Monday, September 14, 2009

A little sneezing...?

No, I don't have a cold, but I wanted to share my tiny bit of progress on "Achoo" here. I have actually tucked this away for a bit, until I finish "Birdhouses" but the day I went WIP diving, I did put a tiny bit of work in on it, (after ripping out the handful of miscounted stitches that were in it, that would have also been stitched the wrong way on the fabric)
Sorry the quality is pretty bad, but it was really sunny, so it kinda washed out the photo, but as soon as I finish Birdhouses (I think), I am going to pull this one out again...maybe...oooooohhhh, I have soooooo many WIP's calling my name, just look at my sidebar...34 of them to be exact!!! Alot of them I have actually posted about here on this blog...eons ago, but I never did post happy dances...because! They were never finished!
Anyway, I am trying to work more on WIP's before start anything far so good! It just feels so good to have finishes, that I think I am content with working with WIP's and getting them done!
Thank you for reading!


Carolyn NC said...

Good for you working on WIP's - cute Achoo!

Lee said...

WIP diving? Too funny!

CindyMae said...

Looks great!!

Tama said...

Great start! He'll go faster than you think - it usually takes me months to do even a 5x7 (I'm lazy) but he didn't take that long at all!
You've been so busy! I'm envious!