Sunday, June 05, 2011

A little bit of newness

Yup, I first of all changed the name of my blog, as I have decided to change up my blog content. I will still be showing my stitching here so dont worry about that, all you wonderful readers and followers (which I see I have a few new ones, thank you! And welcome!)

I have decided to have a new posting schedule which will hopefully allow me to 1)post more often 2) mix it up a little with variety so as not to bore you all! (Or me!)

So, here is my new posting schedule:

-"Howling at the Moon Monday": Update progress on Howling at the Moon and general chit chat about my weekend
-"Book talk Tuesday": I will chit chat about what I am reading or plan to read or what I have just finished reading

-"Okinawa Wednesday"- Just a glimpse into my life here in Okinawa Japan. (Most of these posts will be very photo heavy!)

"Tree Branch Thursday": Update on Tree Branch, and general chit chat about my week

"Fictional Friday": this one I am especially excited about, as I have always loved creative writing, and won the young authors award when I was in 8th grade for Ventura County, I have always enjoyed writing, stories mostly, and though I don't think I am good enough to be published, I enjoy it just for me! So, On Fridays I will be posting installments/chapters of a "book" I've been writing. I actually have not started writing it yet, but I have a bunch of ideas floatin' through my noggin, so I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I do!

So, I am hoping that with these new changes, I will be able to keep up better with this blog, and it will be a little more exciting to read!! Let me know what you think!!


Jules said...

I am so looking forward to these new changes on your blog! How exciting!!!

Jennifer Burch said...

yeah! So interesting! I miss oki and you mostly!

Anna van Schurman said...

Sounds good!

Stressed Stitchy Mum said...

def sounds a like a plan and i'll enjoy reading your blog as always. i'll be interested in your wednesday blog as i like knowing how other people live. good luck with it all xx

Margaret said...

Sounds like fun!

Maureen said...

sounds like an interesting plan - looking forward to reading your story.