Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Better photos and progress.

Well, I thought I'd try to take better photos than the last post...those were horrible. But to tell you the truth, I'm not too sure these ones are gonna be all that better. Oh well. At least you'll be able to see my progress. I have really been stitching away on these little guys!!! I am pretty sure that at this rate I will see a finish on all 6 by Christmas.
Here is Snowman #3

Here is Snowman #4...I really got a lot of progress in on this lil' guy!

And here is the beginning start of #5!! just a blob now, that is a bit of his scarf (the red) and his little sweater. So, just wanted to get another post in, plus I have really been trying to be more active in the blogging community lately, reading more blogs and commenting and blogging here. I even paid a visit to my stitchingblogger Yahoo group last night. =O I know, don't faint!
I used to be so into blogs, and then that sorta dwindled, but I'm making a comeback!!! Woo hoo!
Oh yeah and last night, I was looking at the sample photo of the lil snowmen in the book the patterns come from, and I realized the mittens and stockings themselves are backstitched!! Ok, don't ask me why I didn't think they would be, but for some reason that totally didn't register in my noggin, so now I have to go back and back stitch the first three. Oh boy! Oh well, it is pretty easy, just an outline, won't even need the pattern for that.
Ok, off to make some more progress on Snowman #4...I think I shall name him Jack. Sure, why not?


Tama said...

Those just keep getting cuter!
Good luck with Jack!!!

Shell said...

cute little snowmen,thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.I had to google you to find your blog.You have some lovely stitching on the go.

Shelleen said...

the snowmen are cute

Ashley (The Euphoric Stitcher) said...

Your snowmen are so cute!! I just love snowman #3!!

Louisiana Momma said...

cute snowmen! I love them myself - I have seen some cute vermillion snowmen patterns on line too (free).. anyway - I know what you mean about blogging.. mine gets neglected from time to time - usually that's when I am making some actual progress on my own projects :-)

Terry said...

Pictures turned out great! You can really see the pretty colors in these adorable snowmen. Great work!