Sunday, December 28, 2008

A finish!!!!

I finished snowman #4 today!!! At 10 this morning. I am so happy to have one more down, two more to go. Let me tell you, all that background blue? Ugh! Although easy enough to do, was boring me to tears! But! I was able to push through it and get it finished!!!

And now an update on #5:

Not much progress here, but a little.And now that I finished #4, I get to start #6!!! The last one in the series! Now to figure out what I want to do with I get some cute wintery fabrics and make them into a quilt, or try to make them into ornaments...but I think they may be too big for tree the book the patterns are in, they have them all strung together, kinda like a garland, and it's hanging over a fireplace, I think...Or kinda like they are mittens and stockings hung over the fire to dry...that would be cute...hmmm...this is usually the hardest part for me...finishing. I can stitch until my face turns blue, pushing towards that finishing goal, and then I heave a great sigh of relief as my needle finishes that last stitch...then dread! Oh no! NOW WHAT?! I have to figure out WHAT to do with this beautiful piece of stitching. There is someone out here in blog land who scrapbooks her stitching, I think that is a great idea, actually! Maybe that is what I should do!!! Although I like the idea of turning these blocks into a quilt. Hmmm...I think I am gonna have to use some time to ponder this one...any ideas out there? I'm open to suggestions!!!

Oh yes, and in my next post I have an assignment/vote for you all, as I have big plans to start CDC by Ink Circles...I haven't even bought the pattern yet, but I have some floss colors picked out and would like some thoughts on that, but we'll save that for my next post!

Happy Stitching! And Happy New Year if I don't get back here before then! LOL. may 2009 be a frogless year for us all! "Pack your bags, Froggies! You aren't wanted here in stitching blogger land!!!"

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Just a note...

to say Merry Christmas to all my blogging friends! I hope you have a beautiful day filled with happiness, and spent with family and loved ones.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Its been a while...

And I have no idea why it has taken me so long to post...probably because I haven't been stitching too much. I have been spending a lot more time reading and pen paling, and running around like crazy getting ready for the move! There are soooooo many hoops to jump through to be approved for a military's like if you sneeze wrong you have to go get 50 signiatures for approval to jump through the next hoop, and chances are the last person's signiature you need? They are on leave and won't be back in the office for the next two weeks!!! LOL! So we have started the papertrail very early, so we don't hit any snags that will hold us up later.

Work is going well. I am really enjoying it, I didn't think I would, but it is really relaxing and I enjoy all the people I work with.

Christmas stuff? What's that? No, I'm just kidding, just have not been in the holiday spirit. Is anyone else feeling that way? I am seeing alot of my friends really struggeling this year to get into it. I am one of those people. I have had a pretty crumby year all around, and although things are getting better, I am still sorta just bah humbugging it! LOL. I just can seem to get up any enthusiasm for the holiday.

Well, here is a photo of my latest progress on Jack(Snowman #4). He is coming along. So much for finishing all 6 by Christmas...oh well. I am going to try to get some blogs read this evening before going to work. I have been really trying to cut back on my computer time and it is working, but now I feel like I have to catch up on things...blogs, reading, commenting, etc. So, I am going to try to hit up some of your blogs during the holiday weekend. I have Christmas and the day after off from work, so I plan on catching up on some of it then.

I hope you are all well, safe and warm, and enjoying the holidays with great family and friends!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Progress Photo Friday!

This is going to be a heavy photo post, because I have been stitching my little fingers off and trying to stay with a good rotation...I did mess up a bit, but for the most part I stuck with it! I work on a snowman and 1 large project every day. I am working on 4 large projects, and two snowmen, so I work on three of my large projects twice a week, and one of them only gets one day. And my "main snowman piece" gets stitched 4 days a week and the other only 3. Right now, Jack, or the first photo you see here is my "main man" lol.

This is the Abbey. I have been working on this one for a few years now. I love it, but it seems to keep getting lost in piles of lost and forgotten WIP's, I was hoping to have this one finished by my birthday LAST say I'm a bit behind is an understatement. But! I am on the second page of this 9 pager, so...there HAS been progress!
This is Jim...He is snowman #5 in my 6 snowman series. He is my non-focus snowman piece, he only gets stitched on 3 days instead of 4.
(Jack and Jim...Hmmm...nope, I'm not thinking of Happy hour! LOL!)

This is Howling at the Moon, I am getting close to a finish on the first page! This, too is a 9 pager! It is a fairly new project, I don't remember when I started it. Right now it looks like a bunch of grey crayons threw up! But it will get better!

And here is CH4TH. I think I got quite a little bit done on it the one day I worked on it this week,I think my other rotation day on this one is tomorrow.
And wa-la! that is it! That was a review of my week in stitching!
I have not posted my large #4 project, as that day is today and I have not had it out yet, but I will share that...maybe this weekend!
On another note, I started my new job and I like it so far. But I barely started it last night, so not much to judge by!
Alright, I am off to check e-mails, and read some blogs and get that stitching mojo-enabling thing going on that happens when I read blogs, and then I'm settling in for a nice day of stitching!
Thanks for reading! And for all the comments on my "Big news" I am starting to get excited! I am just one of those people who have apprehensions when it comes to new things, new experiences...weird, I know...but that's me! lol
Have a great Weekend!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Things are getting better!

The past two days have been pretty good, I finally got a new job. I will be working 5-1 at night. But it is only about 20 hours! Which leaves plenty of time for stitching!!! And all the other things I love to do! And it will give us a little extra income until!.....drum roll....we move!!!! Hubby got orders!!! To....drum roll....JAPAN!?!?!?!?!

Hmmm...I can't get my head around it! I have never lived out of the country, can't decide to be excited or what? I am worried that I won't be able to get all the lovely stash I want for the next three years! Now I am really thankful I stocked up on all that DMC floss! Plus I have a ton of stash so I think I should be good for three years. It is crazy though!

Well, tomorrow is friday and that means it's Progress Photo Friday...and boy DO I have PROGRESS to share...on not 1, not 2 or even 3 projects...but 5!!!! So will share that tomorrow! Thank you all for your friendship and comments while I was going through that rough patch the past week. I really appreciate it!

Monday, December 08, 2008

More snow...but DIFFERENT snow!

Well, if you have followed my blog for a while you know that my husband also has taken up stitching, about a year ago he did his first project and is still stitching. Well, while we were in California, we went to Solvang, a cute little danish town and they have a lot of needlework stores there. And we went hog wild buying stash! We bought two projects though that are going to be "joint" projects....meaning we will BOTH be stitching on them.

Lord help us if we ever do split up, if these projects get finished that is one "custody battle" we will have to duke it out!!! lol! Anyway, without further adeu...Here is the first one it is called "Coming home for the Holidays", (From here on out on this blog will be called CH4TH...he he, sounds like something of the table of elements!) it is:

This is what it will look like when finished. Such a cozy holiday feel to it!

And here is our progress on it so far. He has done more than me...because I have been obsessed with my snowmen as of late, however...I did all the work on the house on the left, and he has done all the stuff to the right, that dark brown tree and such.

So, that is also what we have been up to. I am thinking I am going to start rotating again, cause I really want to work on some other projects other than the beloved snowmen I seem to be obsessed with lately.

And to make it easier for us to see who has stitched what on this piece, we have decided to highlight the pattern with different colored highlighters, yellow for him and pink for next time I share this piece you will be able to see who has done what as I will share that as well.

Oh! and I have other news as well, but this is a long post already so will share that in my next post!

Joyful stitching to you all!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Another blah day...

Don't have a lot to say, this week has just been a huge crap pile, and seems to just keep getting worse. But I have been using my stitching to sustain me and try to keep focused on has been my saving grace all week, that and Grey's Anatomy, and my books. I'm hanging onto a thread here...literally it feels like with all the stitching I have been doing. lol.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

A blah day...

Ever have days where you just want to crawl into a hole and not come out? That was me yesterday. You know this past summer I had a humdinger of a time with my hubby and our marriage was not doing so well, I moved out and am now back, and we are trying to work things out, but every so often things blow up again. Tuesday night things BLEW up! Ka-BANG!!!!! So, yesterday I spent ALL day in my pajamas on the couch watching episode after episode of Grey's Anatomy and did nothing else. Which you know it means it's bad when I can sit that still for that long of time and do NOTHING! I usually can't go for more than an hour without grabbing some stitching or hopping up to do dishes or something, but yesterday, I just SAT.

So, no stitching progress today. I am feeling a bit better today, as last night when hubby got home, we talked about things and things are getting a little better. I think I feel functionable today. =) I may actually get some stitching in. And some reading and some Sims playing...I might watch another episode or two of G.A. they are SO addictive! But I still just feel quiet...not sad, just somber...

Maybe I just need more coffee....hmmm...

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Better photos and progress.

Well, I thought I'd try to take better photos than the last post...those were horrible. But to tell you the truth, I'm not too sure these ones are gonna be all that better. Oh well. At least you'll be able to see my progress. I have really been stitching away on these little guys!!! I am pretty sure that at this rate I will see a finish on all 6 by Christmas.
Here is Snowman #3

Here is Snowman #4...I really got a lot of progress in on this lil' guy!

And here is the beginning start of #5!! just a blob now, that is a bit of his scarf (the red) and his little sweater. So, just wanted to get another post in, plus I have really been trying to be more active in the blogging community lately, reading more blogs and commenting and blogging here. I even paid a visit to my stitchingblogger Yahoo group last night. =O I know, don't faint!
I used to be so into blogs, and then that sorta dwindled, but I'm making a comeback!!! Woo hoo!
Oh yeah and last night, I was looking at the sample photo of the lil snowmen in the book the patterns come from, and I realized the mittens and stockings themselves are backstitched!! Ok, don't ask me why I didn't think they would be, but for some reason that totally didn't register in my noggin, so now I have to go back and back stitch the first three. Oh boy! Oh well, it is pretty easy, just an outline, won't even need the pattern for that.
Ok, off to make some more progress on Snowman #4...I think I shall name him Jack. Sure, why not?