Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bye bye pretty weather!

What the heezy happened to our beautiful spring like weather?! Yesterday and Tuesday it was absolutely the most beautiful of days! And today...blech! It is all dark and gray and cold! I wish this weather would just make up it's mind!
Oh well, at least now I have no excuse for sitting in my warm fuzzy blankets and stitching the day away!
Yesterday I did no stitching at all. I stayed in bed and read. For most of the day, the part where I wasn't outside enjoying the beautiful weather!
O.k. I am not sure what is going on, maybe my blog is just uberboring, but I get very few comments, and this is starting to hurt my feelings. I always hear from Cindy...Thank you so much for that! I even joined a online group of bloggingstitchers, thinking that if I met more people...but nope.
I see blogs with like 20/30 comments everyday, and I get 0-3 on average! I must really suck. I'm having a pity party. Sorry, I sound so pitiful, don't I?! I just feel lonely out here in blogworld all by myself! I just feel like what's the point?! I mean I KNOW what I'm stitching so I really could just write a journal about it in a notebook, but I really liked the idea of sharing my stitching with others, but I feel like no one even reads this thing, but Cindy, and every so often a few other people too. Am I really as alone out here as I feel? Someone please let me know!


Suzanne said...

I don't receive a lot of comments either, not sure if people read or not! Although according to bloglines, you have 15 subscribers that way, so you do have readers!! I admit, I read more blogs than I post to - probably because I do read at bloglines vs going to the actual blog! Hope you stay nice and comfy warm!!!

Cindy said...

Do you have a counter? I have a counter on my blog that says I get about 60 visits a day, but I only get 8 to 15 comments. I have noticed that the longer a post is up, before I update the more comments I will end up getting. If I update very often, I only get a few. Anyway, I am sure that you get a log of readers just not many that like to leave comments! I will always come back!!! ;)

Lizzy said...

I'm sure there are folks out there reading your blog, Hun... maybe they just don't leave comments... I will certainly be back to visit your blog... and Thanks for posting on mine... {{{ Hugs }}}

Cindy's idea about the counter is a good one... I don't have one yet but I just may go looking for one... :-)

Faith Ann said...

I still read! You're not boring!!

I find that I can never tell anymore when people have updated their blogs. I don't have time to click on each link to check for new stuff everyday. It's so annoying... I wish my blogroll update status would work again!! I miss lots of entries that way.

Cathy said...

I read every day, I just don't comment because I read via Bloglines. Keep going, you have lurkers, don't worry.

Von said...

I'm sure you have more readers than you realize, Lana. It is getting more difficult to keep up with all the wonderful stitching blogs and simply can't visit everyone every day and leave a comment, and keep up with my family life. :D

Annemarie said...

Awwww Lana, I must admit, I never knew you were out there! How stupid is that? Thanks for commenting on my blog though.
Hey, I'm sure there are a lot of people who read your blog (and enjoy it and your gorgeous stitching too!) but don't always leave a comment. The world's full of lurkers. Eugh, that didn't sound right. But you know what I mean ;O) I'll certainly be back!

Cheryl said...

Hey! I enjoy reading your blog too! Now you'll have to visit mine sometime LOL. I think people reading via bloglines will affect your comments total. You have got readers though! I dont get loads of comments either. Have a good day

Carla said...

Oh no Lana!! your not alone I read your blog every time you update it :)

{{{{hugs}}}} Carla