Saturday, May 19, 2007

Lots of Photos!

Well, it is a dreary Saturday afternoon, and I have just been lolligaggin' around watching Movies on the Lifetime channel. I haven't even picked up a needle today, although yesterday I decided to work on The Abby, something that I have not picked up in quite a while. I am getting very close to finishing the first page. First of nine!

Well, my scanner is up and running! So, this will be a picture-full post! Hope you don't mind, and I hope blogger agrees with my agenda!

First off, I want to show my celtic knot bookmark:

This is just the top portion, I am using 318 DMC for the outline and I don't remember the number for the overdyed inside, but it is also DMC-Blue. On white 18 cnt aida.
Next up is my May Freebie. I have put alot of time into this just lately, mostly this week while lounging in front of the TV watching my daytime Television shows. I am hoping to finish it this weekend maybe. We shall see.

And Last, but definitely NOT least is the beginning portion of my Cheryl's Bouquet:

This is my "Masterpiece" at the moment. This is a really bad scan, though. I am working it on 18 count navy blue aida, and am colorcoding my pattern to use various colors throughout the piece, instead of using overdyes. I saw this on the Ink Circles gallery, where a woman did this with the CDC piece, and it looks awesome and thought, hey! That'd be so cool to do with Cheryl's Bouquet. So, I went off in search of the color scheme I wanted to use and here is the beginning. It makes it a bit more tedious, that is for sure, because I have to color in the pattern the way I think it looks best with the colors I've chosen and then stitch it. And that navy fabric is a bear to stitch on! But I like what I have done so far. I have started on one of the corners, but have yet to complete it and so will wait until I do, to show it.

Hope you have enjoyed this! And you can tell: I really DO stitch! I have been perusing the blogs of other stitchers, and I loved all their pictures and because of the scanner konking out on us I couldn't post photos! And I was jealous! I wanted to show my work too! Well, so there it is! Now I have a pretty picture filled blog once again too!


Cheryl said...

Yeah pictures!! Ive been dying to see a picture of cheryls bouquet and you didn't looks so great!! I love the colours. Your other WIPS looks great too by the way ;)

Carla said...

all three wips are loevly...I like the colors your using for Cheryl's looks great! :)

The needle & I said...

Your WIP's are fantastic. I just love the colors your using in Cheryl's Bouquet. I cant wait to see it finished. Happy Stitching!!!

Cindy said...

Everything is looking just awesome!!! Love them all, espcially the masterpiece!!! Awesome!

tkdchick said...

All your progress pictures are fantastic! Thank you for your support through my cancer scare

Hazel said...

Your CB looks amazing!!!! Absolutely love what you're doing with it although that will be one labour of love. xx

Aussie Stitcher said...

Cheryl's bouquet is gorgeous. Well worth the effort I would say.