Thursday, February 01, 2007

I'm back!

I don't know what happened earlier today, but I was getting some horrible thingy telling me that there was an error and my page couldn't be viewed! And then I waited a few hours and tried again and here I am up and running regularly again. Hmmm...Anyway. I have been stitchign quite a bit the past few days. I worked a lot on Holiday Airing and a ton more on "The Abbey" Like 5 or 6 hours more work on "The Abbey" That is basically all I did yesterday was plunk myself on the couch and watch Gilmore Girls and stitch. So, here is progress on it! Gosh i hope this works. I was having problems with my printer this morning...and now it is working! yippeee! I have decided to do a series! a yearly series, from Rainbow Gallery,freebie designs by Erica Michaels.. I was going to try to do one a month, as seeing as how I got a late start...January and February will need to be done this month. and We shall see if that happens.

I have been working on Isaiah 40:31, but I am off count...again, but oh well, who cares? I am the master of fudging! And if I don't tell anyone who will know...really! I mean I just announced it all over the internet! Really?! Who'll know?! =) Well, I gotta go get my stitching so I can scan it, and post photos. I think I will just show My progress on The Abbey for now. And of course you'll see the progress on Isaiah tomorrow, as Friday is our post day for that one.
So anyway, here is a scan of the Abbey, I think it is coming along great! I love the blues that are used in that long window there to the right. and that black blob on top is the actually partly the page atop of this one. I am working on page 5, and page two is the charted area right above 5, and so that tiny little bit is actually page 2. I intend to finish page five first,tthen go to 4, which would be the charted area to the left of page 5, then go up to page one and across to 2 and then 3 then under three to 6, and the down to 9 and then back to 7. Are you completely lost? I know! Totally confusing. Just think, this is 9 pages long, three pages by 3 pages. pages 1-3 are on top, 4-6 are in the middle, 7-9 on the bottom.
Anyway. I guess I will get going now. I have lots of housework to catch up on, stuff that I shoulda been doing while I was sitting on my behind watching TV and stitching for 5 or 6 hours yesterday. And provided blogger cooperates with me, I will post my progress on isaiah tomorrow, and maybe just maybe the beginnings of my Erica Michaels design! Her stuff is so cute!


Cindy said...

Your progress is just lovely!!!! You have done some fantastic stitching on it. I can not wait to see your progress tomorrow!!! Fudging, doesn't everyone do that a little!! LOL

Paula said...

Hi Lana, The Abbey is looking good. Who is the designer for this?
Happy Stitching....

Jenn said...

The Abby is coming along nicely.

I think there was a problem with blogger yesterday cause I got the same error message.