Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Sorry I haven't been around much, just been busy doing other things, like writing, and getting ready to start classes, and I got my SIMS 2 university set up and running so I have spent a ton of time playing that. I am still trying to get everyone that I read into the link on my sidebar. And it seems that everytime I look at someone's blog and check out the blogs they read I find a few that I haven't heard about before and off I go! Click click goes the mouse and a few post later they are in my google reader! This stitching blogger world is sure growing fast!!! I am enjoying getting to know a few new bloggers, and stitchers, and I am enjoying old friends as well.

Well, I think I have been at the computer too long today, between writing, reading blogs, and playing SIMS my neck is killing me! I am off to soak in a hot bubble bath. No stitching...Well, very little stitching is going on here at my end, I did finish the middle section of Cheryl's bouquet and I want to start my May freebie, but I still haven't pulled the threads for it yet. So, We shall see if any real stitching happens anytime soon, right now I'm off for a soak in the tub, with my book!


Cheryl said...

I cant wait to see you progress on Cheryl's bouquet :)

Alberta ('Berta) said...

Lana, I often get thrown into another world when I check out my fave bloggers! Lots of happy finds....and my list gets longer & longer!

Cindy said...

I just got caught up!!! Wanna know what is just too cool! I am fixing to be going back to school too!!! I will be attending a college out of Florida online to finish up my degree.

How about on our SAL piece, we just stitch when we can or when we feel like it? Will that work for you? I think both of us have just burned out on it, so maybe we should just work on it whenever we get the erge. What do you think?

Hazel said...

Can't wait to see Cheryl's bouquet!! xx

Kathryn said...

Sorry about mentioning Oxnard again. ;-) The retreat was at Casa Sirena Hotel and Marina which is in the middle of the marina. It had plenty of sleeping rooms (not too expensive), function space for our meetings and a restaurant for our included meals. I didn't eat at In-N-Out there, but I did have a #2 combo with grilled onions for lunch on Thursday. There's an In-N-Out pretty near our house in Nevada.

But I'm in Chicago now. Home of hot dogs, steaks, and beef sandwiches!

stitcherw said...

Cheryl's bouquet is so pretty, I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of your progress.