Thursday, September 30, 2010

P is for Pineapple!

P is for pineapple and for posting goals! LOL...I totally stunk at last months goals.
The only thing I got finished in September was August checkered block! Stitching goal wise, however, I rocked the reading goal...goal was to read 8 books, I finished 9!!! So, you can probably tell with that being said, just where most of my free time went last month! I only have 17 more to read to reach my 75 book challenge for this year. For the 2nd year in a row!! Not bad. =)
I am highly motivated by my pinapple finish to really focus on stitching my smalls this month. I am still working on August smalls- just Q then it's onto September's and maybe (hopefully) I will get caught up and finish October smalls by the end of this month! But that means really staying on top of it...Yikes! Can I do it? I know I CAN, the question is will I let myself be sidetracked by reading and playing on the computer? Hmmm...Only time will tell!
Ok, off to get a start on letter Q!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

A finish-FINALLY!!

Wow! It has taken me ALL month to finish this:

You'd think this was some great thing!! It is a tiny little 4 inch by 4 inch piece of stitching, and I am sooooo happy just to have it done!!!

So, here it is 3 days from being October, I am just barely finishing 1 of the three monthly smalls for...AUGUST!! I started The letter "P" for the alphabet sampler today, but wow! I feel like I am SOOOO far behind. I just had no motivation to stitch this month!!!

Oh well! I have worked a few hours on Howling at the Moon, and worked quite a bit on "Petal" my lamb piece, but most of what i'm working on with it is white on white, so you really can't see much of my actual work.

On the reading front, I have read 7 books, and am more than half way through #8 for the month, so I am pretty sure I will have that finished before the end of the month, so that is at least ONE goal I acheived for the month! =) I am SO frustrated with how tired this pregnancy is making me. the thing is, I'm exhausted during the day, but at night I sleep in 4 hour shifts, sleep 4 hours, awake about 4 hours, sleep for four more's so frustrating.

Anyway, thank you all for not giving up on me....I have been trying to get around and leave comments here and there when I am feeling up to it, but as for actually stitching and blogging myself....It just seems like such a task! but I will continue to look at all your great blogs and enjoy all the beautiful things you in blogland are creating, and I will stitch when I can, and blog when I can. That's all I can hope for for now!

Joyful stitching!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Not stitching...=(

I was really going to try to make this a very productive month, but the month is nearly half gone and I have done what? Uh...nothing! Actually I have my August Checkered block about a quarter finished, and I have read 6 books. I am so tired all the time anymore, and it seems that althugh for the most part the morning sickness is gone, every oh about third day or so it comes back for a visit. And being the HUGE wimp that I am I go to bed and sleep it off. Hey if I'm asleep I can't be miserable, right?! So, just wanted to drop in and leave a note to say I'm still around, but chances are, you will find me with my nose in a book instead of with needle and thread in hand. It's just one of those times....sigh....

Friday, September 03, 2010

Goals For September

Well, since I have not been around much the past 2 months, I have a lot of catching up to do!!

So, here they go:

1. August Checkered block
2. September Checkered block
3. Letter P
4. Letter Q
5. Letter R
6. Letter S
7. Work on Howling
8. Finish Petal
9. Start Lamb #5 (maybe)

finish 8 books

WOW!!! I have lots to do!!! I am hoping I can get it all done! This month doesn't look overly busy though so I think I should be able to get it all done. We shall see!!!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I need some advice!

So, last night I realized just how close I am to finishing all 5 lamb pieces for my baby quilt. I just have to finish lamb 4 and stitch the last one, and I'm done. So with this realization I started thinking about the design for my quilt. And this morning I went right to my fabric stash and started putting together a few ideas. so this first one is my first idea....I bought this fabric years ago when I decided to do this quilt. However, somehow when I put it together this way it looks like too much light blue, and too busy. so, decided to try something else......

My second idea was to use yellow with very little design as the alternating blocks, since every lamb piece has some yellow in it,I thought it would brighten it up a bit, and maybe not look and busy.....but now I think it looks a bit over too bright!

However, I am going to make a border using these two fabrics and some of the backing fabric as well. I could use the backing fabric it's a dark smaller print with moons, stars and clouds. But I didn't want the front block fabric to be the same as the backing fabric, and I don't have enough of the light blue print for the entire back. I could piece the back using the yellow, dark blue and light blue fabrics, that could work.....I just don't know....if you have any ideas, I welcome them wholeheartedly. I am distraught, since this blanket has been in my head for years, and to find that it doesn't seem to be working out the way I thought it would is sad for me.