Thursday, February 22, 2007


Well, the house seems chilly this morning, as we have been having really nice weather in the afternoons, like in the 70's, so I told DH to turn the heater off, because it warms up by 11 in the morning, plus I like the house cool for sleeping and for doing my workout in the mornings too. So, anyway. I need to show some progress photos...I know. this entire week since I've been home (It's only been two days) I have worked on "Isaiah 40:31" So, I will be posting progress of that one tomorrow. I will probably work A bit on that one today and then switch over to something else, I feel like working on something small...either February, or the card. So, I guess that is what is on the agenda today. It has been so nice out that I think I may work in the yard today later, or go for a nice long walk. I smell spring in the air!

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Cindy said...

Can not wait to see some progress photos!!! I am loving this weather. I hear that tomorrow and Sat are suppose to be very very windy though and I could do without the wind for sure!