Sunday, August 27, 2006

And! the next disaster in this deployment has raised it's ugly head! you have guessed, life must have been running way too smooth, because yesterday my central AC went kaput! thnak goodness for the rain and the cooler air! it hasn't been to terribly unbearable! But it is hot in the house, even though Ihave the fans running, and all the sahdes closed to keep any sunlight(and heat) out. So, for the most part, i have been sitting on the bed reading, not stitching, it is too hot for that, but i am comfortable enough to read. however, it may be a blessing in disquise since i recieved my electric bill the other day...over 400$!!! so, I am sorta glad the thing broke, summer will be over with here soon, and things will be much cooler, my hubby said i can call and have the guy come out and look at it, (We have the home warranty) so it would only cost 55$ and have it temporarily fixed. we have had this house for three years and every year it has broken! My hubby is hoping that the next guy who comes out here will suggest a brand new system. I mean after three years in a row! it's obviously a piece of crap! anyway, so that is my latest catastrophe. it's bearable. Barely, but alright, I can't get comfortable stitching, though, it is really too hot for that. well, I am gonna go get some breakfast and read, unitl I have to get ready for work.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

clicky finger gone mad!

Ok! I am so bad! Today is pay day! Yay for me! however, it is bad, because I have been buying up the whole book section of Amazon! It is just TOO tempting! You can buy a book for 3.50 (which includes shipping and handeling!) when you can get it in the stores for 7-8 bucks! AND! since I am without a car right now, it is encredibly convenient! It comes right to my door! plus! I have a huge list of DVD's series I want to stock up on, and get caught up on since when I was in college I didn't have time to watch TV, so I am buying them up too! DH is gonna kill me! Between yesterday and today I spent 75$ I think...yikes! This has got to stop!
Anyway...I need some heartfelt condolences coffee maker died this morning! what is life without a coffee maker?! There's no reason to even get out of bed withut coffee! So,thank goodness I recieved a gift certificate to Target for a gift! I need to use it on a new coffee maker!
UGH. i gotta go lay down! I woke up with a splitting headache and so far it isn't budging, it has set up camp in my head and refuses to be budged, Excedrine, coffee and hanging upside down isn't even helping! Maybe some exercise will help!
Thanks for the comment Faith Ann!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Well, it didn't nag quite loud enough!

As you can probably tell, Snow Valley Express has not captured my attention as of yet, however, I am still working on Patchwork Bears, here's my progress in the past few days, so far. I had a really hard time getting into this one when I first started it, but now I just keep stitching along on it, and I think it is starting to look really good, I just can't wait to get some of the backstitching in, I think like some of the Micheal Powell pieces, it is the black backstitching that really makes the piece pop, you know? Although this piece is already VERY colorful.
Maybe on eof these days I will actually get awayf rom this piece and move onto something else. One day. I actually have had thoughts of starting something new, but then I also have some fall pieces I want to work on as well, But for now this piece has captured my undivided attention, and that is just fine with me, I need to work on Snow Valley though, maybe I will work on it for an hour today and reward myself with some Patchowrk bear stitching after that. hmmm...? the reward system! Yes! That is what I think I need to do!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Nag Nag Nag..

That is what i feel like Snow Valley Express is doing to me right now. I have spent the majority of this week on Patchwork Bears and yet I am starting to feel guilty because in the back of my mind I realized that I haven't picked up my father's gift in quite some time! Infact not since I returned home from my trip, which was a month ago! (Wow! time is flying!) and i can hear it! It is calling me so insistantly as I am trying to enjoy my time with Patchwork Bears! So, I have decided that I will work on Patchwork Bears for the remainder of the weekend, but after this, starting next week, it's all about Snow Valley! I think I sort of dread it, because of the colors in that piece are so dreary! But, if I work on it all week next week, then I can reward myself by working on something else the following week! Well, I am catching up on some of your blogs, and wow! I am impressed at the finishes, near finishes, and WIP's I am seeing! Beautiful feast for the eyes.
Well, I worked on Patchwork today, but there is hardly enough progress to really share with you all. So, I will share a piccy after tomorrow's progress, before I move on to SVE.
Happy stitching! have a great weekend!

Friday, August 18, 2006

finally a stitching update.

Well, as of late my obsession has been with Patchwork Bears. So, here is a progress photo of them. As you can see I have worked a bit more on them. They seem to be going quite slow. I can't wait until I can get more fill in on it so I can actually start some of the back stitching. Right now it just looks like blobs of random color spalshed about, but hopefully soon it will resemble something. I am enjoying the colors in this one quite a bit. Sorry about the lack of posting lately. For some reason, it seems like it is hard to get to blogging, and other reasons include my lack of stitching lately. However, this week I have made myself read other blogs, and you know how inspiring that can be! To see other people's WIP's and finishes, can be quite enabling, so I found that I couldn't keep from picking up my needle as well.
I am anxiously awaiting my DH's return, less than a month now! yippeee! So, I have been keeping busy with getting the house in some sort of order before he arrives. it's amazing how sloppy I have gotten, since he hasn't been here. Anyway, I just wanted to share this progress not much else is going on right now. Just waiting....

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A day for stitching

Well, today is the first of my two days in a row I will have off, and I have something in my hot little hand that will ensure I will have hours of stitching to do DVD set of the third season of Gilmore Girls. I got abou ttwo hours in on Patchwork Bears earlier today, and tonight I am going to settle in and watch my new DVD's and stitch on a card for my parent's anniversary, which is in two days, so it WILL be late, but better late than never, right? I hope to get it in the mail by Thursday and I think if I work on it most of tonight and most of tomorrow it should be done. We shall see. Well, I am off to make dinner and watch some TV, then settle in with needle and thread and spend the night stitching the night away.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Wow! It's been over aweek since i last posted! But! It has beena bou tthat long since I have stitched either. I have definitely lost my stitching mojo. and with it went my blogging habits (reading and writing). I can't tell you what happened, because I don't know! I just find myself doing other things other than stitching and blogging. anyway. That girl I wrote abou tin my last post has gone away, thank goodness! I have not heard from her since that last call that i wrote abou tint hat post, i think she finally got the hint, besides that I don't have a car anymore so she really has no reason to call me and bug. which makes me realize I think she was trying to be my "friend" to get something...rides here and there. I can't stand people like that! oh well, i see her at work and we speak cordially and politely but nothing more, she no longer pesters me about my plans and whereabouts, which suits me just fine! This week I am going to try to get some more stitching in, and I have returned to the blogging world, I just got done reading a handful of blogs. And boy do I have alot to catch up on. Well, I have tomorrow and Weds. off and I plan to spend alot of it stitching, but we shall see how that goes! So, there are no new photos for me to share basically because there has been very little progress here. I did work on Patchwork Bears a bit but there isn't enough to show any progress. I am really wanting to stitch again now. Maybe I will do a little bit before heading off to work late this afternoon!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Get me off this pedistal!

There is a girl at my work who desperately wants to become my best friend. She dog sat Freedom while I went to California, and that is how she got my phone number! Since I have been home she calls me two-four times a day! She wants to hang out, she wants to come over, she wants a ride to work, she wants us to take a day and go into Dallas. She wants to know what I'm doing, and where I'm going and who I'm doing it with and if when I'm done, can her and I do something, or can she tag along? She has become a major annoyance! She doesn't get it! I don't want to hang out, I don't want to go into Dallas, I don't want to give her a ride to work, I don't want to call her back, and no, she cannot hang out with me and my friends! Last night, she called and this was her message,(seeing as how I have been avoiding her calls, thanks to caller id!)
"Lana! Give me a call! I need to know when or if you work tomorrow!"
O.k. correct me if I'm wrong, but there are possibly two people who would NEED to know that information, me and my husband, and MAYBE my boss. I mean if she had said "Hey, I was wondering what time you work tomorrow, can I get a ride?" I MAY have called her back, but "I need to know when or if you work tomorrow!" ??????!!!!!! Um...I don't think so! I don't think she is on a need to know basis on that point.
Well, thanks again for listening to my venting again. I haven't been stitching much the past couple of days, I have been working a lot, and looking for a new car. Haven't found anything yet. Well, I think I may go do some stitching before heading off for work this morning. Bye!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Hello! still here!

Well, lately I have still just been stuck on my Dolphins. here is a picture of my progress. I haven't been up to stitching much lately, I don't know why. I think I have been so involved and busy with the insurance stuff with my car that I just tend to shut down after dealing with them, simply because the situation makes me so mad. But I have made the decision that I will not dwell on that junk here anymore! You have logged in to read about my stitching and not my life problems, so here is a picture of dolphins. the one dolphin on the right is really coming along, just some fill in and he's done! and you can see the tail on the left of the other one. This project is stitching up pretty quickly, now that i am devoting some true time to it. I really should be working on Snow Valley Express. I will get to it soon, I had planned on picking it up again this weekend. I work tomorrow but not until 4 in the evening so I will have all day to get some stitching done. The same with today I don't go in until 1 int he afternoon,and as it is just a quarter to 8 in the morning that leaves me with 4 and a half hours to get some stitching in. Well, I am going to get off this computer and do some stitching. I am enjoying everyone's blogs! So many pretties out there!