Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sampler and Patchwork bears

Here they are! progress pictures of Patchwork Bears, and one you haven't seen for a long time, one I haven't even seen for a long time: Love, joy home. I worked on this one mostly yesterday. I think if I were to work on it soley for two or three weeks, I would have a happy dance, But I doubt that will happen. So, I am going to put a dead line of Oct 1st for it. My goal is to be finished with it by oct 1st. so, we shall see if I can do it! You know the one that seems to be nagging me the most right now, and it is totally off season, but it is my Easter bellpull. I could probably have it done in a few hours if I would just sit and work on it, but I have not, for a long time, and I should. Maybe that should be a primary goal for right now, to have that done by next Friday, Love Joy Home done by Oct. 1st, the top half of Patchwork Bears done by Nov. 1st, and my father's Snow Valley Express done by Dec. 10th. We shall see if I can actually do this! Yay! I have set stitching goals, maybe this will keep me on track. Wish me luck!

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Von said...

Seems like pretty realistic goals, Lana! Looking forward to seeing those finishes. :D