Tuesday, September 26, 2006

No pictures yet...

I feel like I need to post some pictures, but I have not felt like going into the computer room, and getting the scanner up and going. You know? i keep thinking, it's an awful good thing that I don't do exchanges or Round Robins, because I can never stay on track with deadlines. My fright Night friends was to be done by the 25th, but of course, it's not done. I try, I really do, but it always seems like life gets in the way. I think that had DH not come home last week, I may have gotten it done, but with looking for a new car and all, I just have had no stitching time, really. Last night, I could have worked on it, because he was busy playing his game online, and basically ignoring me...yay!!! But then I felt like doing some writing. So I did that instead. I guess that is what happens when you have too many hobbies. You wish there was more time to get everything done. I did work on it a little bit yesterday morning while watching the 5th season of Smallville with DH, but I am still along way from a finish. I wonder if I just underestimate how long it will take me to finish something, and then feel disappointed when I can't meet my deadlines. I don't know, but i must keep reminding myself, this is a hobby! So what if I don't meet my deadlines? The world will not come crashing to a screeching halt if I don't finish by said dates. right? With that said, I am going ot go watch some TV and do some stitching.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Bye Bye Serenity!

Well, my days have been very busy and full of everything but stitching. Since hubby is home I have had hardly any time to myself. Which is alright I guess. Would it be mean if I said, I cannot wait for him to go back to work? I mean, yes, it's been fun hanging out, and we got a new car (A Ford Mustang) but I have to cook, and there is twice as much to clean, and he always wants my attention, and he wants to talk to me, and these past four months has been so quiet, and I had so much time to myself, and now...my quiet little haven has been shattered! No me time, messes all over the place, I have to make sure I have food for him. It is so frustrating, I haven't picked up a needle in days! He has had plenty of time to himself! When I go to work, he has all kinds of time, but I don't get any. Ok, this is only until next Tuesday, then he'll go back to work, and I will have all day until I go to work in the evening to do my own thing, but what about until then?! UGH! Oh well. I must sound so cold hearted! Here he's been gone for 4 months, and he's been home less than a week, and I want him to go away again! Not to Iraq, of course, but anywhere else! No, not really, I just want more me time. Gosh, I forgot how much he eats!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

He's home!

My hubby finally made it home Monday night at 10:15 pm. I am needless to say VERY happy that he is here. because of his jet lag, we have been having some very off the wall sleeping marathons. like we went to bed at 10 last night, because he was exhausted, but we both woke up at 2:30 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep, so decided to just get up at 4. We watched a movie, and started our day, we went to various car lots to check about a new car/truck for us, we didn't find anything yet today, but I think we may check around a bit more tomorrow. Then we got home and watched Chicken Little,and I could barely keep my eyes open for it, so when it was done, I went and laid down for a nap. He joined me, I woke up two hours later and he is still konked out. So most likely tonight will be a late night for us. because we will have slept this evening. So, I am contemplating making dinner, but I don't know how long he will be sleeping, and what he will want for dinner when he wakes up.So, I may just make me something until I know what he wants. And no stitching today (yet). I may still do some stitching tonight, if we watch more movies when he wakes up. So, I am glad my brave man is home, and there is a humongous mess of all his stuff in the living room, but I like it, for once it isn't driving me crazy. Sorry no stitching updates, but I am not doing so well on my Halloween piece, I am off count, but I am trying to decide how to fix it, because I cannot for the life of me find the mistake, so as of right now the cat looks like he has a case of the mumps on one side of it's face. So, we shall see if it truly does get finished by the 25th, as of right now my guess is no, especially since hubby is home. But that is alright I guess, I can stitch whenever, but hubby only gets home from war once, so my primary focus is on him. (He's so spoiled!)

Monday, September 18, 2006

the longest day of my life!

That was yesterday1 the longest day of my life! it felt a hundred hours long! I was so anxious and excited about hubby coming home, and then! two hours before he was supposed to arrive he calls, and he won't be in until today. Tonight, actually. So, I am still waiting. But, he is in the states now, basically his plane coming over from overseas was late getting in, and they missed their connection flight to Texas. So, they had to reschedule new flights, but in a way it is good, because he was able to get a hotel room for last night and get a decent night's sleep, get a shower, and a good meal. So, he should be all refreshed and happy when he gets here, not all tired and stinky. We have spoken several times since yesterday. So, It is nice to know he is on homeland soil, but I will feel much better when he is in my arms! It is so nice to be able to get ahold of him via his celly again, instead of having to call our air base and have them connect me to his base there!

This morning I worked on Fright Night Friends. I have the cat almost finished. I scared myself, because I had to substitute some of the threads when i started because i didn't have the colors then. And I accidently wrote the number wrong for the orange of the cat, I had written 922, instead of 722, and they are both orange, but 922 is a darker burnt orange, and so I thought that I must have had to buy new stuff since the last time i had worked on it and the dye lot was completely different! but then I decided to look and see if there was a mistake, and yup, there was. Thank goodness. It was quite a scare I had. I thought I was going to have to totally frog everything I had stitched and start over with the new "dye lot color" . Well, I am gonna go get back to stitching, I am going to try to get the cat done today, before I head out to get my husband tonight. I am so excited!!!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Well, I didn't get much done yesterday, stitching wise...I worked a bit on the blue in the fence, but after work, I was feeling pretty blah. I kept laying down, and I felt like a headache was coming on, and I just felt yick. My wonderful "monthly friend" is about to be avisitng! Perfect timing wouldn't you know, with hubby returning in the next couple hours. (We think) Anyway. So, I am thinking I should do some today, as I know the next few days will be taken up with tending to DH. I have a few other things I got to get doing today in ways of housework. Yes, I have been cheating a bit. I mean no one was here to notice, except me, so why worry! so, I got to get my work done, and then just stitch, I guess. It looks stormy out today, no rain has fallen. we have been having strong winds, which knocked over my fence...again. except only one section disconnected this time, and it hasen't totally fallen over, it is still hanging in there. I'll let hubby fix it! What a nice welcome home gift! =P anyway, well, I had better go get some laundry in the wash and then I think I may sit and stitch, for a bit. I am thinking about making daily goals now...on the halloween piece, I want to finish the cat today, and then I will work a bit on Love Joy Home. and maybe a little on Midnight Watchman, which I still need to show you. I will, don't worry!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Did i say the 22nd? i meant the 25th!

Now I find myself back peddling! I know originally I spouted off the 22nd as the day for finishing Fright Night Friends, but yesterday I did no stitching at all. So, I am going to say the 25th as the finishing day, that's a nice round even number, where the heck did 22 come from?! So, as of right now my Fright Night Friends should be done by the 25th. Thank you all who left a comment on it! I love this piece, it is so cute! Last year I was in the mood to decorate my home for the holidays and I realized I had no stitched projects to decorate with, so I started looking though various magazines to find something, that and the Midnight Watchman (a scarecrow) popped out at me, and I started them, however, didn't finish them. So, I will try to get some stitching in today, Hubby is due home at the beginning of next week! So, I have quite a bit to do to get ready for his return.

I think I will go sit and stitch for a bit (only about 20-25 minutes as I have to get ready for work soon) but I am off work at 2 today so I should have all this evening to get some stitching in. Oh! I know why I haven't worked on cross stitching, I was working on piecing my quilt top together. (By hand) Yesterday that is what I did for most the day. But today will be a cross stitch day. Well, happy stitching!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Progress On Fright Night Friends

Well, with only 9 days left until my goal date arrives for Fright Night Friends, I thought I would post a piccie. The only problem with finishing this one on time is...I am running out of the dark blue/gray that is the shading color in the fence, so I am going to get everything done that I can other than that until I can get some more. I only have one length of 5 strands left of DMC for it, and I am not sure that will be enough...=( anyway, Hope you enjoyed this. Oh yes, and the orange thing protruding out of the moon is the tail of the orange cat that is sitting on the fence, and the green square thing next to the pumpkin boy is his trick or treat bag. you'll see...it will all make sence soon! =P

Monday, September 11, 2006

scratch that...maybe

I know in one of my posts from yesterday I said I had my goals down and everything. Well, I need to add two new pieces to that goals list...last year I started two fall pieces, one was for Halloween, it has a cute picture of a boy dressed up as a pumpkin with a halloween trick or treat bag, and a cat, and the big bright moon, which is called Fright Night Friends, and I also started a Scarecrow as well, called The Watchman. and I never finished either one for the season last year, and I am pretty sure if I put my mind (And needles) to it I should be able to get them done for Halloween this year.So, my new goal is to finish the Fright Night Friends by...hmmm...Lets say Sept 22nd, and The Watchman by Oct 5th. Sure, why not? I just randomly pulled those two dates out of my hat. Let's see if I can get it all done. So, as of right now I have three projects to complete, very soon, (Love Joy Home, which I still want to try to get done by Oct 1st) and these two fall pieces as well. Good luck to me!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Put on your dancin' shoes, I'm doin' the cha-cha!

So...in my earlier post I said I had a goal of finishing my Easter Bell pull by Friday...Well, I made it WAY before then, as I just put in the final stitches two minutes ago! Told yah it wouldn't take long at all, and it only took about 3 hours. HOW come it took so long to do 3 hours worth of work?! I had everything else finished on this piece, right before Easter, months ago, all it would have taken was 3 hours, and I could have had it done MONTHS ago! Anyway, I will not spoil the moment by berating myself for taking so long to finish,as my parents always told me about my college education- it doesn't matter how long it takes you to finish it matters that you finished, and so without further ado...here is Easter bell pull. However! I don't think it will suffice as a bell pull, I am going to frame it as a regular wall hanging, I think, the lil' bunny there off to the side kinda throws off the whole bell pull idea, but I thought it needed a little something extra as we all know the castraphe that caused me to have to put the little bear/rabbit on the side. For those of you new to this blog and don't know, I will admit...I cut the fabric too short! But, oh well, I like it the way it is. Now onto what I hope will be my next happy dance very soon, Love Joy Home.

Sampler and Patchwork bears

Here they are! progress pictures of Patchwork Bears, and one you haven't seen for a long time, one I haven't even seen for a long time: Love, joy home. I worked on this one mostly yesterday. I think if I were to work on it soley for two or three weeks, I would have a happy dance, But I doubt that will happen. So, I am going to put a dead line of Oct 1st for it. My goal is to be finished with it by oct 1st. so, we shall see if I can do it! You know the one that seems to be nagging me the most right now, and it is totally off season, but it is my Easter bellpull. I could probably have it done in a few hours if I would just sit and work on it, but I have not, for a long time, and I should. Maybe that should be a primary goal for right now, to have that done by next Friday, Love Joy Home done by Oct. 1st, the top half of Patchwork Bears done by Nov. 1st, and my father's Snow Valley Express done by Dec. 10th. We shall see if I can actually do this! Yay! I have set stitching goals, maybe this will keep me on track. Wish me luck!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Happy Saturday!

Well, I really WANT to post a new picture of my bears, but! We have two printers...one has ink in it right now and one does not. The printer/scanner/copier is the one without ink, so everytime I need to actually print something I have to unplug the all-in-one machine and go into the control panel on the computer switch the settings to the other printer and then plug in the other printer and then print. And! When I need to scan something I have to do the same thing back to the scanner/printer/copier. So, mainly what I am saying right now is I am too lazy to dig down through the millions of cords under the desk to switch out printers right now, especially when I am not entirely sure what Blogger will even do with my photo. Plus I don't really have that much time right now as I have to get ready for work here soon. I have about an hour and I was planning on using that hour so stitch, before heading off for work. I am not- for once- in the mood to stitch on Patchwork Bears, though I was thinking more along the lines of Love, Home, Joy. Yesterday pathetic little me did no stitching at all. I guess that is what happens when you have too many hobbies! But! I do get out of work early tonight (at 4) and I don't go in until 4 on Monday, I have all of tomorrow off so I am sure somehwere in that 48 hours, I shall pick up a needle. In fact, I think I will go do just that right now! Have a great day!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Here it is!

So, here you have it, my progress as of yesterday before I put 3 hours of progress in on it. It is coming along, slowly but I think I got my stitching thing back! I had lost it, it went out the window-whoosh! But it is back. Today I worked on Snow Valley Express, Not too much just about two or three lengths of floss, though, nothing to write home about. Maybe tomorrow I will work some more on Patchwork Bears or SVE and post another picture. Thank you Von for your comment!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'm back!

I cannot believe it has been almost 10 days since my last post. I guess that is what happens when you have too many hobbies and they all clamber for your attention and want to be first. (Remember my mentioning the books and DVDs from Amazon?...Blame them!!!) I have not been stitching a whole lot, or reading blogs a whole lot, but this morning I made myself sit and read blogs, and really enjoyed myself! And so I have decided to write a little blurb here, and (gasp!) share a progress picture of Patchwork Bears, which is what I am still stuck on. I am really enjoying myself with this one. I do need to rotate out though, and get some work in on Snow Valley Express. As I was reading everyone's blogs I am seeing so many different projects being worked on by each of you and I think: What happened to my creative muses? Where DID they go? My ferver and excitement thinking about all my different projects and how I would rotate them around, and Deadlines for certain ones, and now I am lucky if I haphazardly pick up a project to work on half wittedly while I am a vegetable in front of the TV. I really need to get back into it. So, with that said here is a picture of my progress on Patchwork Bears.
...Ok! Never mind that thought! Blogger is being a pain, so no photo today but soon, I promise! I am going to try to stay on top of things (blogging in a timely manner, and stitching everyday) Maybe I need to start a new project? But who needs the guilt? =) Well, I will once again try to post that photo, then I'm done for now! Thank you all who have visited me here even if I have very little to write about.