Monday, July 31, 2017

DS2N update

I was able to get a good chunk of work in on this one, tis time! I finished page 6! (Which was my goal, I'm pretty sure) and have moved down to page 9, I'm almost finished with this first column of the page. I'm starting to enjoy working more on this one, now, as you can see that the color palette has changed from all the light cream/whites of the day angel's wing, to much darker tones, which I am really enjoying quite a bit more! 

So, we will see how far I can get with this one by the next time I update!
Thank you for reading! Have a great day!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Autumn Peace update!

 I was able to finish page 6 in June ! WOW!

 And make a good start on page 7!!
This one is the one I most like to work on! I just love all the colors! I pick it up and never want to set it back down!  Which is good, since it's a gift for my mom, and I would like to have it done for her birthday next year....we'll see if that happens.  (Her birthday is the end of April, so still got quite a bit of time.) However since it DID take an entire year to finish the first row of 5 pages and I still have two more rows of pages to finish I'm not sure how realistic it is to reach that goal. Although, I'm already on the 2nd page of this row of 5 pages, and the fist and 5th pages are only half pages, and the bottom row is made up of close to half pages I think, so it may be doable!

Giving myself a goal of a 10x10 block everyday really seems to help me stay on track!

Hope you're all doing well! We'll see you tomorrow for my last update of this month!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

a VERY late June ornament fnish!

I was able to finish this on June 30th, I've just been unable to update my blog this month, just been super busy!! July is usally a busy month for us, as my husbands birthday and our wedding anniversary (12 years this year!) are in July.

So, these posts are gonna be late! Sorry!  I'm hoping to stay caught up in August! 

Thank you for reading, and have a great day!