Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Wow! School is...what's the word? Not hard per se'~ just time consuming. I have decided come hell or high water, tomorrow I am going to treat myself to some stitching time!!! It feels like all I do anymore is study! So, I decided that tomorrow (since it's Thursday and I have classes Monday, Wednesday and Fridays), I am going to sit and watch something completely brain rottening (since according to most parents TV rots your brain) and stitch hapily for at LEAST one hour, probably more, though, and I am going to not feel guilty about it!

AND! Furthermore, I am going to sit and indulge in blog reading for maybe an entire hour as well!! I have over 300 feeds, and sometimes in the morning I will read a few posts here and there and it really gets my stitching fingers itching to go to town and So, tomorrow I am going to have a "me"day. Granted, by after a few hours, I will probably feel guilty for not using my time to work on homework, but I am dying to stitch! I will go without sleep if I have to!!! There are 24 hours in a day, and I can certainly spare 3 of them to do something I enjoy, right?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Started school.
No stitching time!
This sucks!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Harry Potter anyone?

Like the newest layout? I have been reading the series so I thought I would put my friends from Hogwarts up here. I thought the pup was cute too, but harry...come on, admit it, he's cute too! lol! i am a die hard myspacer and love messing around with HTML codes and layouts and I found a layout thingy for be ready for lots of changes's addicting!

Anyway...stitching! oh yes, that! well this past week was "The Abbey's" turn to make an appearance, and I got quite a lot done. I am almost finsihed with the first of 9 pages. Yay!

No stitching got done yesterday as we were evacuated from our home on accoun tof LAke fort Phantom overflowing it's banks, and flying down a creek that is just 4 streets over from my house....the whole of abilene was mostly underwater...So Hubby and I went to his work and hung out until the evening when we decided to take a drive through the town and found most of the water receded and we were able to get into our home. and thank God!!! No flooding in our house!!! I was sure there would be, as when we'd left at 11 that mroning the water was up to the garage door and continuing on, but thankfully none got in the house.

Today I sorta had the itch to stitch and picked up several projects but set them back down as nothing appealed to me, as it is monday, that means a new project, and I have yet to decide what to work on...I am tempted to continue on with The Abbey...however school starts up this week again, so I only have a few days to really get much done at all, then I am anticipating very little to no stitching for awhile.

So, anyway, I have to get my scanner up and going again, before we left yesterday in a flurry of hurry we ran though and unplugged all our electronics and we got the computer up and running but the scanner is giving us problems. ugh!

Well I am off to get to some stitching, if I can find a project that calls my name! bye!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

August Finished!!!

I finished August Freebie by Erica Micheals! I think it came out really cute. I did somehing different with the center of the flower, though, it called for long stitches coming out from the center, but I didn't think it would look very neat so I used the two different shades of brown to make a sort of checker pattern, and I think it looks more like a sunflower and the seeds in the center of a real sunflower than having long stiches coming out from the center.

This week I pulled out The Abbey to work on , and I am actually really enjoying it! I got alot of progress in yesterday, as DH took the modem to work with him, leaving me internetless for the day...very conducive to stitching!!

I also had a dentist appointment yesterday to get a filling, and one of my front teeth had some discoloration on it, and was sort of an odd shape, and she totally smoothed it out and made it really pretty! I'm so happy with it!!! And with the Air Force Ball next month, I will have my pretty new tooth to show off in our photos!!

Well, I have been trying to catch up on blog reading, I had over 200 feeds today...I have never had that much! Crazy! So, I have been on the computer since I got up about 2 hours ago, practically, and now I think unread feeds be damned...I'm going to go stitch! Although I REALLY am enjoying reading the blogs!!!

Oh! and one more thing! I got my "Howling At The Moon" chart in the mail yesterday...oh my startitis fingers are itching to start it right away,but I will be good!!! I think I shall try to finish something my tiny little monthly freebies count? lol!

Monday, August 13, 2007


That is so how I felt about my project for last week. I have decided to pull out one project and work on it by the week. So, last week I decided to work on my dolphin domain piece...I didn't make much headway with it, I can tell you that much! I got some fill in on one of the dolphins, but other than that...nada!

I did get some significant work done on my August Freebie, infact it is almost finished. Probably not much more than an hour left to work on it.

I think this week I will work on "The Abbey". All I know is:


Monday, August 06, 2007

Progress photo

Well here is an update on Dare to Dream. I spent much of yesterday late afternoon and evening working on this while watching episode after episode of CSI...ones I'd already seen so I didn't have to pay close attention!

After a few hours of workin gon this, though I got bored so pulled out Dolphin Domain, and put a few stitches in it too, however not quite enough to warrant a photo for right now. I think I will work on that one this week, and share a photo on Friday. I am thinking one week rotation should work well for me.I'm gonna try it. so, every monday I will switch out my focus piece. And of course I will be workin gon my monthly freebies as well. I still have not kitted up August or got any kind of start on it yet, though I have the pattern all ready to go, just got to pull threads and get to work on it, maybe today.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

It's Sunday!

Yesterday hubby and I went to the Star Wars Exhibit in Fort Worth abou ta 2 1/2 hour drive away. It was SO awesome! We saw it at the Science and natural history museum. And our ticket price included seeing the planetarium, which was alright, and an IMAX theater production of Order of the Pheonix.

I had never been to an IMAX theater like this one! I have been to the one that the screen is like 50 feet tall, just a regular BIIIIIIIG screen, but this one we saw last night was in a dome! The screen as all around/above you! So, the seats lean back, cause you have to actually look up to see the whole thing. It was so cool! It was odd, when people were talking, because looking at a normal screen you can just sort of shift your eyes, if something is happening from one side of the screen to the other, but here when something is happening at the other side of the screen, it's happening ALLL the way on the other side of the building, so you have to turn your whole head...I felt like I was watching a HUGE Tennis match! Imagine a dome, or a globe...HALF of the globe is the screen. We we were in the extreme middle so that meant looking directly to the left and directly to the right to see everything going on on the screen. It was awesome!

I am obviously impressed!!!!

The Star Wars exhibit was awesome too, LONG though. It was neat to see the different ways that science played in the making of the movie, and seeing the different costumes and models of the ships and stuff they actually used in the movies.

So, anyway, I will leave you with two cute pics:

Me as Padme:

and hubby as Anikan:

Hope you have a beautiful Sunday.

Oh yeah, and no stitching, as I forgot to take some with me, I read a little bit of HP but mostly we just cruised with the music blaring, singing along and acting like two teenagers in love! Today though I hope to get to my stitching though!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Happy Saturday!

GASP!!! Don't faint everyone! I am actually posting again!!! LOL! I don't know why my blogging mojo has gone out the window! It is crazy...when I look back on 2005 archives, I blogged here almost EVERY day and now it's like pulling teeth to get me here, and yet I blog at my other sites regularly! And I still enjoy looking at other's stitching blogs very much, and enjoy watching people's progress and am still very inspired by other blogs, I just haven't wanted to blog here myself.

Yesterday I didn't get any stitching done, but I wanted to show a picture of the chart I want to buy from Herschners:

This is the picture taken off the Herschners website. I am so in love with wolves! And this one is GORGEOUS! I HAVE to have it. I got "The Gaze" awhile back...a wolf with an orange background, and there is another one that I want, but I can't find it on the website right now.

So, anyway, it is still early and I am just waiting for Hubby to get up and get going so we can leave for The city. I think I should try to kit something up for the ride, however, if we have good weather, chances are we will ride with the top down, which means, no stitching as it will be too windy!! Oh well, I'll take it and if I don't get to work on it then oh well, but better to have it and not get to it than to want it and not have it! I may also just take my Harry Potter book I am reading. I am now on #4. Did anyone else who read the Potter series find the beginning of 4 a bit dull and doldrum? Because I have been having a hard time getting into it like I did the first three, but hubby says to hang in there, it gets better. So, that is what I shall do.

Hope you all have a terrific weekend!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

July Freebie...

Well, here is my July Freebie photo that I was chatting about. I have yet to start August. Today has been a really crappy day...which I figured it should be better, seeing as how I am out of school now, but in a fight with DH, and had a panic attack, and paid bills (who likes to do that?!) The one good thing is that I get to buy stash this weekend! Hubby says he's gonna take me to Micheals, but I am gonna ask him to buy me a pattern off the internet instead. There is one at Herschners called "Howling at the Moon" it's really pretty, of a couple of wolves. So, I am going to ask for that instead of going to Micheals, where besides floss, there is a slim chance that I will find anything that truly calls for my attention. Anyway, speaking of projects with Wolves in them...Here is "Dare to Dream," which I have not been able to put down for most of the week!

Sorry the bottom part is a bit wrinkled. I am really enjoying this one... at first it was hard when I picked it up this time, because I had to frog out some area as I had made a bad boo boo on the last time I worked on it, which I think was the cause of my putting it down in the first place. But once I got it sorted out, I have been working on it steadily.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I don't know how much stitching I'll get done, seeing as how we are going to Fort Worth this weekend, but we'll see....maybe I'll take my August freebie with me, it's nice and small, to work on in the car...a two and half hour ride. Or maybe I'll start something new. I have been wanting to start something new for awhile...which so far I have been able to keep from doing, however, I don't know how much longer I can hold off. The thing is I work on such LARGE pieces, very few small ones, that I get bored of working on them after so long, so I have to switch every so often...and when I get sick of ALL of them, then I get startitis. I think I will try to be good though and wait it out until I have rotated through all my projects I have going now. You'd think that'd be variety enough for me, seeing as how I have about 20-25 projects in the workings right now. But then there is all that lovely stash just sitting in those drawers, taunting me!!! Maybe it is time to start Christmas stitching? Hmmm...NOW there's an idea....

August already?!

Wow! I have still not posted photos, I am being such a lazy blogger! Well, not really, today is my last day for the summer term, I have my final today, and as I am a huge procrastinator I waited until this week to do all my assignments, and so I have been really busy trying to finish everything up and also study for my final. So after today I'm a free woman, until august 25th which starts the fall term. It is really bad! Well, I guess seing as how it's a new month it is time for me to download the August Erica Micheal's monthly freebie! Yesterday I had the itch to get started on it, thinking I had printed the pattern out already, but apparently not, so after I finish here I will do that, and get started on it today!

I have really been going to town on "Dare to Dream". When I'm not reading HP. I am now on the 4th book! They are such fast reads!!! I love them! I am so glad they have gotten longer as the series goes on...more to the story! So, as I finish each book me and DH have been watching the corresponding movie, so last night we bought and watched "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" again. We had a really bad thunderstorm while we watched it too, which was sorta befitting to the movie itself! I kept thinking about picking up my stitching, but never got to it, as I love a good storm and watched the movie with the lights out so I could enjoy watching the wind and lightning and rain out the window! The thunder was so bad at times I thought the windows were gonna vibrate until they broke!

Well, so I wanted to share these pictures with you: The first off is July freebie by Erica Micheals:

AAAKKK! Blogger is not wanting to upload photos today! Stupid thing! Ok, well, I guess I will post pictures later...again! Sorry! Well, I guess it's alright as I need to get going and study some more before my test at 1:00. 5 short hours!!! It's nice to think that in 7 short hours this will all be over!!! Then no school for a 23 days! Yippee!

To celebrate hubby is taking me stash shopping and then we are going to Fort Worth and going to the Science Museum there, for the Star Wars exhibit that is traveling the US right now. So, We are excited about that! my parents took my nephew to go see it at their museum in Anaheim about two months ago, and they were gloating that my hubby (who is a die hard star wars fan) didn't get to see it, (jokingly teasing him!) but now it's here so we get to gloat back! He he!