Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September Goals

My main goal for August was to finish BoInk by September 10th, which I beat that one by 9 days!! So, now it is time to post new goals for this new month.

1) Finish "Birdhouses of America Unite"
2) Work on The Abbey (5 hours)
3) Put in at least 5 hours on "Coming Home for the Holidays"
4) Put in at least 5 hours on "Howling at the Moon"

5) Work on an OLD WIP (to be announced) at least a few hours
6) Try to work out a rotation

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments!!! I enjoyed working on BoInk soooo much!!! I couldn't put it down!! =) Thinking like that makes it so hard for me to work a rotation, because I will get obsessed with one project and the rest just sorta get lost in the shuffle!! Oh well. I will work on it.

I also want to start reading more. I am almost to my "60 book read this year" goal, but I have been so into my stitching lately that I have not been reading as much, need to remedy that. I am just glad that I am not working now. I have so much free time, which I am loving, I need to sort of work out a daily schedule so I get all my hobbies in...poor me...have to make a SCHEDULE to do hobbies...lol...Oh well. I love it though and am enjoying hitting blogs like crazy. =) You are so inspirational.


Tama said...

Those look like fun goals!
Good luck with your schedule - I try, but I never stick to mine :D

oh, and thanks for commenting on my blog, too!!!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Congratulations in finishing BOINK, it looks great. Good luck with your rotation.

Siobhan said...

Fun goals!

Love your BoINK finish. The colors are fabulous!

Faith Ann said...

All of your recent stitching pics are fantastic... I really enjoyed getting caught up with your blog!

I haven't been keeping up with my blog reading for quite some time and hadn't realized you had moved to the other side of the world... what a complete change for you!!

I hope you're getting settled and adjusted to everything... having time for all the things you love to do would help :)