Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Abbey-Progress!

Page 8 is coming along! Slowly but surely! I am working on the front door now! I love it!  Even though it seems to be going slow, I still love this one alot! I haven't put much work into it this week, I got caught up working on my new ornament series "Christmas Critters". Plus I am reading The Stand and I'm really into it! (Yup, some nice Cheery reading for the holidays, huh?) Plus of course all the preparations for Christmas! I've just been taking it easy!

Pllus!!! I am super excited! Tomorrow is DAY 90 in a row for my 90 day Turbo Jam challenge! I did it!!! I made it through a 90 day work out! My Turbo fire showed up two days ago so I will jump right into it on Monday (Yes! Christmas Eve! I will not take the holidays off, if anything, I will work out harder to compensate for all the food I know I will consume!)  I thought Turbo Fire was a 90 day program, but it's a 150 day (5 months) program, so I will be doing JUST Turbo Fire for 90 days and the last 60 I will add P90X to it!! THAT will be a Challenge!!! I'm expecting to see some amazing results!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! And a great Holiday! Merry Christmas, if I don't get a chance to get back here before then!

And Joyful Stitching!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Finished with the Littlest stocking series!

Well, just 5 minutes ago, I finished The Littlest Stockings series! I started it in August and it's taken me 4 months to finish! Which is just ridiculous, considering when I just sit down and work on them it would only take 2-3 days at the most to finish each one (if that!) but oh well, they are done now, a week before Christmas, which is more than I can say for the Christmas Cards I decided to give up on!!! I got 3 done, and called it quits! Maybe next year!

So here is the series in it's entirety! I think the next series (tiny Christmas Critters) I will stitch all on one piece of fabric! 

And here are #'s 11 and 12, which I just finished up this morning!
Well, it's not raining (for once!) So, I am off to take the baby to the park to run off some energy so maybe she will actually go down for a nap today! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The 9 done, and movin' onto page #8!

 First up, since this IS a stitching blog, here is my progress on The Abbey! 2 more pages to stitch, then back stitch the whole thing! It's comin' along!
 While unpacking Christmas ornaments I unpacked this one! My hubby got it for me a few years ago. His mug says "Grumpy Before Coffee"....Yup! That's me!

And now for the cutest thing ever........
My daughter in pigtails!!! LOL, and she is supposed to be modeling my other favorite Christmas Ornament, a tiny cup of coffee, and it really smells like coffee, but she was too busy lookin' cute for the camera and you can't really see the ornament. Oh well, that's alright, she is so much cuter than any ornament!!!

Hope you are all enjoying the holidays and stitching blissfully away!

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Well, I really have not been stitching too much here! Just been too busy with the holidays! But I am hoping that now I've got most my Christmas Cards all sent off I will have that bit of time to put into stitching. Oh yeah, I've also been busy playing Sims3.  I had not been able to play for a long time, as my computers memory was very full, so the game wouldn't run correctly, so hubby went through and cleared out a bunch of stuff, and now it runs fine! Which is awesome! But it means i spend more time Simming and less time stitching....oops...

So instead of stitching we have been decorating.......

 and hanging stockings-three for me, my hubby and daughter, and an extra one for the soldiers who are not home this Christmas, and to remind us to pray for their safety that they will return safely and be home with their families next year for Christmas.
 Going to see Trace Adkins in Concert.  He came out here to perform for us, for free! He supports his troops.

And I did finish stockings #'s 9 and 10!

 and started #'s 11 and 12! So this set is just about done, so excited! Though I do believe it has taken me way too long to get these tiny little things done, but what can I say? There are trees to be decorated, and concerts to go to, and Sims to play! Whats a girl to do?

I hope all my readers are having a great holiday season, full of lots of stitching and family time!! I hope to share progress of The Abbey soon.  I actually finished page 9 and started 8!  
Joyful stitching! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Coming Home for the Holidays SAL Progress!

Since we missed our SAL weekend, because I was out of town, Jules and I decided to pick it up for the holiday weekend! I am actually pleasantly surprised at how much I was able to get in on this during the weekend. The weekends get a little crazy with the hubs home and the baby. It seems everytime I'm turning around someone needs to be fed, or cleaned, or entertained....ugh...But! I was able to get quite a bit of work in on it.

I worked mostly on the roof.  That durned thing is gonna kill me! It's the never ending bluish/purple mass that I will be stitching as I breath my last breath...or so it seems.  But I have to admit, it IS starting to look pretty good!!

I hope all my readers and followers in America had a wonderful Thanksgiving day! That you had a wonderful time with family and/or friends, and maybe got alot of stitching in too!

Now it's time for CHRISTMAS!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012


I did it!!! I posted about these yesterday and I made myself get off the computer and sit down and just stitch! Amazingly....I finished them both!! Now I'm trying to figure out what to do on The Abbey? Start the next two stockings? Or start Christmas card #4? Decisions Decisions!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Slow stitching....Card #3, and some tiny stocking progress

 Yup, that's what I've been doing lately....stitching very slooooowly!!Ok, it's not so much that I'm stitching slowly, but that I have had very little time to devote to it. I started this Christmas card on Halloween day, and finished it on November 15th!!! Ok, so I have a good excuse, we were out of town for 11 days, but still! I can't believe how long it took! At this rate, I will definitely not have all my Christmas stitching done for this year! I shoulda started in June....of 2010!!!! Ha! Oh well, Life happens, right?
Here are the starts to the Littlest Stockings #'s7 and 8.  Again....SLOW! I'm trying so hard not to beat myself up, I have been spending so much time with my daughter (who knew a 20 month old had soooo much energy!)  and that is so much more important than stitching, but I miss being able to just sit down and devote large chunks of my day to a project.

And "The Abbey"? Huh? What's that?! I haven't touched it since before Halloween! Same with "Coming Home For the Holidays", my SAL piece I'm doing with Julie.   I'm not anticipating a whole lot of stitching time next week, either, with Thanksgiving on Thursday. Eh, oh happens, like I said.

Also, I've been sick with a nasty cold this week, so I've been wanting to rest alot more. by the time I tuck the little one in for the night,(around 7pm) it's about all I can do to just sit and stare at the TV for about an hour before I head off to bed. Don't you hate cold medicine buzzes? They are so not productive!! I'm glad I am starting to feel alot better!

Well, it's just about time for the tiny tot to be tucked in for her nap, and I am going to try to get some good stitching in while she's out! I'm hoping she gives me at least a good 2 hours to get something done!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

On Vacation!!

I haven't been posting the last week and a half, because I am not home.  I have been stitching and will share photos soon! I am still trying to read blogs, though and think I have left a few comments here and there. Will definitely be around more once we get back home!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Christmas stockings 5 and 6 and the start of Card #3!

So, yesterday was Halloween. I sat and ate Halloween candy, while watching dvd's of Ghost hunter and stitching...Christmas stuff!!! I feel like it was a game of "What does not belong in this picture?" But, I got alot done so...hurray for productivity!

First up is Christmas Card #3....and as you can see, even from the tiny bit here, I have decided not to stick with stitching that little snowman over and over and over....and over! I just couldn't! I didn't think I could...I knew I'd get bored and need to mix it up, so now I have decided to work on ones that have a folkartsy angel and the words "Joyous Noel", I will probably do 2 of these then a different pattern...I have to have keeps life spicey! LOL

 And here are the littlest stockings #'s 5 and 6! I enjoyed these ones alot! They stitched up pretty quickly! I'm half way through with this series, so six more of these little cuties to do, then I have another set of "Tiny's"...I think they are called "Tiny Christmas Critters"....a bunch of little animals doing Christmas things! LOL.... Then onto the next series....Just gonna work my way through the whole book! =)

A few posts back a few people asked me what book I was stitching these ornaments from and it is called "Christmas Ornaments" By Kooler Design Studio, Inc. 78 Cross Stitch designs."

Thank you for reading! I hope you all had a safe Halloween, and those who were affected by storm Sandy, I pray you are all ok, with minimal damage, or even better yet! None at all! 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Littlest Stocking #4 finished, and #5 started!

Well, I did it! I finished Stocking #4 this weekend! So, now I just have 8 more to go to finish this series! 

I also made a small start on Stocking #5:
So, I got a little bit of stitching in this weekend! It feels really good to be enjoying stitching again!! I have decided to take a bit of an internet break for the next 2 days and see if I can get some good quality things done. I think that is my problem...spending toooo much time on the computer, browsing, and looking, and nothing is getting done, which frustrates me, but then I realize just how much time I spend sitting in front of the computer and I think I just need to cut WAAAY back on internet stuff.  I just have too much to do.

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Stocking Ornaments 3 and's finished, one is not!

Well, I think the stitching bug is back!!!  Although, I must admit, I spent most of the week on these 2 stockings, and as you can see, I only got one finished! I think I have just been really frustrated with lack of free time to stitch now! In past years I stitched sooo much more, and now I feel as though I don't have enough time to get everything done, so I just give up altogether! LOL...Oh well, enough bellyaching about that! I have to just be happy that I got done what I did!

But, sometimes, don't you wish everyone and every life demand would just go away, so you could get more stitching done?  Oh well.

Well, last weekend we took Alyssa to a birthday party, and she caught a cold while she was there, and now I have it, and so does hubby!!! So, I don't think this weekend is gonna be much fun! Probably a lot of loafing around and blowing/ wiping of the noses! I am really gonna try to get more of these tiny stockings done this weekend! We shall see!

Hope you have a great one!

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Abbey

Here is my latest update on The Abbey...still slogging along on this one. was hoping to have page 9 done by the end of September, but that didn't happen! Dumb stitching slump!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Coming Home For the Holidays/SAL update

Well, here is my update on Coming Home for the Holidays. My SAL with Julie. I can't believe her and I have been SALing on this for a YEAR!! I just realized that! It's slowly, and I mean SLOOOOOWLY, coming along! LOL....Still been in a stitchy rut! Man! I just have too much energy to do anything, like settle in with stitching. As soon as I sit down, get everything settled, my needle threaded, I'm ready to pop up and go do something else! I feel like I have ADHD! All I want to do is sit and read. I guess cause that doesn't take much effort, to pick up and set down. I don't want to stitch, I don't want to work on my pen paling, writing letters and stitching are just taking up tooo much thought, and not enough energy! LOL. And I think the only reason that this is, is because of  what I wanna do and AM doing well are my Turbo Jam work outs!! I am still LOVING it! I'm on day 37! And it's so much fun! So! I work out hard every day and I just don't have the want to to just SIT. Sad, since all my favorite hobbies include sitting on my butt, doing something. I just keep hopping up to do a  house chore, or play with the baby, or go for a random walk around the block! But these work outs ARE working! I am starting to look good! Not so "fluffy" (Ok....fat....)

I figure I can stitch and do all my "Sit down" hobbies after I lose my weight!  So for now I'm focusing on weight loss, and being more healthy!!

So, I'm sorry if I'm not around here posting as much as normal. I just don't have as much to share, since I'm not stitching as much!

Sorry this photo is so blurry.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We are taking Alyssa to her first birthday party!  I'm sure she'll enjoy it! The person who invited us has 7 kids, and 4 of them have birthdays this month!!! So she is throwing a BIG Birthday/Halloween bash for them. Alrighty, off to get some things done, before we're off to celebrate 4 Rugrats and Halloween!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Christmas Card #2

Well, here is Christmas Card #2. I just finished him 2 minutes ago. I think he came out alright.  I changed some of the colors around, from the original one, but all in all it's the same pattern. Not much else going on here, haven't been much in the mood to stitch, once again...been reading some great books though! And yes, once again, it looks like another typhoon is gonna get here this weekend!

Sorry for the non-cropped photo! I'm sorta in a hurry to post this, as the hubs will be home from work soon, so gotta get dinner on!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Abbey....still chuggin' along...

Well, this past weekend, we had another typhoon come through, this one was the strongest for the season yet! But, we are safe! During the storm I pulled out the Abbey. I have been putting most my attention to my Christmas pieces, and not so much on this one! Of course with my stitching slump as of late, I really wasn't in the mood for a BAP! But I think my stitching mojo DID show back up on the winds of our last typhoon, so, here is the progress:
I feel like I've been stitching page #9 FOREVER!!! There is so much confetti stitching with the flowers/bushes, that it just seems to take along time to get it all in!

Next up here is a picture of Alyssa, just relaxing with her juice and her lil' buddy-Lambchop! She was very engrossed in her movie-Finding Nemo! LOL
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Thank you all for the lovely comments! See yah again soon!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Christmas Card #2 Progress!

Here is Christmas Card #2! Well, what I have done of it! If you look back in my posts you can see the difference in color schemes, with the scarf, hat and wording. I don't like the blue area of the hat, the colors I picked didn't blend as well as I had hoped, I don't know if I will try to redo it or just leave it as is.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Littlest Stockings Ornaments 1 and 2

Finally here is a snap of my first littlest stockings ornaments! I finished these about a week and a half ago, and am just now sharing! These ARE really small! The next two that I post I will place a quarter next to them, so you can see just how small they are! They are fun little stitches! I haven't yet started the next one(s) yet, as my stitching slump is still in full swing....well, almost full's getting better, I worked on Christmas Card #2 yesterday for about an hour, it's just about done, but will share a progress photo in my next post!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Coming Home for the Holidays-Progress!

Here is my progress for the month of August! Yes, this post is half a month late! (Hanging head in shame!) This is my SAL piece with Juls, who's father passed away the beginning of this month. My prayers and thoughts go out to her, and her family at this time!

I worked mostly on the roof of the house, filling in some light violet-blue color. I am not sure what is gonna happen with this SAL, if we will continue it, as Juls was working on this as a gift for her father, and she was SOOO close to a finish, before he passed. I will still try to work it into some sort of rotation even if we stopping SALing on it together. But I know I will be thinking about this sweet stitcher and her loss every time I work on it!

Well, a typhoon (A super typhoon-Cat. 4, 133-155 mph winds) is to hit here this weekend. So, I am not sure what will happen. We normally fare pretty well here when these things hit, (no loss of power/flooding) but there is always the chance that it might happen. So, we shall see! So, mother nature has once again ruined another weekend! We'll be stuck indoors while mother nature wrecks havoc on our tiny island. I see alot of reading and possibly stitching in my weekend plans! I hope you all have a wonderful one!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I've lost it!

My stitching mojo has run away from home, not much to post....Just wanted to say hi. I DO have some photos of my stitching before my mojo ran away, but my blogging mojo went with runaway stitching mojo...I think they, when I hear back from them, I will post, for now, though, I will keep on with the reading mojo, and the exercise mojo who have seemed to come for a visit!

Another Typhoon to hit this weekend. Hmmm...maybe a good storm will blow my lost ( or runaway) mojos back to me!

Til then....Joyful stitching!

Thursday, August 30, 2012


I forgot to let you all know: I'm safe! Bolaven didn't blow me into the ocean! I got some stitching in, but spent most of my time, reading. I will post a stitching update on my first 2 "Littlest Stockings" soon. I am almost done with them, just need to back stitch the one and will share them! I haven't touched The Abbey in about a week, but I should probably still share what I have on it too! Ooops, I have been a bad blogger lately.

Will post again soon! Thank you for all the friendly well wishes for the storm, we made it through just fine, we didn't even lose electricity!

Saturday, August 25, 2012


I am sitting here as the first sheets of rain are pouring out of the sky. I live on the tiny island of Okinawa Japan, and we are waiting for Super Typhoon Bolaven to unleash it's wrath on us! It is to be the worst storm this island has seen in 13 years! Winds from 130-150 mph are expected to blow through starting later this afternoon, and all into tomorrow! Please pray for us.

We ARE safe here, as the buildings are built to withstand these storms, it's not like in the States where a storm is likely to ground entire counties. Here, as long as you stay indoors, you are pretty safe, even the windows are built to withstand the high winds, something like a windshield! We don't even have to board our windows, they are storm-ready!! I don't know what the next 48 hours will hold, if we'll lose power or anything like that, chances are we may lose it for a while, but as soon as this thing has gone past, I'll let you know how we fared!

My prayers go out to those who are looking storm Isaac in the face! I pray you all stay safe and have minimal to no damage to your property, etc.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

So, it's's not too early for it?

Nope, not when it comes to Christmas Stitching!!! My first Christmas Card finish for 2012! Last year I stitched about 10 different patterns for my cards and gave everyone a different one, but this year I have decided to do them all in this pattern...I will however be changing up the colors...of the words, and the snowman's hat and scarf, so....I don't know how this is gonna be for me, I hope I don't get bored with stitching the same design over and over and ooooveeerrr...but I also have some other Christmas Smalls I wanna get done this year too....Ornaments! I have had a book of Christmas Ornaments for quite a few years, and about 5 years ago I actually DID stitch up some of them, and used them as decoration on presents, so they all went bye bye, but this year I have decided I'm gonna open up to page #1, and stitch right through the whole book! FOR ME! (There are 78 different ornies in this book,) there are "sets" or series if you will...or collections....for example "Littlest stockings" there are 12 of them, and "Christmas Critters" twelve of them, 12 santa Clauses, 12 different animals playing in the snow, 12 different snowmen, there's a Noah's ark theme, and also a set of Country Folk as well, I want to do all of them....So, I am really excited for that project, as most of you who have read this blog for awhile know, I LOVE series of things....I'm weird, I know, so the first collection I will be doing is the "Littlest stocking" series, so will show photos of them as I work on them.

I will still work on The Abbey, as well as try to get some work in on "Snow Valley Express" (You can find it in my labels on my sidebar if you're curious! ) I took the month of July "off" from serious stitching and I come back with my mojo in full swing, ready to stitch everything I see! I love this feeling!

Thank you for reading, and for my new followers-Welcome! I am so glad you're here! I hope you enjoy seeing all my stitching, as much as I enjoy stitching them! Hope you all have a wonderful week!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ha! So much for poppin' in more in the month of August!

I was really hoping to update here more often! I HAVE been stitching! As you can see...I have just been not on the computer lately, as I am trying to catch up on some things that went undone last getting more stitching in! So, here is where I am now:
That looks really wonky, doesn't it? Like the bottom part is is! LOL....But you can see how far along I have gotten! Quite a little bit, I'd say. I was hoping to get a finish on this page by the end of this month! I think if I stay focused, I may get it done! Wish me luck!

Monday, August 06, 2012

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

IIII'm Baaaack!!!

Hey everyone! I'm back! I can't believe it's been 1 week shy of a month since I posted here! But I KNEW July would be busy so I slacked off on stitching and a bunch of my other monthly goals, I usually set for myself, and was just a woman of leisure!
Since this IS a stitching blog, I'll show you the stitchy stuff first! I worked on page 9 of the Abbey. All that on the lower right area is all I got in on this...or on anything! This is the ONLY stitching I did all month! Not bad, but definitely not to par with what I can normally accomplish in a month! (Sorry it's blurry!)
As I mentioned in my past post that my wedding anniversary is in July. And we spent 4 days at the beach. It shoulda been a great time, but everything and anything was against that. (From bad weather to our car breaking down to a scheduled power outage leaving us in a hot cabin for 3-4 just went on and on!) However, the view from our cabin? Spectacular! See?
And this last photo is just a cute one of my girl! She is growing so fast! She LOVES to have her photo taken! And whenever you aim a camera her way she throws a big ole' cheeser! She's my lil' ham!
I hope you all had a wonderful July! And I am hoping to pop in here more often in August! Not much going on now that the crazy month of July is done and over with! Back to regular ole everyday life....and stitching!!!

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Just a quick hello!!

Wow! What a month so far! I have been busy, sure, but no where near too busy to post, I have just been taking some time off from the normal things of life.

This may sound crazy, but every so often I have to deprive myself of the things I love best so that when I come back to them I enjoy them more....does that make sense? I sometimes feel as though I take for granted some of my favorite things, so then I need a break just to change things up, and then when I come back to it, it is special to me once again. Am I crazy? I just needed a change, so for this months change, I am taking a "break" from some of my most loved things, like reading, and stitching. So that when I come back to them they will be once again something special to me.

I guess in a way this is a blessing, how awesome is it that I am so pampered that in order to really appreciate the things I love I have to take a break from them so when I get back to them they are once again wonderful to me? I guess it's the whole "absence makes the heart grow fonder" train of thought....=/ weird, I have also done this with coffee, drinking daily tea instead and only having coffee on the weekends. I think when you do or have something so often, or all the time, it is no longer a treat. I want to once again be excited about my reading and my stitching, so need to take a break, and am focusing on a few other things I need to pay attention to right now.

So, I WILL be back, but for now, just taking a break! Don't worry, I won't be gone forever!
Hope all my American readers had a wonderful 4th of July!!!

See yah again soon!

Sunday, July 01, 2012

SAL progress on Coming Home for the Holidays-July

Still working on the left hand side, with back stitching, and also worked a bit on the light blue in the roof, you can hardly see's slowly coming along, when you think that when we started this SAL in Oct and it looked like this:
Yup, it's come quite away!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Tag! I'm it!

Well, I've been tagged by TWO people for the 11-questions dealy Mcthingamajigger that's goin' around! So I guess I have TWO sets of Questions to that right? I don't mind! I'll do it! Because I like these girls! They are good questions too!

So, Jules...ops, I can't go to her page because it's flagged for Ma
lware...hmmm...but I can read it off the googlereader! hahaha! LOL

1) What is the strangest thing you’ve ever confessed to eating for breakfast?
I don't think I have eaten weird stuff for breakfast! =)
2)When shopping, what aisle do you gravitate to first?
BOOKS!!!! Then baby stuff!
3)What is the most recent book you’ve read?

"The Pact" by Jodi Piccoult
And am currently reading "Immortal in death" by JD Robb
4)Who is your favourite movie star dream guy/gal?
Josh Holloway (LOST) and Eric Dane (Grey's Anatomy)...and so many more! =)

5)Do you file your patterns by Designer, Alphabetically or by Category?
I'm not that picky! If they fit in the box, in they go! =)
6)Do you stick to the pattern when stitching or change it up?
Stick to it!
7)Would you ever want to try your hand at designing?
Yeah it'd be fun!
8) Do you tend to stitch more or less in the summer months?
Less, I would rather be outdoors!
9)Have you ever attended a stitching retreat?
No, just one more thing to add to my List of things to do before I die!
10)If money wasn’t an issue and you had the opportunity to choose from one or the other,
11)Do you track the hours you spend on a stitching project?
I used to, but now it's hard because I have to hop up alot during stitching to deal with the baby.

Now for terri's list:
1. What is your favorite television show?
I have too many....Right now it's CSI....all three
2. What was your favorite band when you were a teenager?
I was into hair bands, Guns-n-Roses. Motley Crue, Warrant, Metallica
3. Have you ever been in a hurricane?
No, but I've been through three typhoons, which is the pacific equivilant of a hurricane
4. Have you ever played in the pouring rain?
Oh yeah! Fun times!
5. What is your favorite pro team? (hockey, baseball, football, soccer etc)
6. Have you ever traveled to France to watch the Tour de France?
7. Have you ever taken dance lessons?
8. Have you ever totally gotten into a song (singing and dancing in your seat) while sitting at a traffic light?
9. What is your favorite alcoholic drink?
Jack and coke and Guinness
10. What was your favorite thing to do on summer vacation when you were a kid?
Lay on my bed and read in the cool comfort of my parents house
11. Do you have a book that you read over and over and will do so again? If so, what book?
"The Bestseller" by Olivia Goldsmith

I think everyone else has been tagged, but if you want to participate, feel free. My 11 Questions are:

1. Coffee or tea?
2. Reading or stitching?
3. Tennis shoes and socks or flip flops?
4. Hand written letters or e-mail?
5. Chocolate or Vanilla?
6. Big juicy steak with potatoes or Salad?
7. If you had a million dollars what would you do with it?
8. If you had to spend the rest of your life doing one thing what would it be?
9. Sunshine or rain?
10. You get the chance to hang out with one person for 24 hours who would it be?
11. What is your favorite thing to eat for dinner?

I guess thats it! =)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Red Headed step child of stitching projects!

As you can see, I have been diligently working on this Pain in the hiney project! I finished all the x's in the roof of the house and am about ready to start the backstitching! Alot of the blue on the right hand side of the house, next to the roof is what I had to frog out! By the time I was done, there was nothing there! I think I am about done with the pink flowers in the front of the house as well. When I look at it like this I am pleased at how far along it has come!

Thank you all for your lovely comments! And my new followers! I have been tagged by Terri and gotta go see what I gotta do, and then I'll post a separate post about that! =) Thank you girls for thinking of me!!

This weekend I will be working on my SAL project with Jules, so...I will be posting that progress on Monday, or so! And we'll see what kind of progress this next month will turn out, since July is a pretty busy month for us!

Well we just got home from hubby's work 4th of July picnic and I'm hot and tired so off to grab a glass of Raspberry Iced Tea and my book!

Joyful stitching and a wonderful 4th of July to all my American readers!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Abbey- page 6 DONE!!!

I am so excited about this! Because my goal for this one for this month was to finish page 6 and with the exception of 7 stitches, I made it!!! What with all my playing computer games. I didn't think it would happen, but I did it! so, now I will scoot down and work on page 9, (the page directly under 6) If you followed my progress on "Howling at the Moon", you know I like to start on page 5 (dead center), and work my way in a spiral, clockwise. I don't know why, but that is just how I like to work these big ole' things!

I have to apologize for the double post of The Abbey, (meaning I posted about it twice in a row, without posting about the birdhouse in between) I have been working on it, but last week found a horrible error, and ended up pulling a huge chunk out on the right hand side, so while I did make some progress I also regressed as well (Is that the right word?) last week I didn't get my Abby post in 'til late int he week, so didn't get birdhouse up either. I think I have decided that instead of it being called "Cozy Re-tweet" I have decided to nic name it "Crazy Re-tweet", because I feel like I'm going crazy every time I work on it, somehow i find something wrong at every turn, or something! I am SO just about to call it quits on that one! And to think there are 2 more to stitch! NOOOOOOO!!!!!! I will have to be committed to the loony bin by the time I finish the last one! But! I have made a solid decision that I WILL have working copies of the pattern for the next two!

So, for sure I will be posting progress on Crazy Re-tweet this week.

My goals for that one for the month was to finish birdhouse #1, and start #2....didn't happen!!!
And for July I am not sure how much stitching I will get in, as it is a busy month for us, I have 4th of July holiday, Hubby's birthday, and our wedding anniversary all in July. And The hubs has decided to spirit me away to the beach for 4 lovely days to spend the weekend in a nice cabin overlooking the ocean. However, I was thinking about it, and this late in the game, I'm not sure he'll be able to get reservations for the cabins, they are usually all booked up for the summer! So, we will see!

That is all for us here. Looking forward to some (lots!) of family time next month!
Joyful stitching! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Abbey-Progress!

For the most part I have been working on the right hand side on all those beautiful clouds! I love all those violets/grey-violets! So pretty! I haven't been stitching too much, been doing other things. I found two new types of computer games I really enjoy and I have bought about 6-7 new ones and have been spending all my time with them! My husband is a die hard gamer, he's the stay up all night swilling Mt.Dew kind of gamer, and I have never been THAT into games, I'm not into the shoot em up kinda things he likes, killing all things from people to aliens to zombie kinda thing, but I have found HOGS (Hidden object/mystery) games, and Time management games (where you are given so much time to complete a certain number of tasks) and I am addicted! So have been spending much more time in front of the computer with these silly (but addictively fun) games. And not as much time with my stitching...I'm sure this obsession will run it's course and I will soon be back to my stitching regularly, but lately I've been a bit distracted...

I think the fact that I've not been stitching as much has also kept me from blogging....after all, what am I supposed to blog about if I have no progress?
Well, thank you all for stopping by and saying hello! And I am trying to make the rounds and say hello to you all in your comment boxes, which my googlereader overfloweth, so I am slowly getting through it all, and there is ALOT of gorgeous stitching going on out there!

Joyful Stitching!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Two projects in one post!! I am definitely behind!

Well, I have been having lazy days lately! I am still stitching but just not posting! BAD ME! I shall sit in the corner later!
But for right now I am going to share Coming Home for the Holidays, my SAL piece. I am still working mainly on the left hand side of the house.
I got so much stitching in now I have decided it's time to start some of the backstitch:
Can you see it?
Next up is Birdhouse #1. The last time I posted about this one, I was griping about it, and it's still not my favorite project, but we are at least on speaking terms again! See? I was trying to pin point the problem as to why I hated it so much....I got all the threads I need now, and I realized that it is because I didn't make a working copy of the pattern before I started, so sometimes I just feel lost!! And I end up spending so much time counting and recounting just to try to find my place! And it is hard, because so many of the colors (Especially in the roof) are almost identical! UGH! I WILL be making a working copy to highlight of the next house in the series!!
And last but not least...some cuteness to brighten up this post!
LOVE that smile!! Anyway, our weather has been horrid lately, we have a Typhoon on the way to hit late Monday. we'll see, the last one that was to hit last week veered off to the east and we didn't even get any of the affects at all.
Well that's about it in my corner of the world! Happy stitching!

Oh yeah, and I haven't even picked up The Abbey since I last posted about it! So This weekend I am hoping to get some work in on it! Well, providing I don't get blown away by the typhoon, I will post progress on it in my next post! I am almost finished with page 6 of it! I really wanted to finish p. 6 and start the next page by months end...we shall see!

Sunday, June 03, 2012

The Year of the House...The Abbey-progress!

I was thinking about the three pieces I am currently working on and realized that all three of them are of a house! The Abbey-A house, Cozy Re-Tweet?- A bird house, and Coming home for the Holidays-ANOTHER house!! I DO enjoy stitching houses, though, anyone else out there with me who can claim that a nice house makes a great stitching subject?!

Annyway, here is my progress on this piece, I have just been filling in the clouds you see there to the far right! I had a most unproductive weekend when it came to stitching, for some reason the past week or so, I have been EXHAUSTED! I don't know why! I nap when the baby naps, and yet, come 9:00 at night I am ready to tuck in for the night! And this past Saturday was sorta busy, as I went out to lunch with someone who'd been pestering me for weeks to "hang out". I finally gave in and there went my whole Saturday! Grrrr...

So, anyway, there is a big storm out at sea and it looked like it might hit here, but it's turned more east, and it probably won't hit land. Durn! I was hoping my hubby would have a day off. There is just something so deliciously cozy about sitting on the couch with book or stitching quietly while a storm is raging on outside! Oh well, this is barely the beginning of Typhoon season,t here will be more, I'm sure!

That's about it here for me! Happy stitching!

Friday, June 01, 2012

Cozy Re-Tweet update!

Have you ever had a project you just loved at the beginning but a little ways in you lose the love? That has been this project for me! But I keep trying to stitch on it a bit every week! I think part of the problem is I didn't pull all the flosses I need when I started so I don't have them handy, so I need to do that so maybe I won't feel so "restricted" I ran out of a color I need, and I don't know if it's in my stash or if I need to buy it....which chances are they won't have it in stock here....=(

So, while I still love the design, I am hating stitching this project....which makes me sad, because I really wanted to love this one! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Progress- The Abbey

Well, I'm just about done with the house part on the page I'm on (6) and am now starting to work on filling in the clouds! I really am enjoying this one!
How was everyone's Memorial day Weekend? Mine was nice, relaxing. I didn't get a lot of stitching in, as I have a hard time doing so when the hubby is home, but I got a little bit in. We BBQed on Monday and just had a nice family time weekend!

Was thinking about going to the movies on Sunday afternoon, but I had a bad headache that day, so we ended up cancelling the babysitter and not going. Took a nap and just relaxed.

That's about it here! I hope all my American readers had a wonderful holiday Weekend.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cozy Re-Tweet progress!

Wow, I have been calling this one every name but what it's REAL name is, But the title of this post is the CORRECT name for this project...Cozy Re-Tweet, NOT Sweet Re-Tweet, OR Home-Tweet Home....WHERE did I get those from?!?!?! ::shaking head::

So here is the last 2/2 1/2 weeks worth of work on this one, it is stitching up pretty quickly! I am enjoying working on this!

Well, this is a 4 day weekend, so not sure what we will do with 4 free days, but if the weather is nice, we may go to the beach, we'll see!

Hope you have a nice holiday (or non-holiday, if you're not in America) weekend!!
See yah all on Monday!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Abbey Progress- 2 weeks worth!

Sorry for the craptastic photo! It's really dark out today, so couldn't get anything better, indoor lighting just washed it out and the others had massive shadows (even worse than this!) Of course the lighting had nothing to do with the lovely creases and folds, nope, that's ALLL ME!

I missed last weeks postings BIG time! I couldn't even tell yah why...laziness probably! Ooops!
Not much going on around here, just enjoying playing with little Alyssa and passing the days away! Happy stitching!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A new start! Sweet Retweet, #1

Here's about 2 weeks worth of work on the First Piece (Of 3). You can look here, to see what the finished piece will look like! It's a pretty spring like looking birdhouse! It's stitching up pretty quickly!! Thank you all for the lovely comments, on my Coming Home for the Holidays progress! I will be sharing Progress on "The Abbey" on Monday! I have finished page three (just this afternoon, infact!) and am now onto page 6! I am more than half way finished with that one! 5 of 9 pages are done! See yah all Monday! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!