Friday, May 25, 2007

Progress photo Friday

Yippeee! With a scanner that works, I am once again up and running. Ok, so my last post stating something to the fact that I would be doing a rotation, and then five minutes later didn't stitch on what was to be the daily project on my rotation. This week, the project I am most infatuated with is "Holiday Airing" I have worked onthis one everyday since Tuesday and I am continuing to enjoy it immensly.

so, here is my last progress photo of this one taken on March 3rd:

And this is the progress from this week...

So, you can see...I have really been going to town on this one. I am really enjoying the luscious reds of the barn. This is a really fun piece to work on, a quick stitch. So, that, in a nutshell is my stitching progress report for this week!

Please keep your fingers crossed for me and Hubby.

We pre-bought movie tickets to see Pirates of the Carribean #3 today (opening night), and DH was supposed to have the day off from work, but he got stuck on standby, which started today, and now he is stuck at work with some major project that needs to be rectified TODAY, and he doesn't know when he will be able to come home. And I am hoping that we don't have to miss the movie tonight, because we bought the tix on line so there is no refund/exchanges, and I will be so mad if we don't get to go tonight! We will be out of 13 bucks! So frustrating!

Edited to Add: it is now 9:45 pm, and we made it to our movie. We had a lovely time! It was a pretty good movie!

Monday, May 21, 2007


I did it! I finished my May Freebie Saturday night while watching Miss Congeniality 2 on TV, I got all the flowers in, and finished stitching the little watering can. I think it turned out really cute. There is a little cat button that is supposed to go in the right hand corner but I don't think I will actually put it on, the piece isn't lacking without it, I don't think.

Today I did no stitching at all. I am having one of those times where I am just VERY tired, so I slept most of the day today. I did read for quite a bit. I think I have written about my 50 book challenge for this year, well, I am way behind, I should be on my 21st book for this year but I am only in the middle of #13, so I am trying to get more reading done. But ayway, just wanted to share my happy dance with you, and thank you for all of you who left such wonderful comments on my last post. I am going to try hard to post more pictures. I realize, after looking at all your blogs how wonderful pictures make a stitching blog. Well, I hope to get more stitching in tomorrow than I did today. I really need to get a rotation going again...but we know how that turns out! LOL! All I can do is try, right?

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Lots of Photos!

Well, it is a dreary Saturday afternoon, and I have just been lolligaggin' around watching Movies on the Lifetime channel. I haven't even picked up a needle today, although yesterday I decided to work on The Abby, something that I have not picked up in quite a while. I am getting very close to finishing the first page. First of nine!

Well, my scanner is up and running! So, this will be a picture-full post! Hope you don't mind, and I hope blogger agrees with my agenda!

First off, I want to show my celtic knot bookmark:

This is just the top portion, I am using 318 DMC for the outline and I don't remember the number for the overdyed inside, but it is also DMC-Blue. On white 18 cnt aida.
Next up is my May Freebie. I have put alot of time into this just lately, mostly this week while lounging in front of the TV watching my daytime Television shows. I am hoping to finish it this weekend maybe. We shall see.

And Last, but definitely NOT least is the beginning portion of my Cheryl's Bouquet:

This is my "Masterpiece" at the moment. This is a really bad scan, though. I am working it on 18 count navy blue aida, and am colorcoding my pattern to use various colors throughout the piece, instead of using overdyes. I saw this on the Ink Circles gallery, where a woman did this with the CDC piece, and it looks awesome and thought, hey! That'd be so cool to do with Cheryl's Bouquet. So, I went off in search of the color scheme I wanted to use and here is the beginning. It makes it a bit more tedious, that is for sure, because I have to color in the pattern the way I think it looks best with the colors I've chosen and then stitch it. And that navy fabric is a bear to stitch on! But I like what I have done so far. I have started on one of the corners, but have yet to complete it and so will wait until I do, to show it.

Hope you have enjoyed this! And you can tell: I really DO stitch! I have been perusing the blogs of other stitchers, and I loved all their pictures and because of the scanner konking out on us I couldn't post photos! And I was jealous! I wanted to show my work too! Well, so there it is! Now I have a pretty picture filled blog once again too!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Eight Random Things and a Rant

Wow! I so have not been blogging...but I have been stitching. I have basically been working on my May freebie from Erica Micheals. I have alot of photos to show you, I think I may have my scanner up and running tomorrow...I hope. we shall see! Anyway, I was tagged by Cindy at Cindy's Stitching Korner (my wonderful SAL partner!) So, these are 8 random things abou tme:

1) I am adopted

2) I have an older brother, also adopted, two years older, not from the same family, not even the same ethnic background as me, but we share the same birthday!

3) I've had 16 plastic surgerys to correct a severe Cleft lip and Pallet

4) I was on TV when I was four, with my Plastic Surgeon (Hour Magazine with Gary Collins). I made funny faces into the monitors and wouldn't say a word! Gary asked me how old I was I held up 4 fingers! The audience loved me!

5) I wore braces for 7 years on my teeth

6) My plastic surgeon has done work on Anna Marie Presley

7) Kelly Martin went to my orthodontist

8) Me and my hubby were high school sweeties, when we turned 18, he asked me to marry him, I said no. We didn't talk for 8 years, then got married!

And now I'm supposed to tag 8 people, so I will tag:

Cathy from It will be Funny Tomorrow
Cheryl from The life of Bezza Chezza
Alberta from Busy Hands Happy Heart
Hazel from Quietly stitching
Stitcher W from Stitching and life in the company of Pets
Sandy at Sandy's stitching and stuff
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Michelle from Cozy Egg

There! I did it! I don't know why, but when I saw Cindy's title: "I've been tagged 8 random..." I just KNEW she'd tagged me before I even looked at her post! Hey! what are good SAL partners for, if not to get tagged once in awhile, right?! ;)

Anyway. My DH got us Dish network this past weekend, so that may be a good reason why I have not been here much either, although watching the shopping network, I can stitch alot. I know! I never buy anything, but I love the jewlery shows!!! Pathetic,I am, but hey, why not? You can sorta look up and admire the piece then go back to your stitching while they blather on and on about this and that until they show the next piece. It works for me!

I have been enjoying my day time shows, like ER, Judging Amy and lots and lots of Law and Order! Good lord! About 5 different channels show that show about three times a day! If you ever missed an episode, you could catch up from the first one in a week!

The thing with me is I have gotten too spoiled with DVD season sets! Because you get all into ta show right? Well, then you feel pressured to keep watching it, to find out what happens, so every week, you sit down and have to watch it! You check your watch to make sure you don't miss it! And I just can't be bothered with that kind of scheduling! It's like you have an appointment or something. But then, if you miss a week, then you totally miss out on a huge chunk and you're lost! Plus! like if I were to start watching a show now, I'd come in in the middle of a season, right? So, there! I've already missed the first part of this current season, not to mention any of the ones before that! So, I will be totally lost! It's like reading a novel, but skipping a chapter here or there, you just wouldn't do that, or starting a novel in the middle!! Plus, if they leave you with a cliff hanger, then it bugs you for a week! This way if you buy the DVD sets, you never have to sit on the edge of your chair for a week wondering what the heck is gonna happen next week, you just go onto the next episode. Plus, if you buy the DVD sets of only the shows you watch, you never have to play draw straws if two of your favorite shows are on at the same time! The one thign that uks me too, is that they advertise "Get a thousand channels for 19.99 amonth!" (I'm being totally facetious here) but! You can only watch one channel at a time. So what good do those other 999 channels do you at any one given moment? although having a choice of what to watch is always nice, but then if you are like me, indecisive to a tee, then you just get a headache trying to find out what you wanna watch, or you channel flip which drives everyone else in the room batty!
Anyway, enough of my anti- evil TV rant. I guess I just never watched it growing up and then I went to college and didn't have time to watch it, and now I'm just set in my ways. I guess I'm just an old fuddy duddy! I'll take a good novel over a show on TV any day of the week! Unless I can get the first season and any other season after that of the DVD sets. Plus! No commercials!
Well, sorry if I have completely bored youto tears, I will try to post photos tomorrow, I have a ton of stuff to show:
1) progress on SAL project Isaiah from two weeks ago!
2) Celtic knot bookmark
3) Cheryl's bouquet
4) May freebie

Well, I'm outta here! Talk to you later!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Sorry I haven't been around much, just been busy doing other things, like writing, and getting ready to start classes, and I got my SIMS 2 university set up and running so I have spent a ton of time playing that. I am still trying to get everyone that I read into the link on my sidebar. And it seems that everytime I look at someone's blog and check out the blogs they read I find a few that I haven't heard about before and off I go! Click click goes the mouse and a few post later they are in my google reader! This stitching blogger world is sure growing fast!!! I am enjoying getting to know a few new bloggers, and stitchers, and I am enjoying old friends as well.

Well, I think I have been at the computer too long today, between writing, reading blogs, and playing SIMS my neck is killing me! I am off to soak in a hot bubble bath. No stitching...Well, very little stitching is going on here at my end, I did finish the middle section of Cheryl's bouquet and I want to start my May freebie, but I still haven't pulled the threads for it yet. So, We shall see if any real stitching happens anytime soon, right now I'm off for a soak in the tub, with my book!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Blech, Where did Spring go?!

Hello! Well, our weather here is just sticky and nasty and hot! Today DH and I volunteered, as scorekeepers at a golf tournament, and it didn't rain, but the wind blew fiercly for most of the day! It was awful! we have to go back out there tomorrow too! We are supposed to get rain tomorrow! That would just be...not good!

Anyway, I am desperatley trying to catch up with everyone's blogs! Somehow I have gotten WAAAAY behind, and as you can see, I am also in the process of adding all my favorite blogs on my sidebar...if you are not there, don't worry, I am still plugging away a little at a time at putting in all my favorites! I have over 100 that I have in my google reader, so I am hoping to get you all in there.

Well, much to my disappointment, today DH bought me SIMS 2University...and we are having installation problems with it! So, I guess I will be stitching a bit more, and hitting up on all your blogs that I need to read!

My scanner is still (or again,) on the fritz...we thought we got it up and going but I guess not! So,
Sorry for no new photos. I did work on my SAL this past week, but alas no photo.

I am not sure how much longer I will be able to commit to this blogging thing...not like I'm gonna throw it all out the window, but I have decided to go back to college and get a masters degree in Clinical Psychology, and I start summer term.

So...I see my "stitching/blogging/lay around and watch the cloud formation" time slipping away. I am hoping that I have the discipline and determination to do this! I'm so used to not having to study, and be a student, I don't know if I can do it! I've gotten so used to my free time! Keep your fingers crossed for me! And while I'm anxious, and not sure about this decision, I am excited, because I miss the learning process so much! I'm just worried that I won't be a good student. Getting my bachelor's degrees was easy because I wasn't married, I lived on campus, school was my life, literally. But now I am married and have other demands on my time, and I am taking classes online, so I won't even be in a classroom setting! Those are prime motivators! So, that is what is on my plate right now.

Oh and I am SAD to say, that once more, another year has passed and Snow Valley Express isn't finished for my dad's birthday! Which is a little over a week away! So disappointed in myself...well, there's always Christmas! Well, I am gonna go try to cool off now...icky, sticky, humidity-blech!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Today was one of those days where you feel like you're in a time warp, sorta. I got very little sleep, because i work a night job so I don't get to bed unitl 4 in the morning, well, I had to get up at 8 to take the car over to get looked at. We've had an exhaust leak for a long time, and it's awful, the stink, and the heat and the noise. Well, the heat fromt he leak was burning a hole into a rubber valve that is right near the leak, so in order to fix the valve we had to fix the leak first, because obviously if you fix the valve and not the leak you'll just end up with another hole burnt in to the valve again.
So, I took it over and I sat for about an hour, but I had a ton of things to do today so I told them my husband would come pick it up after work, and I caught the bus home. And I really wanted to hurry and get home, because we had really bad thunderstorms predicted for this afternoon, and the walk from the bus stop to my house isn't long, but I didn't want to be caught out in that junk.
So, I'm tired, and I think I really should lay back down, but then the thunder started, and I can't sleep through all that noise, so I get to work instead and get some laundry done, and do some general cleaning up and then I started making the numberous phone calls I needed to make and then I just puttered around, I don't even really know what I did all day. I know I didn't do any stitching and I spent a lot of time online. And then hubby got home and I ended up finally laying down for about two hours, then I got up and made dinner, and we watched National Treasure. Which we'd seen in the theater, but I love Nicolas Cage, so we bought it. And then I got back online and have just been surfing the web, and reading blogs and I think I am gonna go and watch some TV and work on some stitching. I am not sure what project yet, but we shall see. Probably either Cheryl's bouquet, which by the way thank you all for your patience on waiting for that progress photo. It should be coming soon. I don't know. it's also a new month so I need to get going on my May Erica Micheal's freebie. Well, I am off to get comfy and stitch my evening away until it is time to go to work! Bye!