Friday, February 09, 2007

Thank you for the comments! ::hugs::

First off, I want to say thank you to everyone who sent me comments after my whiney little post yesterday! It is so nice to know that people DO read my stuff. I changed my template. I saw someone elses, and thought “Hmmm…I like that!” So I decided to do it!

Well, once again it is Friday and post day for my SAL. I must admit, I did very little on it this week. well, now comparing the two pictures, I guess i did more on it that I thought. I have really been concentrating on my Erica Michael designs. I am almost done with “January” and I started February yesterday.

last weeks progress:

This weeks progress...

Suzanne, can you tell me what your blog URL is? I looked on your profile, but the link wasn’t there.

Well, it is yet another gray cold day out. Yesterday I actually enjoyed taking my puppy out for a romp around in the back yard. I sat on the steps huddled in a warm blanky, and a cup of hot coffee, and she romped, every so often bringing me her toy to throw for her!

Hmmm…Today I was thinking about working on Holiday Airing today. I will probably try to finish up “January” today and then work on Holiday Airing! But we shall see!

January Progress...almost done! Poor guy is missing have the top of his head!

Oh, and I wanted to say that I am revamping my blog reading system. I am currently a part of the Stitchingbloggers yahoo group, and I realized that I don’t read very many of the other member's blogs, because I already had my others that I read and enjoyed. I have cleared things out and started reading my group blogs, in an attempt to become more active with the people of the group. So, many of the blogs there I have never read before, so as is my style, I will read them all the way through and then assign them a day to be read for the week. I don’t know if that makes any sence to anyone reading this blog (which I realized yesterday more read this blog than I originally thought, thank you!) but it makes sence to me!
Well, on that note, I am off to post photos of my stitching and go pick up my stitching for the day. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Suzanne said...

Nice progress pictures. I love the Isaiah project. That will be really nice when finished! Oh I fixed my profile's Have a great weekend! SuzinVA

Cindy said...

Well you got a lot more done this week than I have. I have not had time to stitch much. Both my kids have been sick and God has put some other things on my mine as well. I am going to try and make up for it by stitching some this weekend on it though. Your is looking just fantastic!!!!! You are doing such a beautiful job on it.

By the way, as far as blog reading goes, you may want to check out Google reader, it is wondreful. I have just recently started using it and I love it. It makes it so easy to keep up with everyone blogs and then you only check the one who have actaully updated as well.

Jenn said...

Your progress on both your pices looks great. January makes me so cold to look at. LOL It also reminds me of the L*K Jan Flip-it I did last month.

Debbi said...

Looks like you made some progress. I like the look of your blog. I know what you mean about reading blogs, i have to assign days to each of the groups of blogs that i keep up with so that i can get through each of them during the week. Have a good day.