Saturday, March 28, 2009

We now return to our regularly scheduled program...

Finally, having done my civic duty, I have some stitching to show you. I have been still continuing on with Tombstone Angel, as it is so easy to work on. I have also done some work on Howling at the Moon, but I will share that later on, as right now it is 5:30 am, and still dark out, so pics are not coming out so well.

You can see the dark shadow on the upper right hand corner...not so good, but I wanted to share my stitchy progress on this one, so there yah have it! I am close to a finish on page three already. I still am really enjoying this one so much!

Well, off to stitch a little before I head off to work. I only work until noon though, and am off tomorrow, so I know I should get a bit of stitching in this weekend! I really should put all my efforts into Howling at the Moon, as I'm SOOO close to reaching my March goal on that one. But I really don't think I should work on it this morning. I will work on it later today or tomorrow, or even possibly Monday, as I don't go back into work until 7 pm. I know I didn't reach all my March goals, but I know I went WAY beyond my March goal on Tombstone Angel.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Got picked for Jury Duty, today so there goes all my stitching time this week! =( I may have some time tomorrow night as I am off work, but I will prob be trying to catch up with sleep, I work 6-10 tonight and then court tomorow all day off tomorrow night then court Weds, and Thurs, and both those days I work 8-1 at night, this is gonna be one shitty week! (Excuse my language!)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No, you don't have cataracts...

This is just a really bad picture, I'm sorry! It's blurry as all get out, but I'm too lazy to try for anything more, the rest were really dark or too bright and washed out...But, you can see I completed my March goal on this one!!!! I finished Pages 1 and 2! And started 3! The bottom of the line that says "Goose~wife of" is the end of 1 and 2. So everything under that is Page 3. Still really enjoying this one! I have yet to pick up Howling at the Moon this week, I did work a little bit on CH4TH but not enough to share a photo. I have just really been stuck on "Tombstone Angel" I love it when a project just grabs you like that, and you just fall in love. I am so gonna hate reaching the end of this one, and also be very happy that I have a finish as well. I will probably (maybe?) see a finish on this one before April! That would be exciting, especially since my snowmen (who I thought I loved stitching) took me nearly a year to finish! This one is just going so quickly!!! I love it!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Another Photo Update!

Wow! I have really been busy with the needle lately. Which is nice, it feels really good to actually enjoy life again, and all the small things that make up my tiny life. As I went through a bout of depression that lasted almost from the time my husband deployed last Feb until right after Christmas, I had very little enthusiasm for anything, it seemed. But now I feel back to normal again, and with it, has come a new and profound appreciation and love for stitching once again! I actually feel giddy inside when I think of the days I don't have to work and can spend that time either reading or stitching (My two favorite loves...right next to my hubby!) I once again enjoy the idea of working on a project and setting goals to reach concerning my reading and stitching.

So with all that said, I have posted new photos of Tombstone Angel, and Howling at the Moon. Quite a lil' bit of progress on each! I am So close to a finish on Howling at the moon, page 5. (The center page of 9 but my first page to finish) I am so excited to see it done and move onto the next page!!! Sorry the photo is a bit dark, it is dark and dreary today, it's supposed to start raining this week! Oh boy...Tornado season is upon us...ugh! At the end of this post there is my previous photo of this so you can see my pogress...

Anyway, I hope you all had a great weekend, and have a great week!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Progress Photo

I am definitely in love with this project! Page 1 is finished! And page 2 has a start! I really am enjoying this project!!!

I have also put quite a bit of time into Howling at the Moon, but I wanna work a little more on it, today, before posting a photo.

Thats all I have for today. Just wanted to share a picture. Hope you are all having a great weekend, and remembered to switch your clocks up an hour!

Happy Spring forward!!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Just some monthly goals...

I hardly ever put out any goals for myself, but for some reason, I have decided that I would like to accomplish these things this month (March)

1) Finish Pages 1 and 2 of Tombstone Angel
2) Finish page 1 of Howling at the Moon
3) Work on The Abbey at least three days (Total of at least 5 hours)
4) Work on CH4TH (Coming Home for the Holidays) at least three days. (Tot. of at least 5 hours)

I am already very close to a finish on page 1 of Tombstone, I plan to finish it up today. Then I will share photos. The Abbey and CH4TH are ones that haven't seen the light of day from me for a while, so I think I need to pull them out and show them some much needed love. I say "From me" because Hubby has been putting alot of time and love into CH4TH, it's the one we are working on together.

We shall see how this works.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A decision has been made!

Well after diving into my WIP drawer...making sure I stayed clear from the stash I decided to pull this one out. Yeah it's a lil' gloomy for this time of year...but I have been into Ghost stories as of late, so thought this seems to sorta fit in with the theme of my reading right now.
This first photo is as it was when I last worked on it, back in November, I believe. This is what it looked like when I picked it up on Monday morning.

And This is what it looks like after working on it for two days! i switched out the yellow color in the bird there on the left, as the color called for in the magazine this design is in was way too dark...the original color is in the first photo, you can see the start of the bird there. I picked all that out and went up a few shades. In the model photo in the Magazine, the color is more of a yellow, not that that olive green color that is in the first photo, so decided to change that. I like the brighter color much better.
This project is so easy to stitch, and so addicting!!! I love this project!!! I definitely will have to look into getting more sampler type projects to work on.
Thats about it for me. I am back to work tonight, after having two wonderful days off. I am hoping to pull out Howling at the Moon today though, if I can keep my paws off this beauty! We shall see!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

I big fat finish!!!!!

I did it! I finished snowman #6!!!! My loooooong 6 project project is finished! Now just to figure out what I want to do with them! I was thinking maybe a hanging quilt....I don't know....Oh well, I enjoyed stitching them and thats what matters most! I think they are so cute!

Here is an update of the project hubby and I have been working on together. It is coming along nicely. He has actually been working on this more than I have because I have mostly been working on the snowmen! But now that the snowmen are done I think I will be devoting a bit more time to this one, as well as a bunch of other projects as well, such as "Howling at the moon", and "The Abbey"

Here is a photo of all 6 of my snowmen all together...

And...I have actually been tossing around ideas of starting something new....this one, perhaps? I am not sure. I have so many WIP's going right now...but I loved doing these nowmen sooo much I sorta wanna keep up with the snowman theme.
I don't know...hmmm...
Anyway, there is an update for you all. Thank you for reading!!!