oh yes, and thank you to everyone who hit up my book blog!!! Maybe having more people stop by will actually motivate me keep it up a little better...I can be so

A few changes going on for the new year.

I am sooo excited for the new year!!! I have soooo many goals and things in mind for it! I have been revamping quite a few things, mostly here online. I have decided to focus mostly on things that I am passionate (hobby-wise) about...that being mostly Reading and stitching.

At first I thought maybe I'd try to combine my book blog and this one and see how that goes, but I decided not to do that...I did however decide to put my goodreads feed on my sidebar here as well as my twitter feed. So, if anyone is at twitter or goodreads, feel free to follow me, or add me at goodreads!!! My book blog addee is on my goodreads account, so if you are interested in following me there that'd be awesome...I need more followers there.

To be honest, I'm sorta ashamed of my book blog, I don't put enough time into that one as I should. I LOVE to read (obvious by my reading 75 books this year!) but I always have a hard time writing about them, then later I look back and want to see review them, I have no record of them. So, please, come follow me at my book blog, it might help me be more active there...I sure hope so...

So, along with focusing mostly on my reading and stitching blogs, I want to try to stay away from networking sites as much as possible, as they are a sensless waste of time. Yes, they ARE great for keeping in touch with family and friends, but Facebook has truly just become a thorn in my side. I LOVE it toooooo much, and I play the games and I chat with friends, and I read their statuses, and comments and comment on their pages and after a few...or alot...of hours, I get off the computer and just feel so frustrated and disappointed in myself for doing that, as I usually lay out my day when I wake up, and let me just say that I never do actually schedule 3-5 hours of time on the computer, however, I find my self doing just that! And it annoys the junk outta me!! So, it is time to make a change!!!!

I'm sorry,this post is alot of rambeling....I know. I just have all these things in my head that I wanted to get out in the open. Does anyone else feel like this? Like the computer rules their life? And they are sick of it? I'm ready to let go, and embrace some of the other things I am passionate about, like writing, and reading, and stitching, and quilting, and scrapbooking, and working out. There is a whole wide world that ISN'T on the web, and I wanna go play in it!!!

So, all that to say come visit me at twitter, and goodreads, and my book blog. I would love to have you there!

Here is the link to my book blog if you'd like to drop in....I could use some friends there!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Two finishes!

I finished ornies #'s 4 & 5, however I don't think I will get #6 finished before tomorrow (Christmas). I have run out of room on this piece of fabric, and I don't think I have enough time to get it finished today. I am gonna start baking here soon, so I have that going on today, and maybe I will get more stitching in later, but I started reading Eclipse the evening before last and I'm already more than half finished with it, and if you have read the Twilgiht series you know how hard they are to put down, so I think I wanna return to that tonight. Also I think I would rather read, as I am in a 75 book challenge for the year, and I only have two books to finish to meet that challenge, so I am thinking that I will finish Eclipse and Breaking Dawn as my last two for the year.
I am thinking that next year I am going to combine my book blog and this blog into one, but not sure yet. We shall see.
Well, I am off to go play in flour and sugar and see what I can concoct! I am hoping that all my lovely readers have a lovely holiday!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Something a little smaller...

I have been working on HUGE projects now for over a month, and I am in need of some finishes. I have had the hankering to start something small with a Christmas theme. However I just knew that I had something in my WIP drawer, so off I went a-looking and lo and behold, I came up with these little guys. They are a set of 6 ornaments, that were featured in the March 2005 issue of Stitcher's World Magazine. I have finished 1-3 and started #4 and 5, and just have #6 to fully work on, so I am thinking I am going to pick up where I left off with these ones and see how far I can get before Christmas gets here (less than a week!)

After I finish these ornies I am going to get back to the Rainbow Gallery series I was working on quite awhile ago. The mini-sampler book. I finished to letter C, so still have a ways to go. These are small, but it will allow me a sense of accomplishment as I finish each one. I was doing so good hammering out all those WIPs and got quite a few finished in October, and then I picked up my BAP's again and now I just keep stitching and stitching and stiiiiitching without a finish. There is just something about a finish that is motivating. Right now I don't have much motivation for my stitching and I thought getting back into a few smaller pieces might help get me the motivation I crave! So, for now, The BAP's are on hold and I am just gonna work on a few smaller projects!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Abbey

Here is progress on The Abbey, I haven't shown progress on this one in a while, I have basically been working on the tower on the right hand side, and filling in the clouds of the sky.

Monday, December 14, 2009


sorry for the crappy photo, we just got a new printer and so my picture program has totally changed and i don't know how to fix it, I am soooooo pissed!!! I hate computers sometimes!! Well, this is the progress i have on Raindrops, seems to be the only piece I have wanted to work on lately.