Monday, February 26, 2007

I did it! ...Sorta

Well, I said my goals for this weekend past was to finish two projects, the first being "February", the Erica Michaels freebie, which I did-no problem, by Saturday night, however, even though I got very close, I was not able to finish the card this weekend. Me and DH spent much of yesterday cleaning up the back yard from the debris from the wind storm we had on Saturday. We also got the garage cleaned up, as most of the time it ends up being a dumping ground for extra stuff we don't know what to do with.
So, we were pretty busy, I did however get the card finished today though. My friend's birthday isn't even until the middle of March, so I don't know why I was in such a hurry to finish it, but I just wanted to have a finish under my belt, plus it was small so it shouldn't have taken long, which it didn't,once I sat down and worked soley on it. I think it is super cute! All that white int he sheep was killing me thouhg, is it just me, or does it seem like anything white on white just takes FOREVER? It doesn't look like much, but I had to switch back and forth between doing the backstitching and the white in the lil' sheep. She's cute, though, she looks like she's ready for Easter, with her little bonnet! I found her in a Liesure Arts Leaflet called "Short and Sweet #3...50 more miniature sayings" By Kooler Design studio. Apparently there are more in this series. I was given this book by a pen pal of mine who inherited BOXES of patterns and floss from her mother when she passed away last summer. And although I must admit, that some of the books she sent me aren't really my type of pattern, alot of what she did send have come in handy with card and smallish gift ideas.

Now I just have to work on one of my other BAP I have in the works. These two smallish ones were a nice distraction for the weekend. I think today I will pull out Dare to Dream, and see what I can do about that one, as I think I told you last time when I talked about that project that I had miscounted, but I think I know how to fudge through it. Gosh I hope. So, I may have a progress photo of that one here soon.


crazy 4 XStitching said...

Hi! That's a really cute card. I love your snow valley express too.

Cheryl said...

February looks great and the sheep is cute!! I like doing little projects too now and again for that "finish" feeling! I did one at the weekend you can see on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Your finishes look great. Hope you can fudge on the other project you're working on, I'm great at fudging :)