Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Thank you!

Thank you all for the comments and support on the whole job situation. I was just really let down, you know? but I'm over it now, he still may call me in a few days or a week, and try to work me in somewhere as he put it, but in the meantime it only means more stitching time for me! So why I was crying in my cheerios yesterday, I don't know. It was just the dissapointment that got to me I guess, I'm fine now.
Last night while watching the first season of LOST which DH brought back with him from Iraq, way back in September, which I had started watching then, but must have gotten new series of other shows I like more because I stopped watching. So, I watched it and stitched on Snow Valley Express, and although I am not finished with the backstitching on the first page, I started stitching page two! So, I don't have much by way of progress to show, but I plan on working on it today and hopefully will be able to share a progress photo later. Although for some reason, I have been wanting to pull out Holiday Airing. Ah well, there are plenty of hours in the day, and so I suppose I could work on both, right?


Faith Ann said...

Glad you're over the initial job disappointment. It doesn't sound like he was being fair with you, that's for sure.

Having more stitching time is definitely a bright side though!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better about the job thing. Maybe you'll find something that will work better for you anyways :)

Jamie said...

Lana -
I understand, I just went through a job related disappointment and it's just a let down and really uninspiring. I'm glad your mood has turned around! Have fun stitching!