Saturday, February 03, 2007

A slow Saturday morning...warning...rambeling entailed!

Well, today started late...8:30 which is very late for me. I woulda probably stayed in bed longer except the puppy had to go out and relieve herself! So, I got up made coffee and sat back in bed with my coffee and my book. I just finished a book last night, so that is three for the year so far. So, this morning I started a new one, and it is really good. I'm already almost to page 50. I can see me finishing this one in a few days if I keep up with it. My goal, if I haven't writtent his yet, is to finish reading 40 books this year. Well, I am not sure if that will truly happen, but I know it will if I read like I did last night! I sat down in bed (my favorite place to read) at 3:00 in the afternoon. I read until DH got home from work at 5:30, then I set my book down and got dinner heated up (We had leftovers) and ate with hubby then he went in and got on the computer for the evening, I cleaned up the dishes and sat back down in bed again with a cup of tea and my book, and finished it by 11:30 last night. I was going to start the next one on my to read list then, but my eyes were too droopy by then to really concentrate, so I picked the next book I wanted to read, and started it this morning. I hope I can keep this up! I have actually seen on many other blogs that people are trying to read more this year, what with book blogs and book clubs. I remember as a child I read SO much! This was my days before stitching, and I always had a book with me, my mom would take us kids to the library every other week, and I would rip through piles of books. Especially in the summer!
I am ashamed to admit that lately my obsession for reading turned into an obsession for the next released DVD TV show seasons!! But! I have watched all the new ones that I got for Christmas, so I have no reason not to sit and rip through piles of books again. Except, I fear my stitching will suffer. and I know you can buy/borrow audio books, and I can listen to them while I stitch, but somehow I feel like that's Cheating! I'm not reading, but I am merily listening to someone else read to me! If I get audio books to listen to while I stitch, does that count for my reading list...? The point of my wanting to read, is to be taking the time out of my day, of the usual routine things I do to pick up a book,and enjoy it. If I am listening to a book I can still be doing other things, I could even clean house and listen to a book, but I don't constitute that as reading, because I have not taken the time to sit in a chair or in bed with the book and turn the pages myself.
Hoever, I can see how relaxing it can be to be read to, by listening to an audio book. I don't know where this rambeling is coming from, I was just thinking about how my stitching may suffer if all I do is read, I tell myself ok, I will stitch for two episodes of (insert chosen DVD show here...) and then I will get amove on and go do whatever. But I can never just watch two shows, I always end up sitting there comfortably on my couch with my stitching and watch the entire four episodes on the disc, then I get up and feel guilty for "wasting time" of course, if you count that I have been stitching while I'm watching it really isn't wasted time per se, but...that is time I could have been turning the pages of a very good and exciting book!
I'm rambeling, I know! Does anyone else out there share my feelings? Anyone else out there caught in the middle between their love of one hobby and another? I swear sometimes I'm in a love triangle (more like an octagon or pentagon)with all my hobbies! How do you choose?

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Cheryl said...

I know exactly what you mean! I used to read to so much more before i got into stitching. Luckily i have a 45min commute to work each day so i use that as my reading time.