Monday, February 05, 2007


I am not sure what to write about today. It was an alright day, I read a lot, as seems to be my new passion! I did stitch for about two hours today on my January Erica michael's freebie. It is coming along. I have the whole word January stitched and the border, and most of the snowman's scarf, and part of the snowman's carrot nose. So, I am willing to bet that sometime this week I will finish him off. Then it will be onto February! They are cute little pieces, that are quick and easy. I am enjoying them alot.

I worked on Snow Valley Express the other day, but I never posted progress photo's. Tomorrow is Isaiah day, so I am looking forward to that too! Cindy is doing so well on her progress! I keep having to frog, but oh well, I am just going right along with it this time, I messed up on a part of the wing, but who cares?! If no one can see it I guess it doesn't matter. Well, I am going to go clean up the mess from dinner and then maybe bake some banana bread, I made some the other week, it was delish! I will post photos soon! The photo at the top is just a pretty picture, to brighten upt he post a little!

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Cheryl said...

I love that picture! Its a cold, frosty day here in Scotland - how i'd love to be on that beach instead!