Sunday, May 31, 2015

Cats- More Progress!

Last time I shared (on the 26th) it looked like this:

Now about 6 days later it looks like this:
I was able to finish cat (kitten) #2, and start #'s 3 and 4.  When I have large areas of color I will often stitch in the outline and then fill in later. So it's easier. I don't have to worry about counting so much, but just filling in. Some of those chunks of black seem as if they just go on and on and ON! 
I've been sick with a chest cold this past week, so have been resting quite a bit, and am pretty happy with my progress this go around. I obviously did not make my goal of a page finish by months end, but oh well. 
I hope you are all doing well and had a lovely weekend! Have a great week! And thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read and comment! 
Happy Stitching!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cats progress

Last time it looked like this:
Now it looks like this:
So there's been progress. I've almost got the first cat done. Just gotta finish the back stitch on it then can move onto cat #2, which I've already got a few stitches in on already. I've also started cat #3 as I only needed two stitches of black for the first cats eyes, so just decided to put the rest of the strand into the third cat, who is mostly black.
I am a little disappointed in how slowly this is going. But this past weekend one of my reading groups online was having a read-a-thon so I spent the majority of my time reading instead of stitching over the long holiday weekend.
But I'm hoping to get lots of work on it this week, but I seriously doubt I'll be seeing a finish on this page by months end.
Thank you for reading! 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

A new start!

So! The majority vote was for me to make a new start. So! I did! This is one my daughter asked me for months ago. She LOVES cats, and I had this book of cat patterns out because I was going through my stash trying to find something, and she saw it and asked me if I'd do this one for her. When completed it will look like this:
It's a really cute pattern. It's only 2 pages long. So I thought "this won't take long at all! I can stitch a cat each day and then finish the bottom row "cats cats cats" and be done in about 10 days....riiiiight. Best laid plans and all that.... Here's where I am:
In all honesty I really haven't put that much time in on it. Life has just been busy lately. We've been having some bad storms that had knocked out power for long stretches of time, that totally flooded our backyard making us fear that the water may get into our house. And then the lack of sleep when a storm rolls through every hour or so and wakes you up. There's just been a whole bunch of life things that seemed to get in the way of getting some solid stitching time in this past week. I would really love to have a page finish on this by months end, so that I can pull out my HAED piece and work on it starting next month. So... Wish me luck. Today is the last day of school so my large chunks of stitchy time will go bye bye for a bit... But hoping to still be able to make some good progress on my projects despite that. 
Thank you for reading and for leaving comments!! Joyful stitching!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Mystic goes bye bye!

Last time I posted:
After working on it a little yesterday:

And I think I am just gonna stick this in the unloved and forgotten drawer... You know that feeling you have when your work day is about over and you're thinking about that magical moment when you can sit in that special chair and pick up your stitching?  When you think of that beautiful WIP you have waiting for you and you just have a small shiver giddiness at the thought that you will once be together again in just a few hours or minutes?  Well, I just don't feel that for this piece. I feel dread. So, I think it's time for us to break up. I hate breaking up with projects. I really DO want to love this piece, but I'm just not enjoying the process. 

So now I'm wondering if I should start a new project to put in this spot, or should I just skip ahead and work on my other HAED piece: Flower Bride.  Hmmm... There is a new project I promised my daughter to do for her, so I'm thinking maybe now is the time to get that kitted up and started... 
What do you think? Leave me a comment and help me decide a) start a new project b) just move onto my next project in my rotation (HAED) 
Thank you for reading and for all the lovely comments on my first ever HAED page finish. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My first HAED page finish!! Woohoo!!

You can see her face coming into play now. There was so much confetti in the lower left, as well as the start of her lips and eye. But her cheek was made up of large areas of the same color. Well, only 8 more pages to go... But not really as 5 of those pages are only partial pages. So I have 3 more Whole pages and then 5 very small partial pages to finish. I really love watching the picture emerge within the midst of stitch after stitch after stitch. 

Well next I will be pulling out Mystic Dragon and finishing page 1 of it. We will see how long it takes. I really don't enjoy stitching that one. If I find that I just hate working on it I will set it aside and pull out something else. But we will see how the next few days go with Dragon.
Thank you all so much for the lovely comments on my posts. It is really encouraging!  See yah in a few days! 

Monday, May 11, 2015

So close... But no cigar!

Last time I posted:
Today after 5 or 6 days work:
I'm so close, I don't get why I wasn't able to finish these last couple rows in the last 5 days. I guess I've just been busy with other things. My daughter was sick and home from school 2 days last week. Then hubby had to work nights last week, so he was home and in my hair during the day. I do love having him home with me but my schedule/routine goes right out the window when he's home. Then of course there was Mothers Day. So, it just seemed like a bunch of life things got in the way this past week.  So maybe by the next post I'll have a page finish on this one. Keep your fingers crossed for me! 
Happy stitching! Thank you for reading and for all the lovely comments you leave.  I hope you all have a lovely week!

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Almost there!!! Sea of Roses update

What it looked like the last time I shared:
How it looks now after working on it the past 5 days:

I cannot believe how fast this is coming along. I have less than 3 rows at the bottom of this page and I'll be done with page 1. I'm guessing I'll have it finished by the 15th at the latest...and possibly even by the next 5 days. We will see as the next three rows have very little confetti and lots of large blocks of the same colors.
Thank you for stopping by!