Thursday, June 23, 2011

Doing a bit better....

Thank you to those of you who took the time to send me some virtual hugs and well wishes! I truly appreciate it! I am starting to feel a bit better. I guess I was just having a bummer coupla days there.

Well, I have been thinking about it, and I think I'm gonna go back to the way my blog was before...just stitchy stuff, just whenever I feel like posting...I still am going to write bookish posts you can find them here: , and I will also continue with my "book" which I will be putting in a new blog...I will post the link there in a bit, once I get it down.

I have finally found some time to work on Howling at the Moon a bit this week, so I will share that in my next post.

Tomorrow my husbands work is supposed to be having a "beach day" but the forecast is calling for another tropical storm, though it doesn't look like it will come too close to us, we will probably still get some outlying residual rain and wind from it, so the beach day may be cancelled!

But my hubby did get us tickets to a comedy show, featuring "Sinbad"....remember him? lol...So, tomorrow I get to leave my daughter with a sitter for the first time...I'm a bit nervous! We are going over to meet the sitter today, before we actually leave her there. but this lady is certified and has many charges so I'm guessing she must be pretty good. It'll only be for a few hours.

Also, I want to send out hearty thanks to a few wonderful bloggers in blogland. I was noticing that alot of people have been hitting up my blog lately and looked at my stats, alot of them came via these blogs, who have me on their I thank you for the extra traffic!

~Edgar at:
~ Trina at
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If you don't or have not read these blogs, go give them some love!! They are encredible people and also amazingly creative!!

Well, I am off to get my day started, and watch the rain....hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and I hope to see you at "A Joyful Reader" (my book blog) and at my fictioanl blog (once I get it up and running!) I will let you know the addee soon!

'Til then, Happy stitching!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Down in the! Who needs it?!

I am sorry to report that I don't have an update this week, as me and Alyssa have both been sick and under the weather this past week, so I haven't had much of a chance to stitch at all, plus,being sick, I just haven't had the energy or the want to to stitch, when I do have free time I usually sack out on the couch with the TV on or with a book...I am not sure when I will feel up to posting again.

I am also going through a slight depression right now, I usually do about this time of the year, so I don't really feel like being among the living, I just really wanna hide my head and wish that I were never born! So, maybe after I emerge from this emeotional funk, I will feel more like posting, but for now, I'm takin' a break. I'm sorry, dear readers, I hope you understand!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tree Branch Thursday!

So, last week while Lyssa was asleep, I was able to get some work in on this one! I am almost to the end of the outline of the green on top, if that makes sence, then once I'm done filling in the outline, which is the hardest part, trying to follow the pattern, then all I have to do is fill in and backstitch, on that part. My goal for this piece was to finish Tigger and that green up top there, I am not sure that will happen. I have not had a chance to stitch the past two days. And after dinner I always think "I'll stitch in the evening, but I'm so tired in the evenings I've been going to bed early (8-ish), by the time I'm done cleaning up after dinner, and getting the baby fed and down for the night, I am just too tired to do any serious stitching. I hate stitching when I'm so tired because I know I will probably mess up and then end up having to frog it all and so what's the point?

Anyway, I also wanted to share this photo of Lyssa and her daddy:

I thought it was so cute!! All you can see are her eyes and her feet!! LOL!!

Well, tune in again tomorrow for chapter two of "Breaking Away"....And just so you know! YES! There will be "Stitching" involved in my story...what do yah know? But that Dicia is a stitchaholic just like us!!! See yah all tomorrow!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Book Talk Tuesday

This past week has been good with the reading!! I finished THREE books:

-The Interruption of Everything by Terry McMillan
-The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory
-Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by: Joanna Weaver

The first two were the last of 7 library books I checked out 6 weeks ago, and the third was a book that our womens bible study group at church picked.

What's next?

Well, I have been "reading" War and Peace now since May of last year. I use the term "reading" loosely, as I keep sitting it down to pick up other books, but I am going to make it a goal for me to finish War and Peace by September 15th... I am currently on page 812, and it has 1455 pages, which means I only have 643 pages left. So if I read 10 pages a day I should easily reach my goal!!

I am also in the middle of a few Re-reads as well. I love Anne Rivers Siddons, and i own all her works, and usually read a few of them every year, I think I have read all her works at least 4 or 5 times apiece. Right now I'm reading Colony. One of my favorites of hers. It takes place on the beach so it is a good summer read. I am also reading The Bestseller by Olivia Goldsmith. If anyone were to ask my what my all time favorite book was, this is it! I have read it about 15 or so times, and here I am reading it again.

So, that is what I'm working on in the reading arena right now. I know I said I would write a review but I have not worked one out yet. I need to, as I've already read 35 books this year, and now reviewed a single one. So...maybe next week. Now I just gotta figure out which book I want to review...anyone have a suggestion which book they might want to know more about that I could review?

Oh yes, and along the lines of "booktalk"...I was pleasantly surprised this past week when I opened my box of Cheerios and a childrens book fell out! It is called "How do you Hug a Porcupine? It is really cute. I will definitely put it on my daughter's shelf. I was impressed!! I remember when they put toys in cereal, and now they are putting in books?! Wow! I think that is awesome! I guess someone is trying ot get our kids to read more! I like that idea!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Howling at the Moon Monday

I wasn't able to get a whole lot done on this piece this week, as Alyssa is starting to cut teeth, and has been irritable, and cranky, so has needed some extra TLC this week, but this weekend with hubby home I was able to get about three hours in on it. I am still really enjoying this one, and even though I still have 3 more pages to finish after this page is done, I have been thinking about which big project I want to start next. There are three in my stash, so I have a few to choose from. I told the hubs that for my b-day I wanted money to order threads for the new BIG project I decide to start next year. We shall see! well, that's it for me here. The baby is asleep right now, so I'm gonna go try to clean up the house a bit and then sit and try to get some more stitching in. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Oh yes, and thank you for all the lovely comments I got on my posts last week. I know this used to be strictly a stitchy blog, but I think I will post more often this way, and it gives you a little variety! Thank you also goes to my new followers as well!!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Tree Branch Thursday!

Not a whole lot done, but a bit more in on Tigger, and the green in the tree at the top and the yellow border is growing on the left hand side. This one is really hard to keep up with, as the chart is really hard to follow, but I try to work on it a bit here and there, when I get a chance which, with a whiney pain in the butt child (cute as she may be!) it's not easy! speaking of which, gotta cut this short, she's crying AGAIN, gotta go!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Book Talk Tuesday

Every year (for the past two years, and now this year) I try to read 75 books. I am a member on, and joined a group on there called the 75 book challenge where we all try to read 75 books during the year. Which basically averaged out is about 6 and a quarter books read a month.

As you all know, I had a baby in February, so the beginning of the year really stunk for me in the reading department (stitchy department too!) And so in February and March I only got 3 books read in each of those books! ::gulp:: However, I have drastically picked up the pace! This past month (May) I read 8 books!!! I was so excited!!

I am hoping to be able to do this again this month as well! Anyway, I just wanted to share what I read last month, with my personal star rating next to them, out of 5.

1. The Adventures of Sherlock Homes ****
2. Safe Haven By Nicholas Sparks ***** (Sparks usually always gets 5 stars here!)
3. The Christmas Train By: David Baldacci *****( This was my first book I've read by this author, and he will definitely be making another appearance on my book shelf!)
4. Amazing Word search collection (Not a REAL book, but I counted it, since it DOES have an ISBN number! Hey! With a new born in the house,I need all the help I can get to reach that 75 book goal! )
5. Haunted Schools ***** By:Allan S. Mott ( I love true ghost stories and am really into the paranormal!)
6. The Boleyn Inheritance ***** By: Philippa Gregory
7. Haunted Highways **** By: Dan Asfar (More ghosty stuff!)
8. Standing in the Rainbow **** by: Fannie Flag ( I read one other of hers a few years back, and her writing has that country down home, small town feel to it! I liked this one quite a bit)

So, that was my reading list for May! I finally turned off the computer and got lots of reading and stitching in, and I hope to do this again this month as well! If you have questions about these books, you can ask me in the comments, or you can find me on goodreads here:

I have already finished one book for the month of June: The Memory Keepers Daughter. I loved it alot, it definitely got 5 stars from me!! I had heard really great things about it, and when I saw it at the library I had to snatch it up!

Right now I am reading two,which are both VERY good:

-The Red Queen By: Philippa Gregory
-The Interruption of Everything by: Terry McMillan

Next time I post "Book Talk Tuesday" I will have a review or two, hopefully!!

Monday, June 06, 2011

Howling at the Moon Monday

This one has seen alot of sunlight lately, as it seems that anytime I feel like stitching this is the one I reach for! Which is great, since I started this one inMay of '08, so has been in the works for over 3 years now. I also have a personal goal to finish this one this year. I think it is coming along wonderfully! Quicker than I thought it would!

Next up I have some cute photos to share! On Mother's day we went and had our family photo done, so here are the pics from the photo shoot, I think they came out really well. I especially love the one with my husband and Alyssa, and the one with just Alyssa. The one that I was hoping would come out best (the one with all three of us) is the worst! There's a huge shadow on my face, and Lyssa looks funny, as we had just pulled her pacifier our of her mouth so her little lips are pursed, and she looks like a little fishy! Oh well.

The Whole Family:

My beautiful daughter!

The baby and her #1 fan!

The love of my life and I:

The other love of my life and I:

If the color looks funny on here it is because we were playing around with the antique setting on the colors, so your monitor isn't going out, it really IS the coloring on the photos!

Well I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Ours was relaxing!!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

A little bit of newness

Yup, I first of all changed the name of my blog, as I have decided to change up my blog content. I will still be showing my stitching here so dont worry about that, all you wonderful readers and followers (which I see I have a few new ones, thank you! And welcome!)

I have decided to have a new posting schedule which will hopefully allow me to 1)post more often 2) mix it up a little with variety so as not to bore you all! (Or me!)

So, here is my new posting schedule:

-"Howling at the Moon Monday": Update progress on Howling at the Moon and general chit chat about my weekend
-"Book talk Tuesday": I will chit chat about what I am reading or plan to read or what I have just finished reading

-"Okinawa Wednesday"- Just a glimpse into my life here in Okinawa Japan. (Most of these posts will be very photo heavy!)

"Tree Branch Thursday": Update on Tree Branch, and general chit chat about my week

"Fictional Friday": this one I am especially excited about, as I have always loved creative writing, and won the young authors award when I was in 8th grade for Ventura County, I have always enjoyed writing, stories mostly, and though I don't think I am good enough to be published, I enjoy it just for me! So, On Fridays I will be posting installments/chapters of a "book" I've been writing. I actually have not started writing it yet, but I have a bunch of ideas floatin' through my noggin, so I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I do!

So, I am hoping that with these new changes, I will be able to keep up better with this blog, and it will be a little more exciting to read!! Let me know what you think!!