Friday, April 16, 2010

April checkered block- Finished!

I still am loving this series! I know I say that everytime I post one, and one day I promise I will stop repeating my self and sounding like a broken record, but these are so cute and so easy!! Oh man! i just realized, I didn't put the backstitch around the square, guess I will have to do that today...there is supposed to be periwrinkle backstitching around the square...oops...eeeh, close enough, right? lol...
Thank you for all the lovely comments everyone has been leaving! I have been trying to hit up a few more blogs daily myself, and leave notes here and there. Also, I wanted to say thank you to my new followers! I can't believe how many I have gotten, and I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people and fellow stitchers to be friends with!! You are all truly an inspiration to me, whenever I have those times when picking up a needle seems like such a chore all I have to do is look over some blogs and I get inspired to pick it up again. You all do such beautiful work!!
Well, I am thinking that sometime this week I will be posting letter H...stay tuned....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm Not Sleepy

Here is "I'm Not Sleepy". I started this in March, right after I finished "Raindrops", and am just now getting around to sharing an update! I am hoping to have a finish on this one this month. This one I normally keep next to the couch and work on while I'm watching TV, so guess I will have to watch a lot of tv if I wanna get this one done!

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Abbey

I am, once again sorry about my bad photography skills! This one is sorta washed out up top, which is where I have actually been working the most on this lately! It has just been a lot of filling in of the clouds! I am hoping to have a finish on page #1 on this one this month. And possibly page #2, this one is also a 9 page pattern, I've finished with page 5 (dead center) and 4 then went up to #1 and over to #2, though I cheated a bit, as I wanted to keep working on the house, so started page 2 I think before #1...oh well, it's all gotta get stitched, right?
Sorry for all the wrinkles! I stitch in hand, so with these largish projects, it just gets quite wrinkled!! And I don't want to drag out the iron EVERY time I post a photo! Sorry, guys, I love you but not that much! lol

Friday, April 09, 2010


I am impressed with the amount of progress I have gotten in on this piece since the last time I shared a photo...which was in January, I think....I almost have page #1 done!! I am shooting to finish it this month, then it is onto page 2, which I already have a smattering of stitches in on that page,I also need to slide down to page #4 (under #1) and fill in holes there! See all that dark blue at the top? ALL 824...the color I asked for awhile back, that so many wonderful stitchers were so helpful with!! I don't know what I was thinking when I decided to stitch in the entire background color, but oh well....

Almost 3 pages done, 6 more to go!! Yikes!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Todays post brought to you by the letters F and G, and by the number 9...

Here are some really bad photos of letters F and G from the Mini Alphabet Sampler Book by Rainbow Gallery, and I just realized that I didn't finish letter F....didn't fill in the squares on each corner....oops....Just pretend it is, ok? lol
I love these little guys, so quick and easy!!
So, here is a's been rattling around in my head making all sorts of racket as it tumbles about up there. Ok, here's the thing, I dearly want to post more, but I feel weird posting the same project 5 times a month to show progress. Although when I think about it, I love to see other people's progress photos. But I guess last October, when I was ripping off finishes right and left I just got used to posting finishes, and not so much progress photos. So, I need to share progress on "Howling at the Moon" (which I thought I'd done last month for some reason, but apparently did not.) And "The Abbey" and "I'm not Sleepy".
So, what are your thoughts? Does it matter if I share progress photos of the same project 50 times? Are people gonna get tired of seeing the same project? I guess if I just share weekly progress, not like every stitch I make, it won't be so bad....I need to figure out a posting schedule, I'm thinking three times a week, each day share another project....I'm probably making this more complicated than it needs to be, but I just don't want to bore my wonderful readers who take time out of their busy schedules to drop in and see what I'm up to, with the same stuff everytime!
And I DO appreciate and want to thank every one who do drop in to read my drivel and leave me lovely comments!! I do enjoy reading all your blogs and I just want my blog to be worthy of your time.
I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend, whether or not you celebrate the holiday or not. We had a pretty good weekend, hanging out with lovely friends and fellowshipping with others.
Til next time! Have a stitchy day!

Monday, April 05, 2010

March Checkered Block

Here is how my checkered block for March turned out...the photo sorta washes out the color, the light green and the gold in the checkers aren't really that similar in real life. I am still really enjoying this series, as each little piece is so easy and small that they stitch up pretty quick. I already got a start on April's.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Goals- achieved and yet to be achieved!

MARCH Goals:

Finish letter F- DONE!
Finish letter G- Done!
Work On I'm not sleepy- DONE (About 10 hours in on it.)
Work on The abbey-DONE! (about 5 hours in on it.)
Work on Howling at the Moon- DONE! (About 10 hours in on it.)
Finish "March checkered block-DONE!

So, I did realy well on my goals last month...not so good with blogging...I need to post photos!!! Sorry!

Finish Letter H
Finish Letter I
Finish Page 1 of "Howling"
Finish page 1 of "the Abbey"
Finish "I'm not sleepy"
Finish April Checkered block.

Finish 7 books


Post at least 6 times at Stitching Blog
Post at least 6 times at Reading blog

I really have been horrible about posting, and reading blogs, it seems that whenever I turn on my computer I go straight to Facebook. I need to STOP doing that! It was a goal at the beginning of the year to not play so many facebook games, and now I'm hooked on them again. I should work the twelve steps for it!!! LOL...

Well, this morning The Hubs has to go into work for a bit, so I'm gonna go with him and then we are going out to breakfast. Who knows after that....? I'm sure it will be a relaxing day, not much planned. Tomorrow (Easter) we are going to church with the couple that live next door to us then we are going to a picnic their church is putting on, so that should be fun.

So, other than this afternoon and evening, probably won't have a whole lot of time to do any stitching, or reading, but that is alright. I have plenty of time to do all those things during the week, if I can just stay off Facebook. Although I must not be on there as much as I feel like I am because I got quite a bit of stitching in last month, I finished all my goals, not so much reading in last month, but I read Anna Karenina, and that was a LOOONG book, so...I'm not gonna beat myself up over it.

I'm rambeling now, so I'll sign off and will post photos soon-promise!!! Happy Easter!