Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Two projects in one post!! I am definitely behind!

Well, I have been having lazy days lately! I am still stitching but just not posting! BAD ME! I shall sit in the corner later!
But for right now I am going to share Coming Home for the Holidays, my SAL piece. I am still working mainly on the left hand side of the house.
I got so much stitching in now I have decided it's time to start some of the backstitch:
Can you see it?
Next up is Birdhouse #1. The last time I posted about this one, I was griping about it, and it's still not my favorite project, but we are at least on speaking terms again! See? I was trying to pin point the problem as to why I hated it so much....I got all the threads I need now, and I realized that it is because I didn't make a working copy of the pattern before I started, so sometimes I just feel lost!! And I end up spending so much time counting and recounting just to try to find my place! And it is hard, because so many of the colors (Especially in the roof) are almost identical! UGH! I WILL be making a working copy to highlight of the next house in the series!!
And last but not least...some cuteness to brighten up this post!
LOVE that smile!! Anyway, our weather has been horrid lately, we have a Typhoon on the way to hit late Monday. we'll see, the last one that was to hit last week veered off to the east and we didn't even get any of the affects at all.
Well that's about it in my corner of the world! Happy stitching!

Oh yeah, and I haven't even picked up The Abbey since I last posted about it! So This weekend I am hoping to get some work in on it! Well, providing I don't get blown away by the typhoon, I will post progress on it in my next post! I am almost finished with page 6 of it! I really wanted to finish p. 6 and start the next page by months end...we shall see!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Your stitching is beautiful but not as beautiful as that sweet smile from that darling angel.

Grit said...

Das wird wunderschön.
Liebe Grüße Grit

Lana said...

Vielen Dank! Ich grüße Sie auch!

Lana said...

Thank you Michelle! Her smile is infectious! You can't help but to smile when you see her smile!

Carla said...

aww your little girl is so cute!
good progress on both pieces =)

Jules said...

Love your progress on Coming Home! I am posting mine today.

I understand your frustration with not having a working copy to mark. Until I learned that trick, I would get frustrated.

Alyssa is such a cutie!!

Stay safe during your typhoon season. We are in the early part of our hurricane season here and already had 1 storm hit the northeastern part of the state. We have been getting quite a bit of rain in the late evenings. Much needed...

mdgtjulie said...

And Oh, what cuteness. How adorable is that?!? Hope the typhoon doesn't hit you (or maybe a little bit if you need some rain?) and that you get lots more stitching time. I love your projects. They're both lovely!

Kathy Ellen said...

Wonderful stitching progress! Couldn't you just melt into that adorable little smile?

Brigitte said...

Lana, I love both these WIPs, but particularly Coming Home. It's a gorgeous design, right after my taste. Nice progress pictures!

Anonymous said...

Lovely stitching and a very sweet little girl!