Friday, April 25, 2008

Progress photo Friday!

Gosh downloading photos from a camera is so easy and fast! I love it! Now I can post lots of progress photos! Like this one for instance:

This is my sampler as of right now, I worked on it a bit while watching "Sabrina" with audrey Hepburn yesterday. I have a little more done on it today, but I plan to work on it more today so will post progress probably tomorrow, or Sunday!

I have not worked on Mr. Snowman since I shared the last progress photo. I have been really into this sampler. It is stitching up so quickly! Sorry about the wrinkle down the middle of this piece! lol. Still trying to figure out the best way to get a good photo.

Well I am off to watch CSI and work some more on this, thank you for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Trying to get through it...

Trying to get through what? you ask! All the feeds on my google reader with all the lovely stitching blogs that I love! I have been absent from the whole stitching/stitcher blogs scene for some time now, and I think that is why I haven't been stitching. I forget how much enabling happens when I read blogs, reading them makes me just want to take up needle and thread and go to work! But, I am trying to get through my long list of blogs. I had 800+ at one point it is now down to under 700...phew! We'll see if I can get through them all, before the week's end...ha! ha! LOL! I have Friday and Sunday off, so maybe if I sit and read them on those days instead of doinking around on other sites I will actually make a good dent in them! But I always find myself wanting to sit and stitch after just a few minutes of reading people's blogs. So, i may actually get some stitching in as well.

Things here have been good, I have been busy which is good, since hubby is gone and time goes faster when you keep busy! Schoolwork for the most part really, but also work. I have switched departments so now I am learning new things and really enjoying what I do. But! I work a crazy weird shift...I start at 5 in the morning!!! So I am having to totally adjust my sleeping patterns...once again. But! The good thing is the latest I get out is 1 int he afternoon! But most days I get out at 10/10:30 in the morning, then I come home take a short nap and have most the day to do whatever! It is really nice! so, this makes me really wonder why no stitching? I have no idea! Ok, yes, I do, homework for one, reading for fun or another, and a website that I recently came across called "". It is much like myspace, but ALOT better. I'm always there, chatting with people, and whatnot. It is lots of fun.

Anyway, I said that next time I post I will share a photo of what I am working on now...

So, here it is a sampler (obviously) call the Fruit of Prayer. I got it out of a magazine...I don't remember which one, but I had been int he mood to work on sampler for awhile, and there are SO many cute ones out there. i see so many in different blogs and I thought "I have only done one so far, and that one I gave to my mom, i really want to stitch one for me" So there it is.

Oh yes and let me clarify one my last post I said my hubby bought me "one". The "one" I was referring to was a new digi cam, not a new scanner, and I have never uploaded photos from a camera before, so this is all new to me, so if some of the photos are a bit weird, sorry, please bare with me, as you can see...this one has a shadow on it, but I'm new to this so...sorry! Hopefully I'll get better with time! lol

Well, I am off to either read more blogs, or sit and stitch. We are supposed to get some strong thunderstorms later today, but I will be at work, gosh I hope I won't have to drive in any of that junk. I hate driving anyway, and then add rain and a storm...ugh! Oh well, work is only 2 miles away so it shouldn't be too bad! Alright, I hope you are all having a wonderful week! I'll try to post more later, especially if I stitch more. Which I am hoping to. Wish me luck!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Mr. Snowman

Ok, I know I haven't posted in forever, there was a reason for that tho, and it was because I had no way to share photos, my hubby took our digi cam with him on deloyment, and my scanner broke, however, my wonderful hubby realizing what "dire straights" I was in without a way to post my wonderful stitching online, ordered me a new one!!! So, here is Mr. Snowman. To tell you the truth I am sorta disappointed that he isn't finished yet, but I have been working on something else. Plus getting things finished up with school, and reading, I have been very busy! I will share more photos later, for now I gotta run, but wanted to drop in and say hi to all and share Mr. Snowman! Next time I will share what other project I have been working on! Thanks for reading!