Sunday, November 30, 2008

Progress Photo Sunday.

Ok, I know it's supposed to be Progress Photo Friday, but oh well. At least I have photos! Which is a milestone for me lately!!! I don't know why I have been being so lazy when it comes to blogging anymore? Hopefully this will change now that I have decided to cut social/networking sites out of my internet diet...well cutting back anyway. I don't know why I get so stuck on them, but I do, that is about to change!!!

so, as I stated in my last post I was just about finished with Snowman #3 and had started #4. and here are my progress photos, sorry they are sorta washed out and blurry. It is not yet full light here and I couldn't get the camera to do what I wanted.

Snowman #3:

Snowman #4:
See? I DO stitch!! And I am being better about blog reading and have left many comments on alot of blogs!! I am really enjoying seeing what is out there!!! I am hoping to have a finish on Snowman #4 by next weekend. And I am thinking I will start Snowman #5 sometime today. This way I am working on two at a time and hopefully that will help speed the process along...not that I want to SPEED it along, per se, as much as I would just like to see these lil' guys finished by Christmas!
I am off to get some more work into Snowman #4. Thank you all for reading!


Tama said...

oh, those are really cute! good job!!!

Carolyn NC said...

Very cute!

Maureen said...

Cute little snowmen - hope you get them all done for Christmas