Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Thank you!

Thank you all for the comments and support on the whole job situation. I was just really let down, you know? but I'm over it now, he still may call me in a few days or a week, and try to work me in somewhere as he put it, but in the meantime it only means more stitching time for me! So why I was crying in my cheerios yesterday, I don't know. It was just the dissapointment that got to me I guess, I'm fine now.
Last night while watching the first season of LOST which DH brought back with him from Iraq, way back in September, which I had started watching then, but must have gotten new series of other shows I like more because I stopped watching. So, I watched it and stitched on Snow Valley Express, and although I am not finished with the backstitching on the first page, I started stitching page two! So, I don't have much by way of progress to show, but I plan on working on it today and hopefully will be able to share a progress photo later. Although for some reason, I have been wanting to pull out Holiday Airing. Ah well, there are plenty of hours in the day, and so I suppose I could work on both, right?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


You know? I really hate it when people waste my time! And I hate it when people drag me along on a string, and get my hopes up and drop me. I don't need that stuff. The other week, I dropped an application off, and yesterday the guy finally called me, and asked me to come in and talk to him, and he was all gung ho, "Yeah you can start tonight" he says. I filled out all the paperwork, and leave sahke the guy's hand and say "See yah later tonight". So I called him just five minutes ago to ask him a question and he said "You know? We like your attitude and your spunk, and that's great, you seems like you have good work ethic, and are ready to go, but I have this that and the other I gotta talk to my boss about and yada yada yada, but I'll keep your name on file, and give you a call if I need you, but I have some other people I'm considering, and so give me a few days and I'll give you call, maybe I can work you in somewhere."
"Work me in somewhere huh?" He sorta made it sound like he didn't think I could do it. I am so pissed! I hope he knows I won't wait for ever for him to "work me in somewhere"
Oooh, I am so mad! What an ass! Sorry, excuse the language, I'm just ticked off!
I guess I should be happy, I can use the time to stitch! yippee! So, I am off to get some stitching in, since I wasted my morning on someone who apparently doesn't think I'm capable. What an idiot.
I did go to the dentist and was a good girl, I feel like there is grit in my teeth from the cleaning stuff, but at least she just used that horrible scraper thing to clean and not the blow torch thingy, that blasts the plaque off with a thousand pounds of pressure of water. I can do the scraping thing, the water that blasts my teeth to death, no.
Well, I am now free to go and stitch my evening away. I should be happy. It's just the whole let down of the thing, you know? You get your hopes up, things sound good, then it's like "Oh wait...NOT!" Stupid people drive me crazy.

Monday, February 26, 2007

I did it! ...Sorta

Well, I said my goals for this weekend past was to finish two projects, the first being "February", the Erica Michaels freebie, which I did-no problem, by Saturday night, however, even though I got very close, I was not able to finish the card this weekend. Me and DH spent much of yesterday cleaning up the back yard from the debris from the wind storm we had on Saturday. We also got the garage cleaned up, as most of the time it ends up being a dumping ground for extra stuff we don't know what to do with.
So, we were pretty busy, I did however get the card finished today though. My friend's birthday isn't even until the middle of March, so I don't know why I was in such a hurry to finish it, but I just wanted to have a finish under my belt, plus it was small so it shouldn't have taken long, which it didn't,once I sat down and worked soley on it. I think it is super cute! All that white int he sheep was killing me thouhg, is it just me, or does it seem like anything white on white just takes FOREVER? It doesn't look like much, but I had to switch back and forth between doing the backstitching and the white in the lil' sheep. She's cute, though, she looks like she's ready for Easter, with her little bonnet! I found her in a Liesure Arts Leaflet called "Short and Sweet #3...50 more miniature sayings" By Kooler Design studio. Apparently there are more in this series. I was given this book by a pen pal of mine who inherited BOXES of patterns and floss from her mother when she passed away last summer. And although I must admit, that some of the books she sent me aren't really my type of pattern, alot of what she did send have come in handy with card and smallish gift ideas.

Now I just have to work on one of my other BAP I have in the works. These two smallish ones were a nice distraction for the weekend. I think today I will pull out Dare to Dream, and see what I can do about that one, as I think I told you last time when I talked about that project that I had miscounted, but I think I know how to fudge through it. Gosh I hope. So, I may have a progress photo of that one here soon.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Happy Windsday Pooh!

Well, today is what Winnie the Pooh would call a "blustery day" in the big country! winds at 35-40 MPH! The skies are dark with dirt and dust, I feel like I'm breathing in dust whenever I breath! I can feel the gritty-ness of it in my teeth! My shed is falling apart, panel by panel, and another part of my old worn out fence has gone to the ground!
I HATE WIND!!!!! It is also driving my sinuses banarkers!
Well, I am going to settle in on the couch and watch more CSI and stitch. This morning I finished the February piece, which was part of my goal for this weekend, and I started the "March" project, but now I think I need to put it away and pull out the card for my friend, I worked on it a bit this morning, but I want to concentrate on it, so while I go watch TV, I will attempt o finish it!
Last night, me and DH watched "How to make an American Quilt." Has anyone ever seen it?! It is really good. I have seen it a few times so far, I own it on VHS, but last night was the first time Rob had seen it, and even he liked it! Made me want to pull out my quilt blocks I have started piecing, which I haven't picked up in...well...a LONG time!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Progress photo Friday

This is last weeks progress:

This weeks progress:

This week I have worked soley on Isaiah, my SAL piece. I have just been too lazy to pull out any of my other projects. Although today I do feel like I could work on something else...maybe try to finish up that card for my friend. or finish the Erica Michaels February Freebie. That will take a bit of research though, as I am not using the called for threads on that one, so I am having to match the DMC colors to the threads used by the really wouldn't take too long once I get going on it again. So, this weekend I think I should make it my goal to finish the card and the February freebie, afterall, February IS almost gone, and it will be time to start on March. Well, I am off to get some breakfast and then pop in a DVD and stitch the rest of the morning away. I have so much I want to do today. Including play SIMS and read, since I need to finish up "Looking for Peyton place". It has been a really good read, but for some reason, it is slow going. I only have about 15 more pages to go, but the last 50 pages have just taken me FOREVER! I need to get moving onto my next one, if I am ever going to make my reading goals for the year!

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Well, the house seems chilly this morning, as we have been having really nice weather in the afternoons, like in the 70's, so I told DH to turn the heater off, because it warms up by 11 in the morning, plus I like the house cool for sleeping and for doing my workout in the mornings too. So, anyway. I need to show some progress photos...I know. this entire week since I've been home (It's only been two days) I have worked on "Isaiah 40:31" So, I will be posting progress of that one tomorrow. I will probably work A bit on that one today and then switch over to something else, I feel like working on something small...either February, or the card. So, I guess that is what is on the agenda today. It has been so nice out that I think I may work in the yard today later, or go for a nice long walk. I smell spring in the air!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I'm baa-ack!

Hello all! And thank you for your wonderful comments on my progress photos. well, this past weekend, pretty much was horrible, but that's alright, because,'s in the past! We were basically going to FL so my DH could help his dad work on putting in plumbing into a house he won in an auction. (Don't ask!) anyway, it is this old victorian house that was built in like 1900 or something, and the last tendent let the place to go to pot, so, it is really run down. They have their work cut out for them, that is for sure. So most of the time we were just at the house or at Home Depot buying LOTS and LOTS of plumbing supplies. The weather was FREEZING! It got in the twenty's at night. Poor Freedom, she had to stay in the drafty old,creepy house while we all got to stay in FIL's nice warm pets. The drive was L-O-N-G, and we didn't get home until almost 3 this morning, and then poor DH had to get up three hours later and go to work. It was bad, because we both got really sleepy just about an hour from home and like at one point I started seeing double, that is how tired I was! and we didn't want to stop, because we were so close, we just wanted to get home, so, we rolled down the windows and sang Weird Al songs at the top of our lungs to stay awake!! Anyone who saw us would have thought we were drunk or high or something, but there was no way we were gonna pull off to take a snooze half an hour away from home! It was just crazy! I am so glad to put this trip in the past! That house gave me the creeps!
Anyway, stitching wise, when I last posted, I wasn't sure what I wanted to take with me, if anything. I ended up kitting up a small thing I am going to make into a birthday card for my best friend, It has a picture of a sheep wearing a bonnet, and it says "Ewe are special" I will post a picture probably tomorrow. I am still very sleepy from our trip. I feel jet lagged. I didn't even finish the card. I worked on it in the car, when I got really bored. I got some reading done too, but not much!
Basically I just lived a weekend I don't care to re-live-ever.

oh, more thing!

I just wanted to comment, that while I was away I wasn't able to get to a computer to check blogs or anyhting, because we were so busy! And so I tried to guess how many feeds would be in my google reader when I got back...I way underestimated! You guys write too much! Stop it! LOL. Just kidding of course! Now I just have to catch up! Well, off to read blogs!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Progress photos

Well! I finally beat my slump on Snow Valley Express! Between yesterday and today I think I got at least 5 or 6 hours in on it, and aside from the back stitching, which I started today and a handful of cross stitches, in the lower left hand side around the tracks and a tuft of snow in the trees, I have just about got this paged nailed! I am thinking that I may be able to start page two of this before my first thought of date-next month. I know I won't get much stitching in this weekend as we are leaving tonight to go to FL, but I have seriously been neglecting my reading so I will use this weekend to do that, and when I get home I will be putting some serious time into this piece. To tell you the truth I thought the backstitch on this puppy would be a pain, because there is a lot of detail, but it really isn't, not yet anyway, it's been pretty smooth so far.

And next up, is my progress picture of my SAL project. Which we agreed that we would share photos on Friday's, but seeing as how I won't be home tomorrow I decided to show this weeks progress now. (Hope you don't mind Cindy!) For the most part I worked on the mountain range...I really love those colors, and I put in a bit more of the verse as well.
So, I hope you all have a great weekend. I don't know if I will be able to post or anything while I'm gone for the next 4 days, because I may not have internet access, but to tell you the truth I am probably not even going ot take any stitching with me...Well, I may, just for the cause of because, but I doubt I will pull it out and work on it. I don't know what this weekend will entail, really. So, I will take it just incase, I may have some time. See yah here when I get back!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Train? What train? I didn't see no train!

The train I speak of would got it...snow Valley express, and as you can probably guess from my title, I didn't work on it yesterday! I should be shot! I worked on my SAL piece for about 2 hours, and that was all the stitching I got done yesterday. For some reason I was so stinking tired yesterday! I slept the afternoon away, as I was trying to read. My hubby got home from work and was exhausted as well, so we just slept. Today I slept in, despite the fact that I took a long nap in the afternoon and went to bed early last night, and it was so hard to get out of bed this morning. I would just like to have stayed there all day! Well, probably not, but at the moment right after I decided to get up and was still laying there thinking about it, the idea seemed really good. but we are going out of town this weekend, for about 4 days, to visit FIL in Florida so I have a ton of stuff to do, to get the house cleaned up, get our laundry done up and ready to be packed, and all sorts of things, so we can leave, therefore, sleeping all day was NOT an option. Plus, my stitching was calling, and my book too. I need to be productive today though, so I gotta do the chores first! Then! I shall reward myself with the fun stuff! well, Happy Valentine's day everyone!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The weather outside is frightful....

Well, there's no snow, but it is cold and dreary out there! Ok, confession time! I did not work on Snow Valley Express! I know, I know, I can hear you all groaning, I'm sure you were rootin' for me! But I let you down! (picture me sighing a defeated sigh with my head hung and slumped shoulders here...) but! I did make great progress on "February" and to prove my point here is a photo:

Not bad, huh? I still have to stitch in the ground hog at the top, and finish the purple swirlys at the bottom. I have totally changed this one! the swirls were supposed to be black, and there is supposed to be a little heart button on the bottom left, but I don't have that (Just as "January" was to have button eyes ont he snowman...but I improvised with two black stitches.) And, I am thinking about making one other change to this piece as well, if you look really closely, you can see there is a border around the word February, just as there was in January, but it really blends in with the fabric, so I am actually thinking about pulling that all out and putting in a light pink border, or something that will show up a bit better. I made good progress on it.
Yesterday was one of the most non productive days in my life (other than this stitching) I was having the kind of day where my computer kept calling me. I read blogs until my eyes crossed. Then, I had gone to myspace and left a note for a person who I found that I knew a long time ago, who when we had last spoken we left on bad terms, but it has been bugging me all these years because we were such good friends, and I lost touch with them, and always thought, "Man if I could just go back and apologize and do things differently..." and so! I saw this person on myspace awhile ago, and I've just been too scared to leave them a note, and yesterday I did! So, I kept going back to the computer to see if they'd left me a note back. They eventually did, and things are cool. I was able to "make peace" with the situation, and now have closure. We will probably not ever be the best of friends, but I can say hi there online every once in a while. And at least I have the sence of peace knowing that they don't hate me or anything! So, I spent too much time on this machine yesterday, when we all know I should have been stitching on Snow Valley Express. Which today is my SAL day with Cindy, and so I will probably work on that project for a little bit, but then I will kick myself into gear and pull out the dreaded train! I will NOT go to bed until I have worked on the thing for at least an hour! So, at this point, since it is still early...only 8:35 in the morning, I think that between now and the time I go to bed (around11, or so tonight) I should be able to find ONE hour to get some stitching in on that piece. ok, enough rambeling, I'm off to exercise and then stitch!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Google reader is the bestest invention ever!

Ok, well, maybe not the best EVER but wow! I have been reading and reading and reading and reading lots of blogs! and then I decided that I needed to blog myself, and then show you my finish from last night! I was so absolutely sure of finishing "January" this week that at 10 last night I realized that I hadn't stitched on him all day, infact I hadn't done ANY stitching all day, and so I said "Before I go to bed tonight, I AM GOING TO FINISH THIS ONE!" and I sat down, and ten minutes later, it was done! Now it is onto February! Although I have actually already started it! But I only have a bit of the border done so there is much left to do! I think that is what I will work on today.
I also need to get a move on with Snow Valley Express, and I want to work on Holiday Airing as well. Last week I was so into January, Isaiah, and the Abbey, that everything else was practically forgotten. So I think this week I need to pull out Snow Valley, whether I want to or not, and get some significant work in on it! I am really close to finishing the first page, and I think if I stop putting it off, I should be able to finish the first page this month! That will give me about two months, and the first part of May as well, to finish the second page as dad's birthday isn't until mid May. So, my goal is to have it finished by May 1st,(no later than the 6th) that way I can get it ready to be framed and get it shipped to him by his birthday! I talk big, don't I? What do you wanna bet that my father's birthday will come and go AGAIN this year without the piece being finished?! I hate to think that way, but...I have very little motivation when it comes to that project. But yet, as it's a gift, and I know my dad will love it, I so want to have it finished for him. So, in reality I need to set aside my selfish "I don't wanna's" and just sit down and say "I love my dadu and so I am going to finish this as a labor of love" Right? (I can hear you all agreeing with me!) O.k. so today will be "February" and "Snow Valley Express". No Exceptions!
ps...If you're all wondering, no, that isn't a typo- I call my dad "Dadu" and I call my mother "Moozie". And since my mother and I are best friends, she calls me "Woozie". Hey! it's fun! name calling has finally reached a happy peak! You should try it sometime! You might like it!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Happy Saturday

I should post photos today, but I am not, because Hubby is ont he computer, so it will have to either wait until later, or tomorrow, sorry! I just wanted to say thank you Cindy for the tip on google reader! I did it, and boy is reading my blogs much easier now! I love it! It is hard to post comments though, well, not hard, I just have to remember to sign into blogger first, then I can post comments.
Well, yesterday I started reading my 6th book for the year. I am doing so good with my reading! I'm so proud of myself!!! Well, i gotta get going, me and hubby are gonna watch a movie and I just made a scrummy yellowcake, from very first time doing that! I usually just make it from a box. I also made frosting, but I am not sure if we like it yet or not. I will have to see how it is on the cake first, because just to taste it, it taste...weird. But it may be better once it is on the cake itself Anyone want to come over and have some cake?

Friday, February 09, 2007

Thank you for the comments! ::hugs::

First off, I want to say thank you to everyone who sent me comments after my whiney little post yesterday! It is so nice to know that people DO read my stuff. I changed my template. I saw someone elses, and thought “Hmmm…I like that!” So I decided to do it!

Well, once again it is Friday and post day for my SAL. I must admit, I did very little on it this week. well, now comparing the two pictures, I guess i did more on it that I thought. I have really been concentrating on my Erica Michael designs. I am almost done with “January” and I started February yesterday.

last weeks progress:

This weeks progress...

Suzanne, can you tell me what your blog URL is? I looked on your profile, but the link wasn’t there.

Well, it is yet another gray cold day out. Yesterday I actually enjoyed taking my puppy out for a romp around in the back yard. I sat on the steps huddled in a warm blanky, and a cup of hot coffee, and she romped, every so often bringing me her toy to throw for her!

Hmmm…Today I was thinking about working on Holiday Airing today. I will probably try to finish up “January” today and then work on Holiday Airing! But we shall see!

January Progress...almost done! Poor guy is missing have the top of his head!

Oh, and I wanted to say that I am revamping my blog reading system. I am currently a part of the Stitchingbloggers yahoo group, and I realized that I don’t read very many of the other member's blogs, because I already had my others that I read and enjoyed. I have cleared things out and started reading my group blogs, in an attempt to become more active with the people of the group. So, many of the blogs there I have never read before, so as is my style, I will read them all the way through and then assign them a day to be read for the week. I don’t know if that makes any sence to anyone reading this blog (which I realized yesterday more read this blog than I originally thought, thank you!) but it makes sence to me!
Well, on that note, I am off to post photos of my stitching and go pick up my stitching for the day. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bye bye pretty weather!

What the heezy happened to our beautiful spring like weather?! Yesterday and Tuesday it was absolutely the most beautiful of days! And today...blech! It is all dark and gray and cold! I wish this weather would just make up it's mind!
Oh well, at least now I have no excuse for sitting in my warm fuzzy blankets and stitching the day away!
Yesterday I did no stitching at all. I stayed in bed and read. For most of the day, the part where I wasn't outside enjoying the beautiful weather!
O.k. I am not sure what is going on, maybe my blog is just uberboring, but I get very few comments, and this is starting to hurt my feelings. I always hear from Cindy...Thank you so much for that! I even joined a online group of bloggingstitchers, thinking that if I met more people...but nope.
I see blogs with like 20/30 comments everyday, and I get 0-3 on average! I must really suck. I'm having a pity party. Sorry, I sound so pitiful, don't I?! I just feel lonely out here in blogworld all by myself! I just feel like what's the point?! I mean I KNOW what I'm stitching so I really could just write a journal about it in a notebook, but I really liked the idea of sharing my stitching with others, but I feel like no one even reads this thing, but Cindy, and every so often a few other people too. Am I really as alone out here as I feel? Someone please let me know!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Isaiah day!

So, yes, it's Tuesday, it is my SAL day with Cindy, but!!!! I didn't even pull Isaiah out...well, not yet, the day's not over yet, not for about another 5 1/2 hours. So, I still may get something in on it. I was all engrossed in my "January" freebie that I totally (oh please forgive me Cindy)...forgot! I realized it late this afternoon and then I just told myself, well, the day isn't over yet. I really didn't even stitch much to tell you the truth, I was pretty busy today. I slept in until 8, I did a bunch of dishes, I vaccuumed the house, I played with my dog, I talked to my mom on the phone for two hours, I wrote a bunch of letters that I needed to write, I read a bunch of blogs that I wanted to catch up on. Then my hubby came home and we talked, he came in on the computer, and I started making dinner, and then! His phone rang! And he had to go back to work. So! our dinner was half done cooking and he runs out the door! Not what I prefer, but what yah gonna do? So, I sat back down here at the computer, and started reading some more blogs, and I realized that I haven't blogged yet today, and I haven't worked on Isaiah and I have not even read my book today! (Gasp!) But I got alot of other things done, so I am proud of that! Tonight I think I may stitch on Isaiah and then read. I hope DH doesn't have to stay at work for too long!

Of course, we DID open up our SAL days so that it is pretty much open to work on whenever we wanted to, so I still can work on it all day tomorrow if I feel like it! And all day Thursday and if I don't post until 11:59 pm on Friday (still making my posting day) I can even stitch on it ALL day Friday too! so while when I remembered that I was supposed to work on this today, it really isn't set in stone, and I still got time! With that said I am off to get at least a few stitches into Isaiah until Hubby gets back, and then we will eat and then I will probably work some more on Isaiah and then go to bed after reading for an hour!

DH is really trying hard to get me to go to the gym with him in the morning...but "I really don't think so buddy! Thanks for the invite! You have fun! and when you get home you can tell me all about it!" He only wants me to go because misery loves company! Ok, and probably because he wouldn't mind if his wife had a body like Jessica Biel, but I just don't feel it! Especially this week, if you get my drift! I will probably feel better next week! =)

Monday, February 05, 2007


I am not sure what to write about today. It was an alright day, I read a lot, as seems to be my new passion! I did stitch for about two hours today on my January Erica michael's freebie. It is coming along. I have the whole word January stitched and the border, and most of the snowman's scarf, and part of the snowman's carrot nose. So, I am willing to bet that sometime this week I will finish him off. Then it will be onto February! They are cute little pieces, that are quick and easy. I am enjoying them alot.

I worked on Snow Valley Express the other day, but I never posted progress photo's. Tomorrow is Isaiah day, so I am looking forward to that too! Cindy is doing so well on her progress! I keep having to frog, but oh well, I am just going right along with it this time, I messed up on a part of the wing, but who cares?! If no one can see it I guess it doesn't matter. Well, I am going to go clean up the mess from dinner and then maybe bake some banana bread, I made some the other week, it was delish! I will post photos soon! The photo at the top is just a pretty picture, to brighten upt he post a little!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

A slow Saturday morning...warning...rambeling entailed!

Well, today started late...8:30 which is very late for me. I woulda probably stayed in bed longer except the puppy had to go out and relieve herself! So, I got up made coffee and sat back in bed with my coffee and my book. I just finished a book last night, so that is three for the year so far. So, this morning I started a new one, and it is really good. I'm already almost to page 50. I can see me finishing this one in a few days if I keep up with it. My goal, if I haven't writtent his yet, is to finish reading 40 books this year. Well, I am not sure if that will truly happen, but I know it will if I read like I did last night! I sat down in bed (my favorite place to read) at 3:00 in the afternoon. I read until DH got home from work at 5:30, then I set my book down and got dinner heated up (We had leftovers) and ate with hubby then he went in and got on the computer for the evening, I cleaned up the dishes and sat back down in bed again with a cup of tea and my book, and finished it by 11:30 last night. I was going to start the next one on my to read list then, but my eyes were too droopy by then to really concentrate, so I picked the next book I wanted to read, and started it this morning. I hope I can keep this up! I have actually seen on many other blogs that people are trying to read more this year, what with book blogs and book clubs. I remember as a child I read SO much! This was my days before stitching, and I always had a book with me, my mom would take us kids to the library every other week, and I would rip through piles of books. Especially in the summer!
I am ashamed to admit that lately my obsession for reading turned into an obsession for the next released DVD TV show seasons!! But! I have watched all the new ones that I got for Christmas, so I have no reason not to sit and rip through piles of books again. Except, I fear my stitching will suffer. and I know you can buy/borrow audio books, and I can listen to them while I stitch, but somehow I feel like that's Cheating! I'm not reading, but I am merily listening to someone else read to me! If I get audio books to listen to while I stitch, does that count for my reading list...? The point of my wanting to read, is to be taking the time out of my day, of the usual routine things I do to pick up a book,and enjoy it. If I am listening to a book I can still be doing other things, I could even clean house and listen to a book, but I don't constitute that as reading, because I have not taken the time to sit in a chair or in bed with the book and turn the pages myself.
Hoever, I can see how relaxing it can be to be read to, by listening to an audio book. I don't know where this rambeling is coming from, I was just thinking about how my stitching may suffer if all I do is read, I tell myself ok, I will stitch for two episodes of (insert chosen DVD show here...) and then I will get amove on and go do whatever. But I can never just watch two shows, I always end up sitting there comfortably on my couch with my stitching and watch the entire four episodes on the disc, then I get up and feel guilty for "wasting time" of course, if you count that I have been stitching while I'm watching it really isn't wasted time per se, but...that is time I could have been turning the pages of a very good and exciting book!
I'm rambeling, I know! Does anyone else out there share my feelings? Anyone else out there caught in the middle between their love of one hobby and another? I swear sometimes I'm in a love triangle (more like an octagon or pentagon)with all my hobbies! How do you choose?

Friday, February 02, 2007

my progress photos.

Well, here is my progress for this week, not much done, but a little. And last night I started "January" from Erica Michaels. And here it is, well, the first little bit anyway. the colors are different from the original, I am sorta doing my own thing with this. I think it is going to be alot of fun.
Well, last night it snowed. It snowed a tiny little bit yesterday but melted right off, but we have a dusting this morning. it will prbably be gone by this afternoon. Well, last night I had to take a muscle relaxer for my neck again, and so getting out of bed this morning was a bear, but I did it. Late, but I did it. I like to be up by 7:30, 8 at the latest, but today I didn't roll out of bed until a quarter to 9.
I think today I better pull out Snow Valley Express. I keep talking about pulling it out and haven't yet. But I need to. Well, wish me luck, I hope to get lots of progress on it today.
I have finished working out a stitching rotation:
Mon: The Abbey
Tues: Isaiah

Weds: Holiday Airing
Thurs: Isaiah/Snow Valley Express
Fri: Snow Valley Express/Eeyore

Sat: Monthly pieces from E.M./Holiday Airing
Sun:Monthly pieces/Dare to Dream

So, we shall see how it goes. Well, I am off to make some nice warm Oatmeal and then to stitch my morning away, before I get to the housework.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I'm back!

I don't know what happened earlier today, but I was getting some horrible thingy telling me that there was an error and my page couldn't be viewed! And then I waited a few hours and tried again and here I am up and running regularly again. Hmmm...Anyway. I have been stitchign quite a bit the past few days. I worked a lot on Holiday Airing and a ton more on "The Abbey" Like 5 or 6 hours more work on "The Abbey" That is basically all I did yesterday was plunk myself on the couch and watch Gilmore Girls and stitch. So, here is progress on it! Gosh i hope this works. I was having problems with my printer this morning...and now it is working! yippeee! I have decided to do a series! a yearly series, from Rainbow Gallery,freebie designs by Erica Michaels.. I was going to try to do one a month, as seeing as how I got a late start...January and February will need to be done this month. and We shall see if that happens.

I have been working on Isaiah 40:31, but I am off count...again, but oh well, who cares? I am the master of fudging! And if I don't tell anyone who will know...really! I mean I just announced it all over the internet! Really?! Who'll know?! =) Well, I gotta go get my stitching so I can scan it, and post photos. I think I will just show My progress on The Abbey for now. And of course you'll see the progress on Isaiah tomorrow, as Friday is our post day for that one.
So anyway, here is a scan of the Abbey, I think it is coming along great! I love the blues that are used in that long window there to the right. and that black blob on top is the actually partly the page atop of this one. I am working on page 5, and page two is the charted area right above 5, and so that tiny little bit is actually page 2. I intend to finish page five first,tthen go to 4, which would be the charted area to the left of page 5, then go up to page one and across to 2 and then 3 then under three to 6, and the down to 9 and then back to 7. Are you completely lost? I know! Totally confusing. Just think, this is 9 pages long, three pages by 3 pages. pages 1-3 are on top, 4-6 are in the middle, 7-9 on the bottom.
Anyway. I guess I will get going now. I have lots of housework to catch up on, stuff that I shoulda been doing while I was sitting on my behind watching TV and stitching for 5 or 6 hours yesterday. And provided blogger cooperates with me, I will post my progress on isaiah tomorrow, and maybe just maybe the beginnings of my Erica Michaels design! Her stuff is so cute!