Saturday, September 30, 2017

DS2N....I'm on a roll!

I was able to "finish" this page (page 9) and I now only have two full pages left to finish this piece!! So exciting.  Oh I say "Finished" because there is some white I still need to put in, but I ran out of the color, so for the most part, it IS done, but since I couldn't do anything more, I decided to just move on
Page 7.  Just a small start, but I'm so excited, this project is almost done...sorta...2 huge pages is still ALOT of stitching left to do, but when compared to the 9 I started with I say I'm gettin' close! LOL
 thank you for reading! Hope you had a great month of September, and I will see you next month!

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Autumn Peace....Update

I did it! I did it!  I finished page 7!!!!  Look! It's a tree!!!

Thank you for reading!! Happy stitching!

Friday, September 15, 2017

A "Give Up" and it's replacement

So!! I'm late in posting this month, because I've been having computer problems, so sorry about that! 
As you can see by my title, I have given up on my ornaments for now. I am just not enjoying them anymore, like I used to.  I find myself struggling to pull them out each month and it's become a chore to me, and since this is a hobby, I decided to not do it anymore. When it becomes a "chore" it's time to break up with a project.  I don't think I've actually given up, I'm just not in the mood for them now, so I'm thinking that maybe later on in the year, as it grows closer to Christmas, I'll feel like picking them back up again? Who knows.
As for my title? Anyone who watches floss tube knows where that reference came from! Good ole Jimmy Flosstube! LOL....that guy cracks me up! and I love Emily!! She's awesome! If you aren't watching Flosstube, go! as soon as you're done reading this to YouTube and look up Floss tube, I mean, what is your life if you're not obsessed with it?! LOL....I'm just kidding.  (To explain to those who don't know, the husband of one of the beloved flosstubers referred to her projects that we call UFO's as "give ups"...the term has been coined, and there yah go!)
So, here's August's attempt at an you can see? I gave up! In the UFO pile it will go....for now....

 However, I have found a NEW obsession, or interest....DYEING!!!! (Not to be confused with Dying) As in I'm now dyeing my own fabrics. This came about because I decided I wanted to do this piece:

 I actually made this decision YEARS ago, and I had ti all kitted up and sitting in my stash pile forever!  When I went to pull it out though, I found that I had kitted it up with a Seafoam colored piece of 14 count aida. 14 count Aida!?!? No.....that was not happening....I am an 18 count aida girl all the way, 14 would just seem huge to me, and I knew I would end up not enjoying the project. So, I thought, I would look for  a hand dyed piece of Fabric online as they are all the rage.  Now as most of you know, I'm a Full coverage stitcher. Meaning that the majority of my projects are full coverage, so I find that  though I love seeing all the beautiful hand dyed fabrics out there, and think they are gorgeous, I really have very little use for them myself. However, I found myself suddenly realizing, "Here's my chance!  I can finally see what the hoopla is all about with hand dyed fabbies.  Well, I looked online, and saw a bunch of beautiful pieces, but, I was weary to buy them, as sometimes they don't actually look like the picture shown online in real life.

So, I decided to try dyeing some myself.  Here's the result:

This is my first attempt, so sure there are flaws, it's not perfect, but I like it, and think it is really pretty.  And here is my start:

There's not much there, but I'm excited about it. Can you believe this my first new "real" start since June of last year, when I started Autumn peace? (I don't count all the little ornaments.....)  So, it is nice to have a new start. The feeling of newness is exciting, and to be working on a piece of hand dyed that I made myself, makes it even more exciting, somehow. 

Well, that's all for me for now. Thank you for stopping in and reading. I love all the comments you leave, and thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to see what I'm up to. It means so much to me! 
Happy stitching!!