Thursday, August 24, 2006

clicky finger gone mad!

Ok! I am so bad! Today is pay day! Yay for me! however, it is bad, because I have been buying up the whole book section of Amazon! It is just TOO tempting! You can buy a book for 3.50 (which includes shipping and handeling!) when you can get it in the stores for 7-8 bucks! AND! since I am without a car right now, it is encredibly convenient! It comes right to my door! plus! I have a huge list of DVD's series I want to stock up on, and get caught up on since when I was in college I didn't have time to watch TV, so I am buying them up too! DH is gonna kill me! Between yesterday and today I spent 75$ I think...yikes! This has got to stop!
Anyway...I need some heartfelt condolences coffee maker died this morning! what is life without a coffee maker?! There's no reason to even get out of bed withut coffee! So,thank goodness I recieved a gift certificate to Target for a gift! I need to use it on a new coffee maker!
UGH. i gotta go lay down! I woke up with a splitting headache and so far it isn't budging, it has set up camp in my head and refuses to be budged, Excedrine, coffee and hanging upside down isn't even helping! Maybe some exercise will help!
Thanks for the comment Faith Ann!


Faith Ann said...

LOL I go through stages with my clicky finger too and then it just has to stop. You can find some great deals online though!

A moment of silence for the coffee maker...

tkdchick said...

Coffee...gosh I don't even own a coffemaker!

I know in some people's eyes that would be sacrilidge gut I HATE coffee.

Lili said...

Love the "clicky finger" expression! I know that kind of compulsion too;. lol!!!
Your teddy bear patchwork is full of such lovely colours! Getting your stitching mojo back?
Take care!