Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A lazy blogger

yup! That's me!!! I haven't been on here much, because of unpacking the house, and last weekend was our 4th anniversary, and so...we went camping on the beach to celebrate! But I have been stitching a little, and here is a photo of BoInk. I know last time I said I would share a surprize, but not yet! Sorry! It wasn't much of a surprise, I was just gonna show you progress on Howling at the moon, since lately all I've done is work on BoInk, but that will have to wait, I think I wanna get more work in on it, before I share it.

Anyway, here is a photo of Boink as it stands right now. I have put a deadline on it...I would like to have it finished by Sept. 10th, by the earliest, and No later than October 1st, basically I am shooting for Sept. 10th deadline, but I gave myself a little extension time just in case!

Well, friends, thank you all for your lovely comments, and also to all my new followers! 25 now!!! Wow!! I feel so loved! Thank you! i will try not to wait so long to post again! Talk to you all very soon, I hope!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Sooo relieved!!!

Well, yesterday all my earthly belongings showed up!!! And let me tell you it has been no small feat getting 4 bedrooms of furniture into a tiny 2 bedroom house. But, I am soooo happy to report that all my stitching stash and haul made it safe and sound!!!! I felt like a person who has seen their child after a long time away from it, such relief at knowing it is safe and in my grips again.

Hubby was laughing at me, as I kept going through the drawers of my two stash cabinets looking and making plans for a new rotation...never mind that all my stuff is scatter willy nilly throughout the house (not so much scattered, as it is crammed, tightly packed in, so that one must go through a rigorous obstacle course just to get out the front door! That is if you know where the front door is located, because if you dont know where it is, I dare yah to try to find it!!!) all I care about is looking at, drooling over and making plans for my beloved cross stitch that has returned to me! Oh yes, and the books, we must not forget the fretting over where my books are! That is because I own several that havve not been read yet, and I want to know where they are so that I can continuing reading them...being without the internet for two or so months made quite a dent in my TBR ("To-Be-Read") pile, and I will be most upset if I reach the bottom of the pile, can't be having that! However, so far, the books have not been located, though I'm sure they are here somewhere, but that is alright, I still have quite a pile of books I CAN get to, and still need to read, so for now, I'm alright on the book front! LOL...

Ok, this has been a rambly post, so sorry! Be sure to come back as I will be posting Progress photo Friday pics tomorrow, and I have a surprise! =)

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Progress photo Friday

I have steadily working on this...I finished the block right in the center with the bird in it (All except for the birds eye.) and I added more green coming down the right side of the border, as well as the right corner "cat"...not sure what that thing is up in the corners....looks like a cat to me.

Well, today Hubby and I are gonna head out to the beach...if it doesn't rain...I'm hoping it doesn't. Although with it being a holiday weekend, the beach will probably be very crowded...we'll see how it goes.

Bye for now! Have a great weekend, and July 4th, all my American readers!