Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Celtic Knot Bookmark

Well, here it is so far. (Celtic Knot Bookmark freebie found at Ink Circles website) And I am sort of disappointed that I didn't realize that there are three figure 8 knots going down the center of this piece, independant of the large knot that goes around it, I think it would have been great to do each of them in a different color than the outside knot. Like maybe a red...but since I have already done the first one on the top in the same color as the large knot I don't know how it will look. I may still try to make the knot in the center red, and the other two blue. Oh well.

So, my goal was to finish this in I have a question...if I finish it today before 10 pm I should still have it done by September, by American time, so the question is...does it count as being finished in September?!?! But it is already October 1st here in Japan, so I am not too sure, what do you think? But as you can see I still have a little bit left to go. When I picked this one up on Tuesday, it wasn't even half finished, so I think I have done pretty good for only two days of stitching.

Well, that is about it for me today. I will post goals in my next post and hopefully I will have a finished bookmark to share with you then too!

Can you believe HOW much I have posted this month?! The last time I had more than 10 posts was in April of '07 I think. Wow! My blogoversary is coming up this month as well as hitting my 500th post, I'm almost there,only 3 more posts to go, I think.

Monday, September 28, 2009

I love you!

Well, you too, readers, but I meant this:
I did it!! I finished BOTH projects that I wanted to get done this month!!!! I am sooo happy! Cross another WIP off the list!! Woo hoo!
I still have a few days left of this month, and so I am going to put my efforts into my celtic knot bookmark and see if I can get it done this month as well! I am on a roll!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I figured it out!!

You have to use the "Configured text" gadget not the "List" gadget on the sidebar. I know how to do it, but it just wasn't working on "lists" widget.

Decisions, decisions,

Well, now that I have taken one project off the WIP list, I still have 33 more to get to. Which sent me diving back into my WIP drawer (Forget scuba diving, it's all about the stash,and WIP drawers!!)

So, I decided that since Halloween is quickly coming upon us, in about a month or so, I would try to finish up two that I started a long time ago, (check the first few posts in this blog for how long ago! lol) : Freight Night Friends, and Midnight Watchman. I know, I still have "I love you" and also my other BAP in the works as well, but I'm just thinking ahead...

Here is a photo as they stand now, poor headless scarecrow guy! lol! Please forgive the creases, they've been in that drawer for a LOOONG time!

I also had a question regarding the sidebar on blogger.

How do you strike through. I was going ot keep my WIP list up and just strike through each project as I went along, but when I tried to put the code () it didn't work, it kept saying this HTML code not allowed or something, am I doing something wrong? I know I've used it on other blogs of mine, but I think this is the first time I've tried it on this blog, and it doesn't seem to be working, can anyone help me? I would greatly appreciate any help you could give!

Well, I have been doinking around on Facebook all morning, so I need to get my rear in gear and get some things done!

Oh! and I have a happy dance...not a stitchy one, though. Well, I've been telling you all about my ipod and my addiction to walking/jogging with music...I lost 5 pounds this week!!!! I don't know if that is the cause of it but...I don't know what else it could be, I'm still eating the same amount. 5 pounds in one week! Wow! I was amazed!!

Ok, I just tried the whole strike through thing it works but, I can't get it to work on my side bar!! grrr...frustration!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another finish!

I did it! One more WIP down, 33 more to go!!! It didn't take me as long as I thought it would! Now to concentrate on "I love you".
Thank you all who left me lovely comments!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tweet Tweet Tweet

I'm sure my bird here wishes I would stitch in his beak so he can make beautiful music, but that will have to wait. lol
Ok! After the FIFTH try this photo FINALLY uploads!!! It is comin' along,and if I can just really concentrate and get some good solid work in on the rest of this week and next week...however, not sure that will happen.
My hubby handed over his ipod to me, because he was using it to run withthe squadron in the mornings in Texas, but here they run in the street, and you're not allowed to wear headphones if you are in the street, so I have obtained the almighty ipod, and boy have I been putting it to good use!!! Hubby helped me load something like 83 of my favorite upbeat songs, and they have really nice sidewalks here, unlike in Texas, so I just go! I will just walk or jog to my hearts content! Yesterday I was out walking for like 1 1/2 hours! And I didn't even realize it!!! Give me some good tunes and I'll walk for days! LOL...anyway, at least I'm gettin gmore exercise! That is always good!
So, between walking, and reading (on book 55 of my 60 books read for the year goal!) and I have recently started writing fiction again as well, so that has been taking up time...I just have been so's a relaxing busy but a busy non the less, the only question I have is "What hobbie should I do now?" LOL...Don't be jealous! =)
Thank you to my new followers too! I love knowing that others read this blog, and hope you enjoy it, as much as I enjoy hitting up all your lovely blogs as well! Ok, off to get my walk in before a storm comes, as predicted, then when the storm hits, I can settle in with a cozy afternoon of stitching...or reading...or writing....

Monday, September 21, 2009

Finally...some progress!

Here is a little more progress on I love you. I said I wanted to finish this one and the birdhouses by the end of thismonth, but I'm not sure that's gonna happen. But, i will continue to push on, and we'll see how it goes!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And a little more on Birdhouses

I'm definitely going to see a finish on this one this month! Probably early actually! Which is good it will free up my stitching time to put in my allotted-goal set time on my three BAP's that I have going. And I will have that wonderful "Happy Dance Finished" feeling! Love that feeling!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

A little sneezing...?

No, I don't have a cold, but I wanted to share my tiny bit of progress on "Achoo" here. I have actually tucked this away for a bit, until I finish "Birdhouses" but the day I went WIP diving, I did put a tiny bit of work in on it, (after ripping out the handful of miscounted stitches that were in it, that would have also been stitched the wrong way on the fabric)
Sorry the quality is pretty bad, but it was really sunny, so it kinda washed out the photo, but as soon as I finish Birdhouses (I think), I am going to pull this one out again...maybe...oooooohhhh, I have soooooo many WIP's calling my name, just look at my sidebar...34 of them to be exact!!! Alot of them I have actually posted about here on this blog...eons ago, but I never did post happy dances...because! They were never finished!
Anyway, I am trying to work more on WIP's before start anything far so good! It just feels so good to have finishes, that I think I am content with working with WIP's and getting them done!
Thank you for reading!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A little more progress.

It's coming along pretty quickly!! I like the colors in this one!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Progress Photo Friday!

This first photo is a project that I started for my husband 14 years ago!!!!!! When we were 17 and were dating. Then we split up and it ended up as a 14 year old UFO, which is SAD, because it is a SMALL piece. But, when you start a piece that says "I love you" for someone it's kinda hard to work on it and give it to anyone else, you know? There are memories attached, and it just doesn't feel right.

Well when I went diving into my deep WIP drawer last week I found it, and thought "I AM going to finish this! It's an old piece and even has that late 70's early 80's feel to it, but I am gonna finish it and give it to him! So I pulled this out to work on this month. I am looking to finish it this month.

When I first pulled it out, all that was done on it was the blue and red "O" and a little bit of the yellow "O" above the red and blue one. So, I have put in a good amount of stitching on it since I pulled it back into the light!

This one was a small kit I got from Walmart, It's by "The Sugarplum Express", it's a "Munchkins" kit, and is stitched on a piece of 5x7 cream colored 14 count aida.

And here is my progress on "Birdhouses". More than half done. I am anticipating there will be 2 finishes by the end of this month, possibly more if I get these ones done!

I also have not been posting as much because I got SIMS 3!!! And have been playing for houuuurrrs! Also I just got Seasons 8 & 9 of ER on DVD, so been watching them, and I stitch while I watch, but I don't seem to stitch as fast. I am also been trying to read more and have finished a few more books since I last posted.

So I have still been stitching quite a bit, but just not posting. I plan on sharing the other three projects after I have completed the 5 hours I have set as goals for the month, and if I don't finish the 5 hours then I will just post them at the end of the month!

Thank you all for reading!! Hope you have a great weekend!


Hi! Well, I just wanted to post here for a minute, since I made a personal vow to pop in more often, and just let you all know how things are going.

My monthly goals are going great, so far! I am more than half finished with "Birdhouses", and I have put in 1 hour each on Howling, The Abbey, and CH4TH. except for CH4TH, I have 2 hours in on. And I have put in some progress on "I love you" which is the "TBA" WIP I wrote about.

Sorry no photos in this post,but soon, I promise!

Goal progress (hourly goals):

Howling 1/5
The Abby 1/5
CH4TH 2/5

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September Goals

My main goal for August was to finish BoInk by September 10th, which I beat that one by 9 days!! So, now it is time to post new goals for this new month.

1) Finish "Birdhouses of America Unite"
2) Work on The Abbey (5 hours)
3) Put in at least 5 hours on "Coming Home for the Holidays"
4) Put in at least 5 hours on "Howling at the Moon"

5) Work on an OLD WIP (to be announced) at least a few hours
6) Try to work out a rotation

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments!!! I enjoyed working on BoInk soooo much!!! I couldn't put it down!! =) Thinking like that makes it so hard for me to work a rotation, because I will get obsessed with one project and the rest just sorta get lost in the shuffle!! Oh well. I will work on it.

I also want to start reading more. I am almost to my "60 book read this year" goal, but I have been so into my stitching lately that I have not been reading as much, need to remedy that. I am just glad that I am not working now. I have so much free time, which I am loving, I need to sort of work out a daily schedule so I get all my hobbies in...poor me...have to make a SCHEDULE to do well. I love it though and am enjoying hitting blogs like crazy. =) You are so inspirational.