Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Isaiah day!

So, yes, it's Tuesday, it is my SAL day with Cindy, but!!!! I didn't even pull Isaiah out...well, not yet, the day's not over yet, not for about another 5 1/2 hours. So, I still may get something in on it. I was all engrossed in my "January" freebie that I totally (oh please forgive me Cindy)...forgot! I realized it late this afternoon and then I just told myself, well, the day isn't over yet. I really didn't even stitch much to tell you the truth, I was pretty busy today. I slept in until 8, I did a bunch of dishes, I vaccuumed the house, I played with my dog, I talked to my mom on the phone for two hours, I wrote a bunch of letters that I needed to write, I read a bunch of blogs that I wanted to catch up on. Then my hubby came home and we talked, he came in on the computer, and I started making dinner, and then! His phone rang! And he had to go back to work. So! our dinner was half done cooking and he runs out the door! Not what I prefer, but what yah gonna do? So, I sat back down here at the computer, and started reading some more blogs, and I realized that I haven't blogged yet today, and I haven't worked on Isaiah and I have not even read my book today! (Gasp!) But I got alot of other things done, so I am proud of that! Tonight I think I may stitch on Isaiah and then read. I hope DH doesn't have to stay at work for too long!

Of course, we DID open up our SAL days so that it is pretty much open to work on whenever we wanted to, so I still can work on it all day tomorrow if I feel like it! And all day Thursday and if I don't post until 11:59 pm on Friday (still making my posting day) I can even stitch on it ALL day Friday too! so while when I remembered that I was supposed to work on this today, it really isn't set in stone, and I still got time! With that said I am off to get at least a few stitches into Isaiah until Hubby gets back, and then we will eat and then I will probably work some more on Isaiah and then go to bed after reading for an hour!

DH is really trying hard to get me to go to the gym with him in the morning...but "I really don't think so buddy! Thanks for the invite! You have fun! and when you get home you can tell me all about it!" He only wants me to go because misery loves company! Ok, and probably because he wouldn't mind if his wife had a body like Jessica Biel, but I just don't feel it! Especially this week, if you get my drift! I will probably feel better next week! =)

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Cindy said...

Don't feel bad!! I have not been able to work on it much today either. Had to take my son for some major dental work today and then napped with him this afternoon, I never get to nap so I had to take advantage of that!!! LOL I will probably work on mine some tomorrow though!! Although I can not believe you fogot!! LOL