Monday, August 14, 2006

Wow! It's been over aweek since i last posted! But! It has beena bou tthat long since I have stitched either. I have definitely lost my stitching mojo. and with it went my blogging habits (reading and writing). I can't tell you what happened, because I don't know! I just find myself doing other things other than stitching and blogging. anyway. That girl I wrote abou tin my last post has gone away, thank goodness! I have not heard from her since that last call that i wrote abou tint hat post, i think she finally got the hint, besides that I don't have a car anymore so she really has no reason to call me and bug. which makes me realize I think she was trying to be my "friend" to get something...rides here and there. I can't stand people like that! oh well, i see her at work and we speak cordially and politely but nothing more, she no longer pesters me about my plans and whereabouts, which suits me just fine! This week I am going to try to get some more stitching in, and I have returned to the blogging world, I just got done reading a handful of blogs. And boy do I have alot to catch up on. Well, I have tomorrow and Weds. off and I plan to spend alot of it stitching, but we shall see how that goes! So, there are no new photos for me to share basically because there has been very little progress here. I did work on Patchwork Bears a bit but there isn't enough to show any progress. I am really wanting to stitch again now. Maybe I will do a little bit before heading off to work late this afternoon!


Faith Ann said...

Enjoy your days off!

Von said...

Hi Lana,
Doing a little catching up myself after a nice vacation - it's going to take me a couple of weeks to get through it all I think!
Glad your stitching mojo is returning. There are just times when other things have to be tended to, so stitching gets set aside. But those wonderful designs end up tempting us back. :D